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I have not attended it myself, but I am beginning my degree there. I have family and friends that have attended or are currently attending and they liked it. College is definitely different than high school and I believe Walters State is a great place to start your study.
Walter State Community College is one of the best schools in the area. This is due to a thriving athletic scene, easy to understand and eye-catching campus, and great educational opportunities. The on-campus amenities could use some work, as a more recognizable food provider/s and a better college book/apparel store would not be bad additions. Overall, you will be pleased with this college.
Walters State is an alright college but good for an easy transition from high school into college. Campus is small since it is just a community college but it is pretty nonetheless.
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I love it here at WSCC. All of the teacher's that I've had have truly cared about my success. It doesn't have a strong college feel which I like - it's a great first college to come to. It's not intimidating at all. Small class sizes for the most part nad professors that will do what they can to make sure you understand the material.
The professors are wonderful and the school is accommodating to the working adult as they offer night and weekend classes.
I took dual enrollment classes as a Junior and Senior in high school. The professors that I had were very helpful and informative. If I had an issue or a question, they were always there to help. In addition, the staff were always helpful too, as they guided me and informed me of everything that I needed.
Most instructors are great and really make good efforts to help the students. Admissions and financial aid process was a little difficult.
Love wscc in a small town with alot of diversity amoung students alot of different ages not all high school aged strong academics great school overall.
Walters state is a school allowing crucial one on one time with instructors and a small class size allowing an easy adjustment from high school.
While Walters State was a fairly nice school, it had its drawbacks. Many of my credits did NOT transfer to my next school. Bot to mention it took them over a send out my transcripts. On the plus side, the teachers were always willing to work with you, and it had a lot of classes to choose from. I would not consider it as my first choice, but if you are tight on money and want to cut costs, Walters State isn't a bad option.
The learning experience is very relaxed. The A's given here are handed out rather. You'll even see students who makes C's and D's graduate with honors on the basis that they completed some menial task.
I really like how the campus is set up on a smaller scale and works on a closer range with the students. Every time that I have been there, everyone is willing to help out. My professor to be, is great in responding to my all my questions. The staff of the school is very friendly above and beyond. I wish they had more a variety of sports for the students. The locations of the campuses are perfect. The campuses are very clean and neat. Very well maintained. I am glad that I have been introduced to such a wonderful campus and people that take time in me. They value their students.
I liked having a cheaper option for school at first, but I don’t really think it’s worth it so now I gotta transfer to another, better college with no money.
I highly recommend this community college. The professors are are great to work with and go out of their way to help students in understanding the course work. And most of all, the tuition cost is relatively low.
Walters State has professors that want to see you succeed as a student and care about their students on a professional level.
The environment here at Walters State Community College is very welcoming. The professors and faculty are always offering smiling faces, and they make students feel free to ask any questions. The campus is always super clean with freshly cut grass. Around the campus, there are emergency buttons to make sure the students feel more comfortable when walking around campus.
I like the professors and the school staff the most. The professors and school staff are nice and really helpfull.
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First time student. This is my first semester at Walters State and I absolutely love it. All the professors that I have this semester are wonderful! The student life is also great!
The professors truly want you to succeed. The campus is wonderful. The small sized classes allow more one on one time if you need help.
My overall experience at Walter State has been good. I have taken classes online and in the classroom; both experiences have been great. I really loved how helpful the professors were. I felt like classes were manageable and easy to understand.
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