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Wartburg Theological Seminary Reviews

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Due to it's small size, Wartburg is very safe and secure. If for some reason a student feels uncomfortable walking across campus, or is handicapped, they can simply call security and request transportation. Security will be there within minutes to take the student where he or she needs.
Wartburg offers amazing opportunities for internships. By simply meeting with their advisor, a student can easily find several internships and choose which one fits their skills best. Wartburg also offers similar opportunities at a campus in Denver, Colorado, called Wartburg West. Here, students enroll in two classes and spend the rest of their time completing an internship at their organization of choice.
Though each of my courses differ in difficulty, each professor has a strong bond with every student and will accommodate every student's needs. Every class is fairly small, allowing for plenty of one-on-one interaction.
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As Wartburg is an older college, many of the dorms are beginning to be outdated and suffer from a few maintenance problems.
The athletic programs at Wartburg College are amazing. The teams provide a family for new students and welcome them with opening arms. Nearly half of every Wartburg class are involved in a sport. The different sports teams are very supportive of each other. Each team has a "sister" or "brother" team which will encourage them with locker cards and gifts near the climax of their season.
Wartburg is a very friendly and accepting environment. Every teacher cares deeply about their students getting the most out of their education and college experience. Though it is quite expensive, Wartburg offers various scholarships for all academic levels. While providing an amazing education in several fields, Wartburg college also has amazing athletic and music programs. These organizations provide students the opportunities to meet new people and travel.
There are constant efforts to incorporate people of color into the student body. The fact that it is a Lutheran seminary makes it much more difficult to garner these numbers. Therefore, with the current diversity on campus, it is clear that it is a priority to the leadership.
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