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Wallace State Community College - Hanceville Reviews

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This is a really great school, all of the teachers and staff members are friendly and will help you the best they can. The students here of often very nice and like to help each other out.
It’s good for a community college. Some teachers try really hard to make sure you get your money’s worth... some don’t.
BEST PLACE TO GO and I love It because it has a good environment and everything so you can learn for the future
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The staff at Wallace are very helpful and friendly. The campus is easy to navigate and the professors are concerned with your success and want to help you succeed with your academics.
I absolutely love Wallace State. The teachers are excellent, and will help you at all costs. The reason that I'm giving this 4 stars is because I wish that Student Services was a little more organized.
I have not officially started at Wallace State Community College yet but i have been accepted to their Respiratory Therapy program for this Fall 2018 so i am looking forward to what is to come.
My experience at Wallace State Community College was great the first year I attended. What I like most about Wallace is that the teacher and the student is able to have that one on one time when needed, and there’s a lot of support systems as well. One thing I would I like to change about Wallace is the dorms.
Wallace State is a top rated school. So much so that I have a son graduating soon. In my time there I only had two teacher that I did not care for. They are helpful and they pride them selves on seeing you succeed.I am not sure that I would really change anything.
I love Wallace because of the many promises in the medical field it offers! It has programs from registered nursing, emergency medical technician (EMT), radiology tech, respiratory therapy, licensed practical nurse, physical therapy assistant, dental hygienist, occupational therapy assistant, polysomnography, & sonography to only name a FEW of the many programs available to you in the small town of Hanceville Alabama. Although it is small, it is very MIGHTY. The professors here are devoted to their students & love to teach since teaching is usually their second or even third job opposed to their medical profession. If you are only interested in taking basics at Wallace, almost all of their credit hours will transfer so you don't have to worry about a waste of money for a community college class that some university's won't accept.
Wallace State is a great school if you are there mainly for academics. The professors are all great people, who are fun and easygoing, if you do your work and stay focused. What would I change about my school? For one, I would change the café. It's great and all, but it lacks diversity and it closes too early. Secondly I would improve the student life. Not many of us have cars, so the dorms serve as prisons. You leave, go to class and return, if you aren't the type to go to the gym to workout or visit the musuem. Third, I would add more eating spots that are in walking distance or provide a uber service for those without a car. Fourth, I would add intramural sports and concerts that the majority of students would attend so all of us can have a memorable college experience.
Teachers and administrators are very helpful. Students are diverse and friendly. Very affordable tuition and fees.
Wallace State Community College has prepared me to continue my education through great classes and caring professors. I can not wait to show off all of the skills I have learned through Wallace State Community College. I have grown as a person in so many ways, not only academically, but also morally. This college has prepared me to be great.
I loved that the classrooms were small, but bigger in number than a high school class. It was still a big step up, but not so major that you stress out.
I like the fact that it is close to home. I feel safe there. It has a variety of courses to choose from. Many of the classes will transfer to 4 year colleges to further your career.
I went there on a college visit and the campus was beautiful, it intrigued me of how nice all of the staff and students were! Very interested!
I am currently in my second year. I made a lot of friends and had amazing teachers to help me. The teachers are amazing. The school is fantastic. I truly enjoyed it.
I wouldn't suggest that Wallace changes anything. It's a great campus, full of ready to learn students and an amazing staff!
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Coming to Wallace State was one of the best decisions I have ever made! The instructors truly care about their students and go above an beyond to help. Much of what I have learned that will help in my career has not come from the books but rather from my instructors teaching and examples. If I had to change anything it would be implementing a more structured and efficient book selection process. As frequently as the books are changing, the bookstore does not keep up very well.
The entire atmosphere at Wallace is very friendly. The teachers just want to help, they aren't there to make anything harder for the students.
I'm really enjoying my time in college here. Everyone I've encountered was fairly nice. Very diverse. The teachers I've had so far were very chill and didn't mind working with you. The campus is pretty easy to navigate although it does get very busy at certain times.
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