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Not much to offer, if you dont fit the stereotypical "wilson kid" it's hard to really find your place.
Warren Wilson College is a unique, intellectual, and rigorous institution. WWC goes above and beyond to make the college experience one that is well-rounded and immersive. As a current senior, I find myself a more prepared undergrad because of WWC's work and service program. Going into a job/internship/grad school interview with a four year background in work and service definitely differentiates you from other applicants and shows that as a student and professional you value a well-rounded and challenging experience. WWC provides space and support for anyone to flourish. The institution provides various outlets in academics, work, and service for students to find their niche. The community is very egalitarian, liberal, and intellectual. The professors are top-notch, many of them embody social justice ideals and it shows in the classroom. As a student in the humanities, I am continuously challenged to hone perspectives that are globally, ethically, and social justice conscious.
Not a lot of diversity, there are males, non-binary, & trans folk, but the student body is mostly comprised of female identifying people. & there is not a lot of POC on campus.
No real communication between administration, faculty, and students.
Campus is beautiful.
Inaccessible to people who are in a wheelchair or using crutches.
Food isn't as good as they make it out to be but it's relatively better than other schools.
There are some amazing teachers, then there are some teachers who don't talk about intersectionality when it matters.
Dorms are kinda gross(moldy), there definitely needs to be some renovations.
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Wilson is an amazing college. It's on a beautiful campus, the academics can be quite rigorous, and the social atmosphere is lovely. I came here because this is a place where you can work one on one with the head of a department and get your work published as a sophomore. At other colleges, publishing is for the grad students and professors, and any help you put into their research and work, you won't get the credit. Here at Wilson, you do. Last year, Wilson helped me score an internship at the United Nations doing work on human rights and next semester they're letting me be a research assistant. I'm super excited. But you have to want this stuff. You have to want to put the work in and be engaged and ambitious.
Wilson is a very unique place that isn't for everyone, most people strongly advise one to visit before committing. That being said, I didn't visit and attending Wilson was one of the best decisions I've made in my life. The student body and faculty and staff is a community like no other. The triad gives you experiences you don't have elsewhere. If you don't have a strong sense of responsibility you can easily cultivate it here, very few make it out without some sense of responsibility. You have the chance to make the most out of any possible college experience. The area is very rich culturally and allows you to take your education in whatever direction you choose. The staff work with you to help you do exactly what you want to do.
The good: hiking trails, the work program, service, the river, my classes, vegan food, local food, downtown asheville is just a short drive away (if you have a car or a friend with a car), nice people, community is very accepting of all backgrounds and all identities. The bad: no community feel living in Sunderland, no shuttles or buses from campus to downtown or black mountain or even grocery store, some weekends there is not much going on party wise, no vegan pizza in Glad, expensive tuition, very small student body compared to most colleges.
There are mice in Sage.

We have a mold problem.

Pipes burst and ruin everything at least once a year.


Costs too much.
Greek life does not exist on campus. If you even say "Greek life" people will attack you with why Greek life is awful.
Athletes are treated very "other" since they do not fit into the main population of hippies.
This school is a world of its own. You forget that the outside world does not take kindly to women with hair armpits, gender neutral pronouns, trans/gay/non binary agendas, and saving the earth. The farm is amazing. A lot of students drop out because they cannot handle the triad. The staff is ok. Professors seem to care a lot. Everything is disorganized. Everyone is too sensitive. It feels like you're walking on eggshells all the time. It's a unique place, and I would not want to be anywhere else. It just is a little awkward sometimes because I'm not a hippie....the school is trying to advertise like we are not some hippie commune...but we totally are. Don't buy that fake PR bull.
Parties happen close to and during weekends, and they're really fun. If you aren't into them though, they're easy to avoid.
Parties are a big thing if you want to be part of that, and you can completely miss them if you don't.
Honestly, a lot of people who come here think that because we require 15 hours of work a week and 25 hours of service a year, that it's like a summer camp and academics are not so big. It's a college. Academics here are still the most important part of the triad. They are rigorous and challenging, and you will find yourself cramming for deadlines and exams like everyone else. The professors are kind and considerate, but they don't take bs. Be prepared to give it your all, because that's what college is supposed to demand of you.
In regards to gender diversity, women are a majority here. The campus is very accepting of trans and non-binary individuals. Same goes for sexual orientation: my partner and I walk around campus every day and not once since I came to this school have I heard an anti-gay remark. Admittedly, we have an issue with racial diversity but the administration put it as a top priority. Hopefully we'll see results soon.
Honestly, it's very easy to avoid drugs here. The culture here doesn't promote peer pressure and if you say you're not into it, people will respect you just the same. You won't see empty beer bottles on the lawn or anything like that. Also, there are literally hundreds of acres here, if folks need to smoke anywhere, they'll do it away from residential spaces.
As a male, I can only speak to my own experiences. I've never felt unsafe on campus. I walk around campus at 2am and feel completely safe. Public Safety is very kind and relaxed. They don't unwarrantedly stop students or search them. In regards to sexual assault, the school takes it VERY seriously. Every incoming student must go through a consent education session.
The college really does a lot in terms of employment. Every year the career development program gives out $2,000 stipends for students to have summer internships. They help you find internships, prep you for your interviews, and review your resumes and cover letters. They also make sure that you secure a job before graduating.
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Wilson is a pretty special place. Everyone here knows you and you're not a number. There's open dialogue between students, faculty, and staff. They're all happy to help with anything you have an issue with, from tutoring and courses to just making friends and feeling supported. The campus itself is beautiful. We're in a valley so whichever way you look there are gorgeous mountains, and we own hundreds of acres of them so they're completely available to hike, sunbathe, explore, etc. The school has pretty lenient policies. Lots of students have pets (I have two rats). Larger pets like dogs and cats must be either emotional support animals (which you need a medical note for) or service animals. The public safety officers here are pretty chill too. They don't stop students for no reason, they don't search students, and they don't violate anyone's civil liberties. As far as safety goes, I haven't for a moment felt unsafe on campus. That said, I'm also a male so I can't speak to how safe women feel. The school takes sexual assault EXTREMELY seriously though and every incoming student must go through a consent education session. It's a safe place for queer and trans students here, too. My partner and I met on campus and have always felt supported here. I haven't once heard any anti-gay remarks since I first came here so that's really incredible. The school prides itself in its efforts to be an inclusive community.
It's great if you live in freshman housing (Sunderland) because you're right next to the humanities building where classes are and you have Owl's Nest on the ground floor. Same with Sage, you have Sage Cafe on their ground floor. Many of the buildings are suite style, which is great once you have an established friend group and can move in together. Many of the bathrooms are brand new and really nice, and there are new filtered water stations everywhere.
For a small school, the gym is pretty big and nice. There's a weight room, a new cardio room, and a court. There's variety in machines and it's never too crowded or intimidating. They're open pretty late, too, which is great. It's not overrun by "dude bros" so it's a very inviting atmosphere.
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