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Walden University has helped me further y education while continuing to work and support my family. The staff if friendly and has so many facets of support that you ar4e destined to succeed.
Walden has been a good educational experience for my needs. As an adult student with children, I need flexibility. The coursework is manageable and the instructors have all be super helpful.
Walden is a good school, sometimes the financial aid personnel and policy can be a little off-putting but, overall it is a good institution.
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I enjoyed the class online layout and most of the instructors. As a grad student, the class work is hard but fair to all students. Most of the instructors are great with working with you on assignments. A couple of instructors did not give me enough feed back which affected my grade. Overall, I think that Walden is a great school to attend and receive a degree.
I am loving my education and the outcome in my career. With this educational background I was able to move past all of the job searching, apply and get a job within the same day.
Being a mother of three and working full time, the workload is manageable. I love being able to work on my own with little help. The materials are always provided. Books are easily accessible for students and they also have digital options for books which is more affordable. What I love is that all the work is provided over the 6 weeks so that you are able to work ahead.
Applying to Walden University's online program was fast and easy. The academic counselor was helpful. Not having an application fee was a nice bonus.
I am currently pursuing my doctorate degree in business administration from this institution. They have been very instrumental in promoting positive social change.
Generally I have a rather negative outlook on "For Profit" Universities, so when i decided to attend Walden University, I was skeptical to say the least. I was pleasantly surprised to find that despite many of the classes and undertones having a "Liberal" leaning, opinions and diversity of all schools of thought were not only accepted, but encouraged. The schools primary message of making positive social change rings true with everything.

They offer tremendous resources for all students including tutoring, writing help, tuition reductions in some cases and an extensive library. Even the schools bookstore is fairly priced.

The student body is diverse with students not only from all over the US but the world. The school does things quickly, offering 6 week classes as the norm, all of which are loaded with info, so it's not easy, but can finish quickly. The staff will also do anything in their power to help you succeed.
Good classes overall. Exactly what you'd expect from an online college. Be prepared to read the material and respond to discussion questions.
Online courses provide a great platform for learning and advancing academic qualifications. The payment system has recently been upgraded making it easier for international students to pay for schooling.
I currently attend Walden University via online courses. I have not had the opportunity to visit the campus because I live in Texas. My online experience has been great. The classes are easy to follow and the professors are very knowledgeable. I have really enjoyed being a student at Walden and look forward to beginning my dissertation within the next year. I'm excited about completing my degree at Walden!
This is an amazing University. I love everything about it. The Professors are wonderful and Disability services is out of this world.
Over-all I was hesitant with the school online format but as I become educated and easily walked through some problems with tech support it has been quite easy.
This is my first experience with an online university, really enjoying it. I have been taking classes for about a year, the professors are quite good. I have liked meeting other students from all walks of life. Over all a great experience.
When I was first enrolled at Walden my advisor was there every step of the way. They called and checked on me to see how I was doing and they also called and reminded me about assignments that were due.
I love the message of positive social change which I believe in also. The only thing I would change in more interaction with support staff. Is agreat college for learning about the world and how to make change in our way of looking and interacting with people.
Review Walden University
They offer flexible schedules for those who struggle with time. I find that really helpful. Also they have flexible start dates. The financial aid office are fast and efficient. Everyone was so helpful!
The online course was difficult for me due to the lack of knowledge about the computer, how to properly submit papers and navigate around the classroom and the lessons, and the professor was helpful somewhat, however, ruthless in grading. First time on line students should be allowed more consideration and assistance otherwise, the experience dwindles from excitement to frustration by the end of the course. The course contains interesting information and research techniques that fantastic.
Enrollment is completed for you; textbook orders are fast and easy; and learning APA style writing is a huge challenge if you are already familiar with the MLA Style writing. The university rates 4 with me for all of the above reasons.
I love the diversity that Walden offers, along with being able to earn my degree online, as that was the only way I was able to go back to finish my degree.
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