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Wallace is a great school for people who are still trying to decide what they are going to do for their career. Professors at Wallace make efforts to learn who you are and make learning fun.
The campus is nice and the staff is friendly. Many tools are available to help you succeed while attending Wallace.
I am coming into my first year at Wallace Community College Dothan, Al . The staff is extremely welcoming and helpful for students new and experienced.
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This campus is great for a two year college and doesn't need any changes in my opinion. There really aren't any dorms or on-campus housing areas, but I assume that's due to the small size of the campus itself. There is one subway on campus and that's the only place to get food, but I haven't heard anyone complain about that and it never bothered me.
I attended Wallace Community College simply because it was the nearby college to my current home. When I had first started I had a poor outlook on how community colleges operate; however, after attending I realize the usefulness in attending a college that is not too much trouble attend with affordable tuition. This college may not have been able to offer my desired education but I am grateful to what I have learned here.
All of the instructors care about you and your grades. They always try their best to help you reach your goals.
I love Wallace. It is a small school with wonderful teachers who truly care for your well being. they are very good at what they do. We have a wonderful nursing program with a high success rate.
Wallace Community College has been an excellent experience so far. Administration is so helpful and always willing to lend advice.
They are very helpful in all aspects of school life. Very helpful and understanding staff. The new Health Science building is so nice and not too hard to navigate. All the professors are super helpful and answer any and all questions you may have.
Wallace Community College in Dothan, AL cares about the academic and physical well-being of their students. I am glad I chose this two year institution before transferring to a four year university. I have excelled academically
and socially, all thanks to the staff and programs offered at the school. Everyone there is extremely helpful with the evolution of one's success, and the staff assure that their student's gain a positive experience.
I like the programs that are offered. You can meet a lot of new people from different schools besides just seeing them in class each day.
I love everything about Wallace, the faculty, the campus, and the resources provided! I habe been a student at Wallace since 2015 and it has been an overall great experience. The professors are so personal,aking the experience fivd times better.
I love the teachers and staff. They are very helpful. The school is overall an excellent school to attend.
I will be proud to say I earned my degree from Wallace Community College because of it's outstanding reputation in our community. I have been fortunate to attend one semester, but due to financial difficulties have been unable to continue my education. My mother is a 1990 Alumni of Wallace and has helped numerous people in our community with her nursing skills and knowledge she obtained from Wallace. The instructors are very knowledgeable and really take an intrest in their students success. I am ready to prepare for my future and give back to my community as a physical therapy assistance if given the financial help i need to reach my goal.
Thank you for this opportunity!
Wallace Community College is determined to help their students succeed. Age, race, religious affiliation, etc. do not matter when it comes to faculty and staff. The professors give quality education and staff is always there to help.
I really do love Wallace. The campus is very nice and easy to get used too. All the professors are also really nice.
no post grad available. Community college. 2 year degrees
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instructors have been helpful and knowledgeable.
This will be beneficial for my careet
Plan to major in chemistry/pre-pharmacy. This will definitely help me reach my goals and get a lot of basics I need prior to pharmacy school
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