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They don't have any scholarships to offer, but they do have the medical multiskilled program and i haven't been able to find this program anywhere else.
We have the best school in the country I feel like we have a outstanding training enviroment and great teachers theres always something to learn
Everybody is diffrent no matter what race , religion , political views, and basic beliefs. Im black and white. Work and goto school have no help besides my sons mother I have a 2 year old son and its very hard to pay and organize everything but I asked my finacial aid worker if there was any other grants or scholorships availvible and she suggested this site. So i feel like we are the future so help me out and ill helpyou out as much as i can . When i get threw school by keeping your lights on when mother nature comes threw cause she is unpredictable. lol Just like life its self.
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The regisration was not as hard as i thought it would be. The fasfa and loan process was easy with the help of the staff.
Im in school to be a power line mechanic and everything is very hands on and you have alot of interaction with older and newer lineman that give great tips
Although I have yet to graduate, I know that even after graduation your lab instructors continue to check in with you. They make sure you're doing well in the job you were placed, or if not employed they have the assets to help find you work. Some students even start working for the school in the field that they trained in after graduation!
My school contains 5+ home schools. Every school in Warren county has the opportunity to attend the career center. Our student body is one of the most diverse in the area. Although many students stay closely alligned with their home schools, there's also a lot of interaction between students who did not attend the same school previously. Every student has a lab where he or she learns a trade, the majority of their time is spent there, with a mixed group of people. You learn to get along with all of your peers because while out in the work force, you won't always have a say in who you work with. Students here come from very different backgrounds from poor to rich, kids from the city, as well as kids from rural small towns. Here you learn to adapt and accept others regardless of their orientation.
I think that the amount of money I paid to attend the Warren County Career Center was well worth it. While earning my high school diploma I also trained to become an administrative assistant in both the legal and medical field. I received the best of both worlds while attending the career center because upon graduation I will have the skill sets to not only attend college, but also go into the work force as a prepared individual. Every educator at the career center is working towards your success and help you in every way they can, so knowing how to obtain financial aid is pretty simple. If you're proactive about your future and getting financial aid, then there's no limit on what you can do.
i think that if you need help with financial aid that you need to make sure that you get all the help you can get. Because most school will help you all they can and also they was a big help they made sure i got my moneys worth and that it wasn't a long process and it wasn't like it was a big deal or any thing. the experience was great the people was nice and it wasn't a big deal like everyone made it out to be. it was easy step process.
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