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I absolutely love it at Walsh University. So far all experiences I've had are amazing. The staff is absolutely amazing and very helpful in helping me pursue my future career paths.
I like the diversity, the special opportunities like global learning and studying a broad. The school has a lot connections with jobs.
Great small university in a quite town in Northeast Ohio. You are one hour away from Cleveland and her top tier museums and airport.
I love how hands-on everything is and the professors ensure you are going to do well.
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I really enjoy the opportunities that Walsh has to offer its students. There are many resources available to increase one's skills and experiences towards the career path a student is on. I would like to see better diversity in the food and locations for food.
I Would like to see more diversity on campus, and more student involvement with programs and clubs. The food is not the best but there are tons of restaurants and nearby food spots to check out.
The school is great place to learn and and tutorial are free. The people need work on how to approach diversity students. The goal is to always make everyone feel welcome. Many of the teacher always help to make sure every students are understand each meaning of something. The community is nice, but very different. The WiFi is terrible. The school always have money to make a new building for classes,but never have money to make the WiFi better. The food is good. Many people complain, but I live in a house that sometime you luck to find peanut butter; just peanut butter in the house. I’m not complaining about Walsh food it wonderful at least the workers provide us something well done to eat. The campus is great place to workout and study.
Walsh is amazing. The facility is huge and the faculty are very understanding. There is a low students to teacher ratio so you get all the attention you need.
I have been to Walsh for 2 over night stays it was very nice i loved the staff and they helped me and my friends out and the students were nice they showed us around and let us stay with them and just did different things with us to make us feel comfortable and at home Walsh is My Dream School
~Jorden McCoy
The professors and faculty are really involved in your success both in their class and in the future. Professors are very willing to help if you ask. Faculty want to make sure you are happy and healthy on the campus, and are willing to listen to and help you if you have comments or concerns.
When I first started college, I started off at Kent Stark. It was not the best experience. Once I started going to Walsh it was was completely different. The tuition is more expensive I understand but it is worth the extra money. They help any student that needs it. I was surprised at how involved the students are on campus and how everyone generally gets along. Some of the best teachers I have ever met are at walsh.
I really enjoy the small size of the campus and population. One down side is that there is not much to do in the area so weekends can be pretty boring. But as long as you got a group of friends you’ll have a good time.
Walsh University is the perfect school for someone who is self motivated in regards to getting involved and looking to connect with staff and professors. I would highly recommend if interested in playing a sport in college. Walsh is a relatively small school, with excellent professors and kind and students from all walks of life. Furthermore, if you are looking to continue your journey to faith, Walsh University is perfect for you.
The small class sizes were great. Most of the professors truly cared about their students. Location was safe and near things to do. Tuition is high.
Walsh University creates a safe a educating environment for its students. The staff and faculty care about the well being of the individual. At Walsh, you are not just another number.
It feels like home. As a small University, it is just the right size that allows you to get to know (almsot) everyone. You have the chance to get to know your professors and make many life long connections with them.
My experience at Walsh University was amazing. The atmosphere is very comfortable and relaxing; however, it's very motivating and great.
After completing my first semester at Walsh, I can give it a solid 5 star. I truly enjoyed my experience. I. love my sports team, and the small class sizes are amazing. The party scene is not terrible, you can always find something to do. The people at Walsh is what makes it such a great experience.
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I just finished my first semester there as a freshman and I have already meet some great people. I have made friends that I will keep for the rest of my life! The teachers are very willing to help you if you are struggling or if you need some help choosing a career. The teachers will sit down with you and help go through all of your options. Walsh overall has a great support system and will help you with any situation that you might get into!
When went to transfer took almost a semester to get my out of the system. I would recommend the school but not if you plan to transfer.
I am going into my second year at Walsh University. I love the campus and the people. The small class sizes make it easier to make the transition from highschool to college and if you put forth a little effort you will be able to use your professors as references later on. Choosing Walsh University was the best decision for both my academic and athletic career.
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