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The professors truly want you to succeed. The campus is wonderful. The small sized classes allow more one on one time if you need help.
My overall experience at Walter State has been good. I have taken classes online and in the classroom; both experiences have been great. I really loved how helpful the professors were. I felt like classes were manageable and easy to understand.
I like the Professors, those that kept pushing me, telling me that I can achieve it. Office hours he would listen and hear me out about what I needed help with. Most of all that if you’re having trouble and you come to the professor, you basically made their day as a teacher.
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The smaller class sizes affords the instructors more time to each student, allowing the instructors to help students who are having trouble with the material in class.
Like it because a little college. EveryThing is on the computer. So they need to help people on that. Like me over 40 n not to compute savey.
I love Walters State because they have small classes, nice professors, and people that hold the same values as you. I love that in some classes there were more than 15 of us but I really liked it when there was only 12-15 of us in a class because we got to get to know each other really well. Every person that I have talked to at WS has been helpful and knowledgeable about whatever information they were giving. The professors I have had so far have made my college experience great. I have made so many new friends from WS that have the same interested or values in life as me and not everywhere do you get that. Walters State has amazing potential that people need to wake up and admire.
My experience has been excellent the staff and instructors are very helpful. So far I have been taking online classes I am a part time student. I am taking a sociology class right now and it has been very interested the instructor has been very excellent on explaining things and answering question. My advisers are very helpful with the classes that I need some are more helpful than others.
I loved the accessibility of the college. Everything on campus is easy to walk to, and there are multiple areas for students to relax and socialize between classes.
Walters State Community College is a fantastic 2 year. It has many varieties of studies and has a very warm student environment. My favorite experience was the teachers, they really have a eye out for you and want the best to be brought out of you. I would like to see the diversity of the school actually change a little bit more but that comes with a community college located in a rural area such as Morristown, TN.
Walter State is a great school to get your feet wet and get a nice taste for college classes and dealing with life in college. I was able to sample many kinds of classes from greenhouse to creative writing, with the help of kind and patient counselors that schedule your classes. The campus provided all I needed and the professors have shaped my learned self and put me on a good path in life.
Love that they are very helpful and that no matter how confused you are they are always nice to help you around campus and find what you need to find. Glad I chose this college!
Overall, I have really enjoyed Walter's State and I am looking forward to continuing my education with them. All of the professors have been super nice and amazing so far.
Walters State is truly a place where students can begin their academic career with caring faculty and staff. Small class sizes, dedicated professors and a view of the Smoky Mountains you just can't beat.
I enjoy this college. Most classes are offered in flexible times so that the people working can still take classes in the evening as well.
I really have enjoyed my experience at Walters State. I played volleyball for two years and have made so many different friendships because of that. I have not only made friendships with my teammates, I have also gotten to know my professors very well. They were welcoming and I learned so much with my stay here at Walters State. I want to continue my growth to Emory and Henry college. I know that from graduating from Walters State I will be well prepared for a four year university.
My experiences are from a short time at the college ,but I feel as if the staff is very student orientated and love there jobs.
I have been going to Walters State for almost a year and I have to say out of my experience coming from another college I love it. The staff are always friendly and helpful, they are knowledgeable and try. I have only had one experience with a professor that was not good. I am very excited to continue to schooling with this college!
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By far the best college I have ever applied to sometimes things get frustrating but you always have someone who is kind and patient there to help see you through it...there's not one problem I have come across and they didn't take the time to help me..
I had a brain injury just before beginning my freshman year so I took it slow going into my first semester.
I haven't really taken too awful many online courses at Walters State.
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