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Very good Christian community. They will do whatever they can to help you succeed. The professors are very approachable and willing to help students.
This school is awful from top to bottom. The kangaroo court Student Conduct Board can accuse you of violating school policy and kick you out of school based on unverified and unprovable testimony of one person. Our school's entire basketball team was recently suspended for breaking school rules prior to the school year even starting. The rules are incredibly authoritarian, and the administration has no problem kicking out students who fail to stop other people from violating school rules (as if its the student's job to enforce the school's rules).

The priorities of the school don't favor the students, they only are concerned with making sure the religiously conservative alumni continue to give the school money, which only happens if the school keeps strict rules over the students. Do yourself a favor and stay far, far away from this school.
The academics are very good and the professors genuinely care about you, but everything else sucks. The food is beyond terrible (they simply heat frozen and canned food and serve to the students) and the dorm deans and RAs are obsessed with keeping track of every single part of your life (such as how many times you have been to church, whether you are being a good Christian, what are you eating, who are you talking to, curfew, etc). The administration also does not care about social activities at all. Being an Adventist school there is no Greek life and no normal parties, but the school also does not sponsor any activities in which you can get to know more people. There aren't many restaurants in town or anything to do, so you're looking at driving to Spokane or Seattle for anything fun. If you are a white Christian person who likes the countryside, look no further, this is the place for you. If you are literally anyone else, please do yourself a favor and stay away.
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My experience at Walla Walla Univeristy was great. The atmosphere and the environment was very welcoming. Professors are very helpful. They want you to succeed. There are free tutoring sessions for most of your classes, free of charge! Walla Walla Univeristy may be the right school for you!
The school gets one star for its decent academic programs, and that’s it. Just about everything else sucks. The school does its best to police every part of student life by forcing everyone but seniors to live in the dorm, and subjecting students to apartment searches and other invasions of privacy at the administration’s whim. They take it upon themselves to treat adult students like children and enforce curfew and other ridiculous attendance requirements. If you’re looking for a school with good teachers and good people, look no further, but beware of the over zealous people at the top who will screw you over if you dare try to think for yourself or make adult decisions.
My experience at Walla Walla University has been an experience that surpassed my expectations. I absolutely love this school. The community and the staff are absolutely welcoming. Relationships are something big for me that I have found at Walla Walla. I know I now have lifelong friends.
I like the community atmosphere and the faculty at WWU. I think it is a great place for an undergraduate education, and I am very grateful that I chose to come here.
They can come into your apartment without any kind of notice and take anything that is not allowed according to the "policy." A friend of mine had some expensive alcohol that was a gift from his parents and they dumped it down the toilet and then said they could deny him his degree because of it even though he only had to finish his senior project and then he was done. So up until the last minute they are able to scree you over and 0% care. Mind you, this is not the teachers but the administration. If you don't show up for everything you are supposed to they can tell you to take a quarter off. If they think you're drinking they make you take an observed urine test and if you can't because you don't have the time due to classes they just tell you that they will consider it a positive test. Caf is $250 cheaper w/o meal plan. Basically, the school is supposed to be a Christian school but if this is what it means to be Christ-like, I want nothing to do with it. Enroll at your own risk.
Walla Walla University has been very accepting towards the people who attend. The faculty and students make you feel very welcomed. The only thing I would want to see a difference in is the hours of the library.
I really like it since, the campus and spiritual life is awesome, its pretty good with its food, and just everything.
The academics and staff in regards to academics and learning is fantastic i love the environment. Im pursuing a an aviation major and the classes and professors are amazing, They get to know you here at Walla Walla. You arent just another number or name to them. They help you seek out understanding and further knowledge when your confused and help push you to be better. The athletics side of the school is slightly less impressive. Due to a small budget and less care for sports it makes student athletes like myself struggle to stay in school. The expense is worth it but with less help from sports it becomes difficult to continue pursuing the many fantastic majors this school offers.
This is a great school, especially if you are a 7th-Day Adventist. It is good for Nursing, Engineering, and Business majors.
I've only been here for a year but I already love it. This school has given me many opportunities to make new friends and grow closer to God. Everyone here is very friendly.
My experience at Walla Walla University was ok. The professors are very caring and will do anything to help you succeed. The spiritual life is great and the school makes sure to offer students with many resources to stay close to God through all the stress of classes. Something I think would be good to see change is the diversity of Walla Walla University. I understand that because of the geographical location, it's no surprise to see it lacking diversity. But I think the lack of diversity causes a lot of clashes between cultures that shouldn't be happening. I also saw a very "clique-like" atmosphere.
Walla Walla University is a private school and many things are based on the Adventist church guidelines but it is a great school overall. The area is beautiful, the people are nice and the community and activities around are always a fun adventure. I personally love Walla Walla University because it has a very diverse set of students but everyone is friendly and are treated the same. There are always things to do and people to do it with. You never get bored or lonely because there are plenty of opportunities for fun everywhere you go.
Campus is great, the enviornment is perfect if you're Seventh Day Adventist. The town is quite small and quiet, there's not much to do. But the education recompensates this issue.
Walla Walla University is an excellent University to attend if you are passionate about your relationship with Christ and are serious about getting top notch education in not only your desired field, but also in religion and other life applicable areas. They are very well known all over the country for their School of Engineering, which is the reason I am there, and I have to say I am very impressed with their organization of classes, schedules, and events not to mention how excellent the Professors are. Most of them have their Doctorate and are knowledgable well above their years. If this sounds like a University that fits you, I encourage you to give it a shot for yourself and take a tour here sometime. You won't regret it!
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Overall it has been a good experience. The people are friendly. The dorm life is ok, there are just too many rules associated with it. The food is ok, rather meatless and sometimes tasteless, but the employees are very friendly. Most professors are great, some are too hardcore and seem as though they are expecting you to fail. The environment is usually good, although they force community on you and that can be time-consuming .
It's a nice small University just outside of the city of Walla Walla. The small university allows for more chances for students to connect and make good relationships with their professors.
Fairly small school so you get to know a lot of people closely. Rather conservative. You have to live in the dorm if you are a freshman/sophomore or under a certain age. With strict curfew.
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