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Wallace Community College - Selma Reviews

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It great the teachers are friendly,helpful, and nice.Class are small ,so you can easily connect with your teacher and get to know other in your class. Material is online for classes just in case you miss class,you can stay plugged in .Their is a online option as well in person classes .
My experience at Wallace was great. All of my teachers are excellent and very supportive, as well as the administrators. Their are numerous amounts of help provided through the library, counseling, and student support services. Wallace is a wonderful college and they have wonderful, accredited programs.
It was a rough start. While I despise the system, I have enjoyed talking to the staff and professors I've come into contact with.They are the ones who make Wallace bearable.
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Okay school. Some of the nursing instructors can be insensitive at time. They’re cheap and make us bring our own typing paper for the printers. And they barely work. The internet is always down or slow. Very unorganized. I’ve been here since 2017 and I can’t wait til I’m done.
My experience for Wallace Community College Selma was excellent. I love absolutely everything about WCCS. They have the most respectful, fabulous, and helpful peoples there. Whenever I have a question about anything I can call or send an email. WCCS answer my question simple and as soon as possible. WCCS has the best nursing and welding program. WCCS has had several of graduates of nursing and welding. Although, I am attending for cosmetology. WCCS also have a few graduates of cosmetology that I know and they were taught well. I will be attending WCCS and I know that they will treat me very well.
It’s a nice college that makes sure that students are doing what they need to be doing. It has a great welding program in which I’m enrolled in. It is a safe school who keeps their students on board.
I am currently taking Dual enrollment courses at Wallace Community College - Selma. The teachers are extremely helpful (in person and online) and the students are welcoming.
Great college to attend. Everyone is nice. It helps you blossom into who you really are. It is a really good school if you live in Selma and don't want to go to a four year college right away. Wallace has helped shape and mold me into the great young lady I am today. Come to Wallace and you will not regret it.
Wallace Community College Selma is a community college located in historic Selma, AL. The staff is very diverse and helpful when it comes to enrolling, attending, and ensuring that their students' have the necessary resources to make their college experience good and a successful one.
Attending Wallace College was perhaps one of the best decisions that I have made over the course of my education. What I enjoyed most about my experience was the dedication of the faculty and staff in our success. Our instructors were caring, patient, and dedicated to making sure we understood the material. I have never had an instructor who did not have an open-door policy. Our counselors had a related genuine concern. There were many times that I have cried on the shoulders of my guidance counselor. She would always encourage me and keep me focused on graduation, no matter how dreary my circumstances were. I will forever be grateful to everyone who had a lasting impact on my life while receiving my Associates degree in Science and Arts! I have no complaints.
My experience has been one to remember. Like most people, I had my ups and downs here because I was stressing myself, but through all of that I make sure to stay on top of my academics. The teachers here try to work with you as much as they can and give you many opportunities on your work.
Wallace is a great experience for students who are just graduating from high school. It isn’t an expensive school like the universities. It was an awesome start for me and I don’t regret it at all.
I like the fact that Wallace is a small community college. The classes are not too big and all your instructors know you by name. I also like the fact that it is a very accessible school and easy to find your way around.
Wallace community college is by far the best college experience ever. I'm home distance and I feel safe in campus. Also they vibe there is so loving. I am able to learn and ask questions without being nervous.
My experience at Wallace Community College Selma has been awesome. The professors there are amazing . There are many campus activities that you can engage in. Lets not forget the sporting events are lit.
WCCS is just amazing. You are able to get that one on one attention from your teachers. They are so friendly and do all they can to help their students be successful. It is such a wonderful environment. They also have different activities so students are able to bond and just have a great time.
Wallace is a great tow year program. They have the best nursing and technical programs here. They also do a good job on assisting you with transferring to a four year university.
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I like how they will try to help you when your in need of financial aid help but don't like the fact that they won't let you get up the money in time if your financial aid has a low amount on your account but other than that it's okay
I believe that this is a great start to an amazing future for me. The teachers and classmates were great people who helped me out academically and personally. I'm gonna take what I've learned in this place and use it to the best advantage I can. I definitely recommend this community college to anyone who lives in Selma who are going through the Transfer program.
WCCS is a great school! I'm currently in the Nursing program there and I love the teachers so much. They make sure that you become the best nurse ever! You rock WCCS!
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