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I would not recommend this university due to the administration. It is not a place you want to find yourself.
My experience at Warner Pacific College has been great so far. The professors they hire here are completely willing to work with you through any problems you have and they make an effort to actually know you as a person. The college is small but the student body becomes a kind of community because of it. The best thing about this college honestly, is how available and friendly the president Andrea Cook is. She talks to students all the time and gives them her advice and council where it is needed.
I absolutely love Warner Pacific! I love the tight nit community that I have come to call my family. Warner is very good at supporting you with whatever it is you want to do. They have a program where you can customize your major to get the most out of your experience. I have always felt safe and at home here at the Warner campus. The professors are absolutely great, they make college less daunting and stressful. Overall, it's a great school and I don't regret my decision to come here at all.
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The school does have an overall good environment. Everyone is friendly and willing to help out all the time. However when it comes to academics, none of their programs are amazing.
I've visited the college before officially enrolling officially and it's a nice school with very kind people with generic necessities
I was enrolled in the music department at Warner Pacific, and it wasn't too bad. The professors take more of a personal approach, which is nice, and I certainly learned a lot. However, this review is only four stars because of the administration. A lot of the administrative staff are downright rude and unhelpful. The housing is also lackluster, and the meal plan isn't worth the exorbitant amount of money. There are also a lot of hidden fees at Warner; they like to overcharge and drop the ball a lot. A lot of the emphasis is on the athletic program over the arts and sciences (athletes get away with everything--including drug use), which is frustrating. I felt underappreciated by the staff. Also, Warner requires you to attend a certain amount of chapel services a semester. The chapel services were horrible and fake though, so I just paid the fine most of the time. In summary, Warner's professors are the lifeblood of the institute. Everything else is crap.
I haven't been talked to about jobs/internship prospects yet but that may be because I just barely started my fast tracked adult degree program. I feel as though I'm closer to nearing the end of my degree I will have conversations on where and when to seek these types of opportunities! As for the rest, I'm an online student so I am not sure how to answer some of the other questions here, my apologies!
I love Warner Pacific! They're really easy to work with, they contact you back immediately when you're having an issue, they're warm/welcoming, and they even call/e-mail to check on how you're doing every once in awhile (At least they have so far with me in the ADP program). I love the teachers, and the support staff are always so helpful and friendly! I am very satisfied with Warner Pacific! They've mad my life a lot easier by being so helpful and supportive, and I would recommend the ADP program to anyone who wants to pursue a degree but has a lot going on outside of school (work/family/etc.).
I was previously on campus for the Adult Degree Program (ADP) campuses which are located all around Portland area. I never was at the main campus so I cannot speak for it. I always felt very safe on the ADP campuses. They're small and generally in safe areas. I was in class usually until 10pm (on the one night a week that class was held for 4 hours). I always felt safe walking to my car after class.
I am an online student in the adult degree program at Warner Pacific out of Portland, OR. So I have not actually been to their main campus so these questions didn't really apply to me, and I don't have answers for them. Sorry!
My experience at Warner has been great so far! At first I was an on ground student that went to class one night a week in the adult degree program. Around 9-10 months later I had to relocate and was upset because I thought I'd have to change schools. My advisor let me know that I could continue at Warner but I would be on an online format instead, which was such a relief to me! The thought of having to switch schools, start over, find my way around a new city/new college was very scary! Warner helped me out a lot by letting me stay with them as a distance education student in their adult degree program (ADP). I highly recommend their ADP program. It works so well for those of us who work full time, have families, or just in general have a lot going on in life.
I am an online student in an adult degree program at Warner, so I haven't had the chance to check out the athletics department. But I have friends who attend Warner Pacific's regular campus and they have told me that there are sports teams, clubs, etc. but that it's not a huge deal at Warner. So, I am unsure of how to answer these questions but I answered them by going off of what friends actually attend the normal campus.
Warner is very diverse and contains a very nice envoriment.
I feel safe on campus. Its a small, safe school.
I am currently only taking the required classes right now.
So far its been a good experience, economically it hasn't been great. Im busy being a fulltime students, plus i work.It can get pretty difficult.
More effort and remodeling inside the building would be better.
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We as a school are respectful.
Im not really involved in the sports area but i attend some of the soccer games.
Although Warner Pacific was not one of my top choices, it was the school that offered me the most money. Now, I love the diversity and appreciate being surrounded by other students with similar experiences and goals.
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