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I liked the friendliness of the faculty and students. Everyone was smiling and more than ready to lend a helping hand. People stopped what they were doing in order to welcome my family and me to campus. The counselors were very nice and told me everything I needed to know about Wartburg. The facilities were very clean and well kept. I was provided with many opportunities to experience student life on campus. I felt very secure and safe on campus and didn't worry about anything. There was never a dull moment during my visit, and I enjoyed every second I was on campus. I'd definitely advise people who have even the slightest interest in what Wartburg has to offer to visit campus and see what it is like.
Wartburg is a great 4 year school. I highly suggest not transferring in as,it was extremely difficult and a lot of my credits were useless and didn't even transfer in.
The campus is absolutely beautiful, and the people are incredibly friendly. I love the atmosphere. The classes are challenging, but very fun and engaging. It's an amazing place to get an education if you can afford it.
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I really feel safe on the Wartburg College campus, which makes my experience better. The professors vary, but I would say most of them are of good quality. Dorms also very greatly.
This school feels like home. I am involved in 3 choirs here and I am not in any way a music major. It is so easy and encouraged to get involved.
Wartburg college allowed me to fully develop my potential. The quality of knowledge and student-professor interaction is exemplary.
I went to Wartburg for my undergrad. It is located in a small and safe town just for school. They offer students so many opportunities to get involved on campus, studying abroad and services trips which can all enhance one's college experience and resume. There is different events on campus so one cannot be bored. The campus is diverse so there is a lot of opportunities to meet and learn from different people.
I love the family feel of Wartburg, and I appreciate that the faculty will go to the end of the earth to help me and ensure my success wherever I go.
I have attended Wartburg College for a year now and I'm absolutely loving it there. It's the college of my dreams. The entire atmosphere is peaceful and everyone is friendly. There are several opportunities to be involved with the community as well as the school. I have an on-campus job working along with the sustainability department. My job enables me to be active in both the school and central community. the staff is completely supportive and invested in every person's success. I believe Wartburg College is a fantastic school, and anyone would love the chance to have a wonderful experience there.
Wartburg College is a beautiful place with wonderful students and teachers. You can always find help with anything you need! There are plenty of activities around campus to get involved.
The professors at Wartburg College are very kind and helpful; they truly want you to succeed. We have an office called Pathways which I have found to be very helpful. The people in Pathways have offered to talk to other faculty or offices for me when I need financial advice and their counseling services are great. This college can put you through hell in terms of paying for it and the financial aid office doesn't do much to help, but there are other members of the college who will do everything to help you succeed.
Right when I stepped on campus the faculty and students were extremely nice. It is very easy finding my way around campus being a first year student. I have met some incredible people in my classes and in my work study job.
I have almost completed my first year at Wartburg and I have grown to love everything about it. The classes are very hands-on, the professors are very motivated to help the students, and there are so many ways in which students can get involved on campus.
I am a biology major which is one of the most difficult majors on campus. It has been difficult and frustrating however, they do well with being their and willing to help you. I love the smaller class sizes so you really get to know your professor well which makes asking questions easier. I would love to see some dorms renovated. Not a lot of downfalls so far.
Wartburg College offers many opportunities for academic growth, and the employees - both academic and staff - are very helpful and welcoming. It's a small college in a small town, so it doesn't have the big-city vibe that other schools might have. This offers a fairly peaceful environment - some might call it slow - but if you want a more active atmosphere, you can go to neighboring city of Cedar Falls.
I like the connections you can make with professors and other students. There are lots of opportunities to get involved on campus. The skywalks are very nice during the winter months.
I am currently a first year at Wartburg College with a Music Education intended Major. I love living on campus because there is something every week or two that the campus does or with your floor. It gives you a chance to relax from class and socialize. Personally, my classes were about average level of difficulty. The only thing I want to see changed is their Christmas with Wartburg presentation to include all of the musical groups instead of excluding the one or two they did this last year.
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I am a second year at Wartburg, and so far I have had an amazing experience. My professors have provided me with awesome opportunities to expand my skills and gain experience in my field. I have also gotten to meet so many wonderful people in the community and on campus. Everyone on campus is very willing to help, and wants to see every student succeed, which I think is awesome. The professors know all of their students by name, and know about them as well. I have been able to build valuable relationships that will help me in my future career. Overall, Wartburg is a great school, and I would recommend it to anyone!
First, I like the liberality that is seen around, which makes our horizon broad.
Second, the diversity is really good. I mean there are many international studens and as well in state students this thought me to learn about different cultures.
Thirdly, as I am a biology major the faculty was really good my professors were really aspiring and helpful through all difficulty.
At last I want to thank my father
Overall am fine with school.
The W is really nice and offers lots of accommodations for both athletes and non-athletes.
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