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Walla Walla is a great opportunity for people who want a chance in getting a good education. The cc in Walla Walla provide many different classes and opportunities to meet new people
i like everything about that college because the professors take their time to help you achieve your dreams and become someone in life.
Coming to Walla Walla Community College has been one of the best decision I have ever made in my life. The professors and staff here really care about each student and want them to succeed. I also play basketball here and the support we get from the community is amazing!
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I have only taken online courses so far at Walla Walla Community College, but my experience has been great. My teachers have been very helpful and easy to work with and to reach for questions. I like about 45 minutes from the nearest campus, but I do not have to go there often which makes it good for me because I have a family and stay home with my 3 year old while working on class work. I am happy with the fact hat I will be able to complete my entire AA degree online and be able to transfer to a 4 year college or university if I choose to do so.
I have had a lot of trouble getting help to pay for classes. They claim they have an "easy, flexible payment plan," and while it may be easy, it most certainly is not flexible. They have dates that they take payments out of your account, but it's all one lump sum, no flexibility in the payment amount. The people I've talked to are all nice enough, promising me that someone will be able to help me, and so far no one can. The classes are interesting and the teachers are accommodating, but it's hard to stay positive about this school when no one can help me.
Teachers help you, very clean, good environment. A lot of degrees to choose from.
And now they have a 4 year degrees and transfer degrees.
The community campus is great. A lot of diversity between race and age which is great for working with different people. The teachers love when you ask a lot of questions and will definitely help you out as much as possible.
For being a community college, Walla Walla has a lot to offer. I felt like I am in an environment where I can thrive and be prepared to enter society. I would like to see on campus housing.
My experience at Walla Walla Community College has been great so far. The teachers work with you as long as you show that you are interested in succeeding. Not too long ago my daughter had to be life lighted to a hospital 3 hours always from school. I missed my exam as a result but I made sure I let my teachers know what was happening. I thought I was going to have to retake that term. Both my teachers were nice and understanding. When returned I was grateful I was able to take my anotomy and physiology lab exam. I love the teachers and I am happy I am attending this college. I would change the extra curricular activity to times that most students are available. I would also have acting group and dancing group for free. Also I feel they need a choir for the singers. Besides the fact that they don’t have some of these activities offered for free I still think this is one of the best Community college in Walla Walla.
This school is wonderful. The staff are all helpful. If you are struggling, they find ways to help you and community resources. All of my teachers are so nice and involved. I appreciate the small class sizes.
I participate in the Running Start Program so I can finish my AA while finishing my attending high school. It is a great school. I love the staff, who are always happy and willing to help you. The environment is great and easy to get around. I would like to change the prices in the cafe because they are quite expensive.
Walla Walla CC is a great place to be a student! The faculty and staff truly care for the success of each student. Everyone strives to make this a great place to learn. They are kind about constructively guiding those who may fall behind. There are many resources that are free for all students to use. They even have their own food bank. This is above and beyond the best college I have attended. No wonder they were ranked number one in the nation!
Small town, great environment. Usually very small classes and devoted teachers. Many opportunities and ways to pay for college.
So far I have only taken online classes at Walla Walla Community College because I am working full time. The classes here are moderately challenging and the professors seem to genuinely care about the students. I haven't had a class where the teacher just gives 100% to everyone which is nice because I'm here to learn, not just get a grade.
It's a very nice environment. The teachers I've had are very helpful, and help to make sure I maintain passing grades. One thing I might change though, is office hours for all online classes. It's important for online students to be able to communicate physically with there teachers, because over email I think isn't as effective, and you never know if the teacher will for sure get back to you.
I love WWCC! They are helping me reach my end goal of becoming a registered nurse. I wish I could change the hours of the nursing program, but you cannot have every thing.
It's a great school to attend if ur going to do a 2 yr AA or transfer for your Bachelor's Degree. I was there for a year and the teachers are great!!! People in the school are kind and courteous.
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This is a good college, every student who wants to go to 2 year college should go in that college. It has a lot of majors.
The online courses I have taken are very easy and straight forward.
My advisor has done a really great job at making sure that my credits are transferable.
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