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Small town, great environment. Usually very small classes and devoted teachers. Many opportunities and ways to pay for college.
So far I have only taken online classes at Walla Walla Community College because I am working full time. The classes here are moderately challenging and the professors seem to genuinely care about the students. I haven't had a class where the teacher just gives 100% to everyone which is nice because I'm here to learn, not just get a grade.
It's a very nice environment. The teachers I've had are very helpful, and help to make sure I maintain passing grades. One thing I might change though, is office hours for all online classes. It's important for online students to be able to communicate physically with there teachers, because over email I think isn't as effective, and you never know if the teacher will for sure get back to you.
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I love WWCC! They are helping me reach my end goal of becoming a registered nurse. I wish I could change the hours of the nursing program, but you cannot have every thing.
It's a great school to attend if ur going to do a 2 yr AA or transfer for your Bachelor's Degree. I was there for a year and the teachers are great!!! People in the school are kind and courteous.
This is a good college, every student who wants to go to 2 year college should go in that college. It has a lot of majors.
The online courses I have taken are very easy and straight forward.
My advisor has done a really great job at making sure that my credits are transferable.
Most of my professors did a good job at what they were teaching.
They try to have a lot of career days and invite a lot of other schools to come talk to the students.
The teachers that teach the classes for me degree are engaging and passionate.
My school has very passionate teachers that really care about their student's success.
At another school, in another state, I heard many stories of fellow students having to retake classes. I could not WWCC accepted classes I had taken over 30 years ago. Super easy to work with.
My instructor responded quickly and I always felt connected to the instructor. She made the experience feel like I was in a classroom. With the discussion boards, we got to know other students, despite not meeting face-to-face.
The TRiO program is what I am most familiar with and they do an outstanding job of preparing one for transfer. I am in the Nursing Program, with is a transfer degree and set up so only one more year at a four-year university yields a BSN. The TRiO program does numerous site visits in addition to other preparation to prevent failing. This school is vested in each student's success.
On-line, classroom, or hybrid choices are available. The range of courses is incredibly varied.
The reputation of this school is an asset, but additionally, the staff, faculty, and programs are conducive to transitioning immediately to employment (after course completion).
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Top rated nursing program in a top rated college.
I love this friendly and helpful, #1 rated two-year school. The area is beautiful, plus the faculty and staff could not be more accommodating.
Very flexible. Classes offered multiple times a day and week.
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