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Walsh University is the perfect school for someone who is self motivated in regards to getting involved and looking to connect with staff and professors. I would highly recommend if interested in playing a sport in college. Walsh is a relatively small school, with excellent professors and kind and students from all walks of life. Furthermore, if you are looking to continue your journey to faith, Walsh University is perfect for you.
The small class sizes were great. Most of the professors truly cared about their students. Location was safe and near things to do. Tuition is high.
Walsh University creates a safe a educating environment for its students. The staff and faculty care about the well being of the individual. At Walsh, you are not just another number.
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It feels like home. As a small University, it is just the right size that allows you to get to know (almsot) everyone. You have the chance to get to know your professors and make many life long connections with them.
My experience at Walsh University was amazing. The atmosphere is very comfortable and relaxing; however, it's very motivating and great.
After completing my first semester at Walsh, I can give it a solid 5 star. I truly enjoyed my experience. I. love my sports team, and the small class sizes are amazing. The party scene is not terrible, you can always find something to do. The people at Walsh is what makes it such a great experience.
I just finished my first semester there as a freshman and I have already meet some great people. I have made friends that I will keep for the rest of my life! The teachers are very willing to help you if you are struggling or if you need some help choosing a career. The teachers will sit down with you and help go through all of your options. Walsh overall has a great support system and will help you with any situation that you might get into!
When went to transfer took almost a semester to get my out of the system. I would recommend the school but not if you plan to transfer.
I am going into my second year at Walsh University. I love the campus and the people. The small class sizes make it easier to make the transition from highschool to college and if you put forth a little effort you will be able to use your professors as references later on. Choosing Walsh University was the best decision for both my academic and athletic career.
Walsh is a college where the professors are truly invested in their students and in helping them to reach their full potential. They challenge the students to serve locally and beyond and to think critically.
I was a poor kid going to a rich college and I never felt left out. It was such a valuable experience for me. I learned so much and since graduation have gotten a great job and am doing very well. I loved being there and made great friends that I will have the rest of my life.
At first I saw an email inviting me to explore college options on Walsh university. I gathered my stuff and applied to Walsh. Very soon i was admitted and earned a partial scholarship, Since then i seriously started to explore that college and It's really an awesome place to go for a highly qualified education, not to mention a better location that fits the interactive studying environment. I can't wait to attend by fall, as soon as I get a fund for my education.
Honestly, I was not impressed with Walsh and transferred to a different college. If you are Catholic or an athlete, you will love this school. I am neither, so scholarships are pretty much impossible to get. I am a 4.0 student and I did volunteer work and other activities, but because I am not an athlete or Catholic, scholarships were not in my favor. Also, I was a commuter student and found it difficult to find much to do on campus. When there were events, they always scheduled them at the same time of day, so if you have a class during 12:30-1:30, you were out of luck. Academically, professors were pretty good (some better than others) but nothing super spectacular that made it worth my money. If I am paying this much for a school, I better be getting good academics and feeling included on campus. I never truly felt happy here, but I know some people love this campus and it's their home.Honestly, this campus may serve you well, but for me I have been much happier since transferring.
Very friendly environment and caters to both the academic and scholarly environment . I would expand cafeteria hours especially on weekends.
Walsh University is by far one of the best Universities in Ohio. The staff and students are super amazing, nice, smart, and understanding. The programs are so good and the success rates are very high. Also, campus itself is also absolutely gorgeous all year round and i honestly could not have chosen a better college to go to.
My experience attending Walsh university has been absolutely amazing. I have met extremely nice people who have impacted my life substantially. Not only are the students a great feature but the faculty. The faculty here at Walsh are exceptional professors. They work with each student to make them the best that they can be. One thing that I did not like about Walsh was the hours of the dining services. One thing I love about Walsh is that it is close to just about everything you could need and you don't really need a car on campus. A couple things I notice at Walsh that I don't really see on other college campuses are the large amount of diverse students. It is great to have this diversity because it gives you a chance to learn about others lives while they experience yours.
The professors here are excellent, caring, and take time out of their day to talk to you and invest in your life. Most of the activity on campus are religious or service oriented, but there are other groups and ways to get involved if you are non-religious. They have great study abroad and global learning programs. I love it here.
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So far I love this university. I feel challenged yet also supported. The professors truly care about their students and provide thorough lectures. The single downfall here is the food which lacks in variety and is inconsistent in quality. Overall, I would recommend Walsh as a second home and place of education for anyone who loves a small, caring, Catholic atmosphere.
Its great! I also see campus security driving around. You can even call security and have them walk you to your car at night.
The are very good with job placement. I have a friend that I work with that they placed him in an internship that he loves.
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