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I took a visit and I felt like I'm at home and the athletics even though there football team is naia they are still pretty good
I will be attending Warner University this upcoming Fall. I have yet to experience Warner University but am excited for the opportunity. I will be a first generation college student and hope to make my family proud. Attending Warner University will give me an opportunity to continue to play football which is something I have enjoyed a lot since I was young.
Warner University is a very close community. The professors are extremely helpful and really care about their students and will do whatever it takes to make sure you as a student are successful. I would like to see the staff be a little more lenient with the students as far as dorm and student life goes. Even though I never experienced dorm life, is was always one of the biggest complaints. Also, about 80 percent of the campus is athletes. I would appreciate to see them cater more towards the athletes in that the gym should be better taken care of in terms of cleanliness and should be updated and expanded in size. Although, I was an athlete so I am biased!
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Great basketball, tennis, golf, and volleyball programs. Needs better choice of food. Could use another gym. Needs a football stadium. Great teachers willing to help
Warner university is a great university filled with loving and caring professors and administrators. One of the things i like the most is how diverse this university has become, there are people of many different cultures and backgrounds here.
I live by Warner and when I go to visit its full of happy people and I love how it makes me feel like I'm home.
Warner University is an excellent school to attend. The staff is very helpful and the teachers do all they can to help students succeed. The online program is great because it offers students the flexibility to get a quality education while still working full time.
The health and safety at Warner University is great.
The experience on campus at Warner University is great.
Living on the Warner University campus is a great experience.
Greek life at Warner University is great. All students are encouraged to participate.
The athletics department at Warner University is great.
Warner University is a great school to attend. I am learning so much from the professors.
It's a Christian environment so there is christ like values
Depends on your look on tuition
Well I actually duel enrolled at the college I will be attending here soon. Warner university is a Great college.
Warner is a nice christian facility
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Education is at it's best
The campus is clean, just need a variety of building and things to do.
We don't have sorority groups but we need them!
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