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Warren County Community College Reviews

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Warren County Community College is a very safe school with professors that care about you and develop a great relationship with their students. The campus is beautiful and ever expanding.
Warren County Community College is a fairly new college. It was established in 1981. Up until this year the campus consisted of one 2-story building which housed the administrative offices, the library, the classrooms, and the Eagles Nest, the cafeteria. They are presently constructing an additional building that will house more classrooms and an auditorium. The people who study and work there are the Golden Eagles. The Golden Eagle is their symbol and mascot.
Academically you can’t get a better school. The Professors are tops in their field and dedicated to the education of their students. WCCC has a top of the line nursing program and a new and exciting drone program too. The only thing I fault this college on is their counseling department. It is wise to do your own research on where you go with your education. I’m handicapped and they wanted me, after graduation, to attend a college that had no elevators or handicapped parking near the lecture halls.
Some things that I like about WCCC are, it is a cheap alternative opposed to a 4 year college, lots of classes and times available, and it is located conveniently on route 57! Really the only Con I have about this school is I have had a difficult time getting financial aid.
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You make the most out of your time at community college! I am graduating this semester and am really proud to have made the decision to come to WCCC. There isn't school spirit or anything like that, but it's just a place to come, learn, then go home. It is a very good transition our of high school. The advisors and business staff do their best to assist you. People should not heistate to come here. Coming debt free out of your first two years: sign me up!!!
A very financially affordable school with professors that are willing to help in and out of the classroom. Although sports are not offered here, the clubs on campus vary greatly and provide a great opportunity to "spice up" your college resume. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here, and strongly feel that more people should consider this establishment as a precursor to attending larger 4 year schools.
What I love about Warren County Community college is the school’s goal to ensure that every student has what they need to reach their full potential both academically and with their preparation for a career. The school offers a tutoring center that is highly useful wether it be a student needing help with an essay or to study for an exam. Also, the school hosts career fairs every semester which has representatives from many corporations looking for future employees and enables students to actively search for internships and potential careers with these fairs. In relation to this, one of our professors, Mr. Peppas has a very helpful mentoring program as he guides students in need of polishing up resumes, searching for internships, and wisdom to ensure that each individual earns an opportunity at a practical career.
Warren is such wonderful college. The small campus provides a very optimal learning environment. With great teacher and staff relations all around.
For what I have experienced, the staff is completely friendly and willing to help you with everything. For the security to the cook in the cafe. Also, the education is very good with work that challenges you. It's great!
I really liked that many of the professors were helpful and really cared about getting the students the education they paid for. I liked that the college was very accessible and wasn't expensive at all. It's a great college if you plan on getting your associate's degree and then transferring to a four-year college to finish up. I would definitely recommend this school to students who want to save money and/or for those who aren't completely sure what they'd like to do with their life. It's a place where you're able to learn more about what your interests are while getting a good education in the process.
Teachers genuinely want to help you pass. They are very friendly and are always willing to help. The class sizes are small, and typically everyone knows each other from high school. It's a very friendly environment.
It is a great school to come for your first two years of school. You save a lot of money this way and are able to get your general education classes out of the way. It is a great school for those who know their major and for those who are undecided. The only thing that I didn't like is that when classes are done most people go home, so it is a little harder to make friends.
The quality of education I'm receiving is pretty good!
There are not many opportunities for sports. The club choice is okay, but as far as resources they have a lot for tutoring etc.
The speed of the wifi is good
The library is nice, but small
Not much great things, but nothing stinks
I was able to receive financial aid this year. I am glad that I did because if I didn't then I would not have been able to come to this school.
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There is a wide variety of classes to take for any of the career majors.
The curriculum is easier then the last time I have a different career major.
I have a great team of professors. If I have ever needed anything they are always an email away. They really take there time to help me out anytime that I have needed them.
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