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Wallace State Community College - Hanceville Reviews

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Wallace State has been such a great place for me to begin my college education and grow past high school! Every professor I have encountered has worked very hard to get to know me and help in any ways possible! I have been much more successful than I could have imagined thanks to the staff and especially the advisors. They have worked with me and answered any questions I had in regards to a class, a program, another college, or even just something going on in my personal life. I cannot wait to see this college grow in the future!
As a high school student doing dual enrollment, Wallace has done a great job working with my schedule and signing me up for classes.
Incredibly wonderful school. The professors and instructors here really, genuinely care about you and your education, and it shows. Everyone I have encountered is very friendly. They have a very wide array of degrees that are sought after, and even partner with major firms to get students working while they get their degree, and have a job immediately after graduating. They also partner with many four year institutions to provide very good scholarships to help with the greater expenses at a 4 year school. speaking of, it is an incredibly cheap school for the value one would get out of it.
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I love attending WSCC. For the most part, the university employs excellent professors. Especially in the technical/vocational departments, the professors are amazing. They really know what they are doing, and they care about their students. They want you to graduate with a firm knowledge of the career you're going into. Great school. There's a reason it's been around this long.
I love Wallace State! You can always find someone-whether it be a professor or a success coach-to help you figure out anything you are unsure of, which is very helpful in a new environment like college. Go Lions!
I went for my freshman year to a community college. This college is in a small town and everything was easy to find. It felt like my own hometown which is small as well. I lived off campus in an apartment that was close enough to walk to my college. All the teachers were very helpful. I wouldn’t change anything about Wallace State.
I absolutely love Wallace state. It has been a wonderful experience so far and I can't wait to continue my education at Wallace state.
Wallace is an excellent place for anyone who wants to get a four-year degree but does not want to pay such a high price for the full four years. The instructors at Wallace State will work with you to help you to better understand the material being discussed.
I really likw my professors and I really learned a lot here. Staff is very friendly and sports are pretty big
Wallace State Community College is a small, quite campus environment that has a wonderful atmosphere and fantastic educators and financial aid assistance. It is 15 minutes away from Cullman, Alabama and the surrounding area is safe and easy to navigate.
I have had a great experience at Wallace. Their tutoring lab is amazing and they even provide online tutoring for those unable to make it to the on-campus lab. The teachers are genuinely invested in their students and help them succeed. The advisers are super nice and are willing to help you with anything you are confused about when choosing classes, applying to other scholarships, and making sure you are on track.
I've had a fantastic experience so far. This college offers programs that are not available anywhere else. The programs are hard to get into but it has some of the best teachers I've ever had in my life. The teachers care about the students and genuinely want us to succeed. The courseload is challenging but I feel it is adequately preparing me for boards and for my future career.
I really like the professors. They make the class interesting and keep my attention. I really enjoy the clubs, such as SGA and the National Honor Society!!
I am currently a student at Wallace State. I was on a music scholarship my first semester, but due to a grade issue, I was dropped. The faculty were very helpful in helping me apply for a separate grant to pay for my second semester.

The teachers are all very kind, and there are clubs to meet all kinds of personalities. I am involved in a writing club as well as 3 performing arts groups.
Overall, the campus is very clean and a great one to walk around. The only issue I have with the college at all is that the administrative side of it can be very slow at times, to the point of problems arising due to it. Other than that, the teachers are great and the school is nowhere near as expensive to go to as a four year university.
I have been a student at Wallace State Community College for three years. All of the staff and facility personally take time to individually get to know you. They also take time to personally help you. Wallace State Community College has always come through with their promises that they make to a student. An example would be the care that they put into your degree to ensure the correctness of your plan that you are pursuing. The dual enrollment department and Lion Central has always been there for me in my time of need to ensure that my plan to pursue my degree is one hundred percent accurate. Wallace State Community College is also excellent at providing resources to learn about the opportunities that the different programs offer. This past month, I went to a Nursing Advisory Meeting. This meeting provided me with the information I needed in order to plan and pursue my degree.
I have loved being a student at Wallace State Community College - Hanceville. It has been very rewarding and renewed my faith in the US college environment. Great programs, friendly knowledgeable instructors and a great facility make it a wonderful college for the just graduated or the career minded individual.
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This is a really great school, all of the teachers and staff members are friendly and will help you the best they can. The students here of often very nice and like to help each other out.
It’s good for a community college. Some teachers try really hard to make sure you get your money’s worth... some don’t.
BEST PLACE TO GO and I love It because it has a good environment and everything so you can learn for the future
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