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Easier enrollment process for online program. I am returning to school as an adult and have stayed in constant contact with my advisor. Been waiting on my high school transcripts for 4 weeks.
Waldorf University is a fantastic university! The academic programs, professors, faculty, and staff members are awesome!
Good School with good academic level, professor are willing to know you better and help you in 1v1 scenarios. Small school but with a big diversity, enrichment of knowledge if you get to meet people.
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Great Campus, I don’t understand some of the negative reviews. I have enjoyed my experience. Although the campus food could use a little help.
Starting my freshman year at Waldorf, I thought that this school was going to be the best fit for me. I was wrong. I was involved in band there, which I was not a fan of because of the organization and quality. The academics felt like they were easier than my high school classes ever were, but the professors were all really nice. Maybe for the right person this University could be the right fit, but definitely not me. They do offer really good scholarships, so you really don't have to take out loans.
Good online experience. Staff is very helpful in getting application, transfer credits, and registration completed.
Waldorf is a beautiful school with a welcoming place. It is in the middle of nowhere, making it really hard to have fun outside of the school. It gets very cold to the point where its hard to walk outside to class. The teachers are very caring, and work well with athletes.
Waldorf is a multidisciplinary school that provides resident and online programs to many students of different backgrounds. I am a United States Military member pursing my education to become an Emergency Management professional. I am proud to study at Waldorf because I feel understood and provided for. Professors and staff are willing to work around erroneous schedules and difficult times in life. The online experience provides a great personal manner that relates the student and entire class together with the professor.

Every professor and staff member I've dealt with has been professional, caring, and supportive. My educational goals are given a highlight and I am driven to achieve and exceed them with a backbone of faculty and students to help.

Go Warriors!
Waldorf University so far has been a great school with outstanding staff. The only issue I have is that for some reason I am constantly being assigned new academic advisors and student services representatives which make it hard to have someone who knows your college goals. Especially with me being an online only student it would be nice to have had the same person working with me throughout my college career.
I had a beautiful experience at Waldorf College. They offered a robust program focused on the typical working parent. Extremely impressed
They are very free with people and listen to ideas and opinions.
No one put pressure on you to do what you don't want to do.
i intend to be part of an internship program in order to familiarized with aspects of nursing, anatomy and medicine.
Science professors are great in all aspects of teaching students to understand. Humanities makeup assignment for orientation are highly stressful.
Waldorf has great sense of responsibility when it comes to sexual abuse even though there hasn't been a case ever.
Greek life make up an individual and allows them to express themselves freely.
Athletic department at Waldorf is great since it show a good example to students and teaches cooperation among student, coaches and teachers.
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Waldorf has been a motivating and career building institution to be a part of.
I have had some fantastic professors/courses and some that definitely need some work. The professor is typically the reason whether or not I like the class and Waldorf has some fantastic ones and others who could use more training on HOW to teach, rather than WHAT to teach
The employment rate of Waldorf is pretty good. I won't have an issue getting a job because of my major but overall, Waldorf is pretty good about making sure their students get the training and help they need.
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