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Teachers and administrators are very helpful. Students are diverse and friendly. Very affordable tuition and fees.
Wallace State Community College has prepared me to continue my education through great classes and caring professors. I can not wait to show off all of the skills I have learned through Wallace State Community College. I have grown as a person in so many ways, not only academically, but also morally. This college has prepared me to be great.
I loved that the classrooms were small, but bigger in number than a high school class. It was still a big step up, but not so major that you stress out.
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I like the fact that it is close to home. I feel safe there. It has a variety of courses to choose from. Many of the classes will transfer to 4 year colleges to further your career.
I went there on a college visit and the campus was beautiful, it intrigued me of how nice all of the staff and students were! Very interested!
I am currently in my second year. I made a lot of friends and had amazing teachers to help me. The teachers are amazing. The school is fantastic. I truly enjoyed it.
I wouldn't suggest that Wallace changes anything. It's a great campus, full of ready to learn students and an amazing staff!
Coming to Wallace State was one of the best decisions I have ever made! The instructors truly care about their students and go above an beyond to help. Much of what I have learned that will help in my career has not come from the books but rather from my instructors teaching and examples. If I had to change anything it would be implementing a more structured and efficient book selection process. As frequently as the books are changing, the bookstore does not keep up very well.
The entire atmosphere at Wallace is very friendly. The teachers just want to help, they aren't there to make anything harder for the students.
I'm really enjoying my time in college here. Everyone I've encountered was fairly nice. Very diverse. The teachers I've had so far were very chill and didn't mind working with you. The campus is pretty easy to navigate although it does get very busy at certain times.
I felt very at home while I toured! From the minute i arrived in campus i knew that place would have to be my home for the two years i will be attending!!
Class schedules are extremely flexible. Wallace offers many classes in the afternoon and online.Professors will work with you to give you notes and assignments that you might have to miss.
Online courses are very convenient. You learn everything you would learn in the classroom just at your own pace. however, you are not able to participate in labs through online courses.There is a discussion board available for peer interaction and an option to email your professor.
The professors stay in contact with you after you graduate and help in anyway they can.
My experience over all has been great. My teachers are fantastic and really go out of their way to help. The school is very small and to my professors i am not just a number or a name i am a person. They know what i am good at and how to help me. They go out of their way to find internships and help find jobs for students. The quality of the courses are great you lean everything in the curriculum without being over loaded with work.
I have never seen recruiters on campus and I have never been to the career center.However, there are a lot of opportunists to get jobs through my degree.In my program there are three different places to intern. Each place is different and allows you to choose which place will benefit you the best. Through these internships you are able to get to know the job better, observe you everyday task , and get your name out there. You have a chance to prove yourself and let people get to know you for when you start applying for jobs.Also it is not uncommon at all to be offer jobs while interning.
My major is Forensic science and its great. The program is very unique we learn things that text books wont teach you , things that are very realistic. We often go to a house on campus that was given to the department where we work unique mock crime scenes. The work load is not hard at all as far as test go as long as you study you should have no problem. there is never any worksheets or packets. The program is very hands we are always learning new ways of doing things. We do a lab every class where we photograph, dust for prints, mark and collect evidence, cast shoe impressions, compare fingerprints, do mock surveillance, look for blood , us black lights, put together the events that took place at a crime scene, learn what to do at a crime scene, learn what to never do at a crime scene, learn the dangers of certain situations, how to preserve evidence, how to present evidence in court, and much more. The curriculum is not hard at all as long as you take notes and participate in the labs.This programs offers great intern and job opportunities. There are 3 internships offered in Birmingham,Huntsville,and Cullman. These internships are a good way to learn about the job and get your name out there.
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Wallace State is over all a great college. The campus itself is more on the small size but its not cramped.The atmosphere is extremely easy going and laid back. There is a really small student to teacher ratio which is extremely helpful and gives the professors the opportunity to give individual help to the students. I actually have a class with only 10 people this semester.The professors are very qualified at what they teach and really try to help their students even after they graduate. The college offers after noon classes and the professors will work with you if you have a job or other circumstances.The only complaint I have is the office staff. They constantly mess up paper work and some on the employs over certain departments are never there making things extremely hard.
Very open rage to choose from
Love it ready to complete it
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