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My experience there was great I love the campus and also my classmates and peers and also the teachers are very good at what they are teaching me.
My online experience is good and If I need help with something I will email the teacher for help and they will help with whatever I need help with and I like that about this college.
It was very different from being in class but it was no different! I learned the same as I would have in person.
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I love wallace! It is so welcoming and has so many clubs and activities and the learning environment is wonderful!
Online classes were made doable by the instructors who understood it was a trying time and did their best to help us and were flexible with our schedules.
The instructors really show they care and do their best to help you when they can! Really love this school!
I think that Wallace Community College is a great college for upcoming students and or adults who are wanting to go ahead and get their Associate's Degree out of the way. It helped me save a lot of money. The teachers on campus are very hands on, and they work around your schedule. The advisors are a great help, especially when it comes time to fill out scholarships or applying to a four year University. I was able to contact my instructors and they would contact me back in a reasonable amount of time. Everyone there are nice and is fully into your education. They have different programs you can join and places where you can receive help if needed. The staff there are very helpful in many ways and they welcome you with open arms.
My online experience is great. With me being in college online, it works around my schedule. I have a nice and a nephew and sometimes I help my sister out with picking them up for school, and with me being online, it is easy for me to do that. The instructors put out videos, PowerPoints, notes, and videos to help with learning. They make sure to have everything posted to make it easier on us. The instructors gives us dates and times to set up appointments and join them on Zoom to talk to them face to face. They give us enough time to submit in our work which is a big plus for me.
Online general studies classes ran very smoothly and the professors make sure you have the tools to be successful. I like how if you had an issue they replied promptly. On the downside though doing virtual classes mixed with traditional class setup seemed very disorganized if you were in a health science program and I would strongly suggest not taking any classes pertaining to those programs. It was very chaotic and when you are required to be organized yourself and professors have high expectations for you they should set the example themselves also.
I guess I could say I do appreciate that this area has access to this college since this is the only community college in the Wiregrass area but with that being said there can be more improvements made to their health science programs. The disorganization in these programs and constant product resource changes being made makes it harder to continue to attend this college due to coming out of pocket with new fees and online resources that students are not aware of. Students are not aware that they bought limited packages for these online resources that are a part of curriculum yet testing is done in these online resources over subjects that are not covered.
I took a long break from school after graduating high school, so I didn't really know what to expect when I started back to school. Wallace made the transition extremely easy. The staff is always quick to get back with you when you need help and the instructors want their students to be successful, so they do the best they can to help make that happen.
I take all of my classes online and I find Black Board to be fairly easy to navigate. I haven't had any issues with my online classes. My instructors have always been great at keeping students updated on changes and keeping up with how we are doing in the class.
Wallace Community College has helped me tremendously as I started college. I chose a JUCO over a 4 year institution to begin with, because it would help me get my feet wet in the whole college world. The class sizes are small, the professors work with you one on one. All the staff members are actively involved with the students and know the majority by name. Wallace has helped me strive as a college student, give me confidence, and to prepare me for the rest of my college career.
We had to go online for COVID-19, and the learning process was very good. I have also taken other online classes, and I still feel as if I am in a classroom.
My online experience was surprisingly easy and laid back. I am used to doing online classes so when it was time for me to do a class online at wallace I was already prepared for it. Online classes are easy to me, you just have to stay focused and check canvas for work everyday to make sure you don;t miss anything.
When I first arrived at Wallace I knew it was going to be the school for me. Everyone was always helpful and showing me where to go. It made me not be the nervous freshmen asking where to go and what classes to take.
The formats are laid out very well and easy to complete. Instructors reply in a timely manner and will assist in any way they can.
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Wallace is a Community friendly college that you can become apart of very easily. The teachers and administrators are very easy to talk to and make sure you feel like you can come to them for help.
I love Wallace community college it’s a great college, everyone is so friendly, and wants you to succeed in life.
What I like about my school is that we have an excellent course curriculum and faculty members. And also Wallace Community College prepares you for Your Future, not only the job you will have, but also connecting with others, and learning to have Independence.
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