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Walsh College of Accountancy & Business Administration Reviews

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I think Walsh College is a great private college for business students. The process of transferring to Walsh College was stress-free and the advisors were very helpful. Walsh College was my go-to college because of how many credits I could transfer to it and how little the requirements were needed to transfer. I really enjoy taking classes at Walsh they are very team orientated and are insightful on the real world. Professors at Walsh college have real world experience.
While for the most part the academics were good, this place is essentially for those that want to pursue careers in the accounting field. I find the average salary skewed given that most that attend are working adults that are getting the graduate degree, i.e., the MBA, MS in Accounting or MS in Finance for career advancement.

Being that I was a "career changer" after being out of the workforce as a result of the Great Recession, the career fairs and job postings available to me via career services can't address two big problems: LT unemployment and being over 50. I recently did receive a $60K job offer for a July 2017 start date, but it has no relationship to my MBA and MSF degrees from Walsh.

But I do owe $70K in student loans. Go figure.
There aren't any greeks as far as I know.
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Its not really a school for athletics.
It's a great college for those working 40 plus hours a week.
Registration process is easy. There is a lot of material to study for the classes but professors are usually fair. There is on campus and online tutoring offered.
School is very open to diversity.
Professors are very professional and very experienced in the field. The class sizes is good and the class style is good as well. I like the variety of options for taking a class (online, on-campus).
I am going for the Master's of Accountancy and I see a lot of great public accounting and corporate accounting firms being part of the career fairs and many different meet and greet.
I have not heard anything about any crime on campus and I have not been part of any crime scene. I feel very safe on campus.
Getting my degree from Walsh will help me find a job more quickly.
I really enjoy Walsh Collge and I will be thrilled once I receive my degree from such a great college.
I feel safe on campus.
This will only be my 2nd semester at the school, but it's a great environment and the teachers really care about your success.
The financial aid advisors are always helpful and help whenever necessary.
need more food options for those with allergies such as dairy, wheats, nuts, etc.
Living on campus at Walsh College does not apply for this question.
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I really like the professors and the way they teach.
Parking is great, much better Wayne and Oakland.
I wish the financial aid was more reasonable, but overall its a great business school with great teachers.
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