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As a first year student at Wartburg College I have not been here very long, but Wartburg already feels like home. The atmosphere is positive and caring, and I truly believe that I am receiving the best education I could here.
I love it here! It's small enough but yet big enough that not everyone knows you. The small class sizes allow for the professors to really engage with their students and connect with them. They have a deep passion for what they are teaching and they want their students to succeed. The students here treat each other so nicely and it's honestly just an amazing community of people.
There are small class sizes, so you actually get to know your professors well. Everyone on campus is super friendly and there is always something going on.
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I really like the campus, the area, the programs academic or otherwise and the opportunity provided to be apart of a community in whatever way suits any individual. However I would like to see a little more involvement and direction given to students when it comes to the logistics of things. Advising in almost all areas could use major improvement, just telling someone to go figure it out for themselves isn't necessarily the best course of action, especially when it comes to the amount of money being spent to attend a school such as this. Whether it be advising on the academic front, or advising students on the financial front, I feel that some work could be done.
Wartburg is a very small school; anonymity is impossible. The small class sizes and contained campus make it easy to build relationships with your professors and peers.
The atmosphere at Wartburg College is beyond wonderful. From the moment that I stepped onto campus, I knew that Wartburg was going to be my future home away from home. Everyone is so bright and inviting. Many people come to a smaller college thinking that students must get bored being on campus all the time, but this is far from the truth. There are always events that are happening on campus. There are also many ways to get involved on campus including the many organizations that exist, the amazing music program, the all-around stellar sports program, work, and the list goes on and on. As far as academics goes, we have some very top-level programs on our campus. We have employers that will specifically seek out Wartburg graduates because they know that their education will have them prepared to do an outstanding job in the workforce. The professors know the name of every student in class and are advocates for the students' educations.
I would like more diversity and an expansion to the studies of other ethnic groups. I would also like for Wartburg College to upgrade it's housing and dining options every once in a while.
Wartburg is defiantly worth it! I've met the best friends and people along the way. Everybody makes it feel like home and are so welcoming. There are tons of diversity people on campus and we are all involved in helping them fit in and having the best experience in the states as possible. The teachers are all understanding and want to be a parent influence when you're there since our parents aren't there to help us when it's needed. Overall the education programs are amazing and I can't wait for my Nursing program to start. The food is really good and they have different variety's of food. For example, I am vegetarian so they have vegetarian dishes available everyday 3 times a day. I love Wartburg and I'm glad I chose this school to help me with my education.
This school prepared me well for applying to graduate school. I had a good college experience. This is a very expensive school though.
As a journalism major, Wartburg has encouraged me to explore any and all of my interests. While I entered with interests in only print, I've expanded to radio and will be exploring news packages next year. I will also be graduating a semester early with a double major and double minor. There's a reason they're #WorthIt.
The students and staff are very friendly and will not hesitate to help you in any area that you are struggling with. There are hundreds of majors to chose from, and they offer plenty of options to study abroad. They have a 99.9% job placement rate and even when people graduate, the alumni always are eager to lend a helping hand, or words of wisdom to those trying to complete a program.
After being on campus, and not yet attending, there is already a family-like environment between students as well as staff. The small campus really give it a home-like feeling as well. The campus overall of very clean and tidy, the staff are all friendly, and the academics are absolutely wonderful.
Really great school with an awesome art program. Very friendly people and awesome professors. As I said, I love the art and design program, which are very enriching and based on the experience of learning beyond the lectures. Also, the community is very small which makes it easier to connect with other people at the school. The number of students per class is very small, making it very interactive and less intimidating.
Wartburg College is a place with unending opportunities. They offer a wide range of classes and majors, and are always willing to talk through what is best for the students.
They were very nice and friendly. I felt very welcomed and at home when I was there. Even though they didn't have everything I wanted they still said I could work with other colleges, to get what I want.
I enjoy the sense of community and the commitment to learn and grow as a student and a person. I am excited and motivated to continue my time here and make new friends and relationships throughout my time here. The campus is tucked in the town of Waverly; the town supports the college. There are events that allow the students to engage with the town and the town to be involved with the college.
I love the professors and atmosphere of Wartburg, I would like to see washing machines and dryers that are more dependable and higher quality
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I liked Warburg because the professors know you after having multiple classes with you. The student body is small so not a ton of people to meet but if you like that close knit feel then this is the place for you. All the classrooms and athletic facilities are relatively new or well kept up.
I liked the friendliness of the faculty and students. Everyone was smiling and more than ready to lend a helping hand. People stopped what they were doing in order to welcome my family and me to campus. The counselors were very nice and told me everything I needed to know about Wartburg. The facilities were very clean and well kept. I was provided with many opportunities to experience student life on campus. I felt very secure and safe on campus and didn't worry about anything. There was never a dull moment during my visit, and I enjoyed every second I was on campus. I'd definitely advise people who have even the slightest interest in what Wartburg has to offer to visit campus and see what it is like.
Wartburg is a great 4 year school. I highly suggest not transferring in as,it was extremely difficult and a lot of my credits were useless and didn't even transfer in.
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