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Warner Pacific College - Adult Degree Program Reviews

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Warner Pacific adult degree program is amazing, the staff and the students are welcoming and very helpful.
My experience at Warner was great and I’ve met a lot of friends while I was there. The only thing I would want to see a change in is the food.
Warner pacific seems a great school for someone who works fulltime this college works great for my work schedule
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The one thing I appreciate the most is the helpfulness of the advisors, the help when needed has been personal and professional, along with the compassion of really wanting to help their students.
Warner Pacific College Adult Degree program is a perfect fit if you have a full time job. The classes are one day a week for 4 hours and the instructors are there to help you at all times. The college also has very helpful staff and resources to accomplish your goal of a degree.
Staff is always willing to help
Small class sizes bring an amazing personal experience to the school.
I travel with a group.
The student career prospects can vary at times depending on employers seeking to hire students right out of school.
Student involvement is ok I feel it could use a boost. The fan (students and staff) do attend some of the events but I don't see a BIG PUSH like some other 4 yr. colleges to support. I guess what's missing is the SPIRIT!! I'm bless to be in this school.
My favorite class was "Conflict Resolution". Because of past negative experiences with school and a lack of a real support community, I wasn't sure if I should try again but I'm so glad I did. The class challenged my world and religious views and help to make me stronger Christian and for that alone I am grateful.

Warner Pacific College is the right fit for me because the professors and staff seem to really care about my success as much as I do. Also, what's unique about MY school is I actually have an opportunity to attend a church service with professors and staff...THAT'S CRAZY AWESOME ! Plus I have cohorts who are actually my friends outside of class. I have and will continue to recommend Warner Pacific College to my family, my church family, and friends. God Bless WPC
Ian was my enrollment advisor and he was great to work with. He was great in engaging and making me feel welcomed about returning to school.
It seems to suit the folks who enjoy it.
Overall, I have met some very great teachers that i connected with!!!!!
Warner Pacific College ADP was ok but I would never do it again!
It's only bad because I was not told exactly about my tuition and books!!! They estimate prices with students accounts, and it was very expensive!!!!
The adult degree program does not have sports at Warner Pacific College only for the traditional campus
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The workload is manageable if you stay on task. You work within a team, so most of the work can be divided up. The teachers are always available and give quick responses. Registration was easy.
I love the way this program is set up. One day a week and one course at a time. It is convenient or people to have families and/or need to work. The teachers are very knowledgeable and helpful.
People are used to the changing weather.
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