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I love the diversity that Walden offers, along with being able to earn my degree online, as that was the only way I was able to go back to finish my degree.
I have been a student in the grad school for computers for 3 sections now. You HAVE to be prepare to do your own research COMPLETELY. They provide required resources that are outdated or just plain unavailable. Each term I have confronted the program director and each term gotten "it's your problem" when a resource is no longer available. At one point the Program director told me to use for my educational resource. If you expect a top notch education in computers DON'T go to Walden.
I tried to contact Laureate the oversight body, and their phone just rings and rings, no answer.. no service..
I received my MBA from in 2014. Overall, I enjoyed the experience of attending Walden. While it was not always a cake walk and you have to work for it, I managed to finish with a 3.8 GPA.

I would personally like the school to consider building a world-class brick and mortar campus in the future to, in a sense, reverse engineer traditional education in the way it has been a pioneer in distance and online education.

All said, if you're looking for an MBA program that is challenging and accredited (by the ACBSP), without the "selective college tax" that you would pay for a top tier school, then Walden is a viable choice among others.
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I am currently attending walden for the PhD program. I love My chairperson she is great. Only complaint I have is the academic advisers are not the best.
Quality graduaate college and online experience. Low price. Focus on education, social change. Recommended
Great college. Enjoy my online program offered at this school. Happy that learning have made convenient to me.
While obtaining my Master's degree at Walden I learned a lot and had a wonderful experience. I felt empowered.
My name is Althea and I am a 32yr old working single parent. I started Walden University in 2016 and will complete my degree this year in August 2017. I love Walden University and greatly apprecaite their kind and loving heart. All of my credits (130), except one, transfered over. I was very surprised because Phenoix University, which was my first choice, was only going to accept 77. The staff at Walden University is very friendly. They do not make you feel like a number, but instead like a part of their family. Upon applying, the admissions advisor stayed in contact with me, before, the beginning of, and during classes, making sure I was they comfortable with the process. I have attended in campus college and must honestly say I feel more comfortable attending Walden University, because of the convience and ease of the online experience. Thank you Walden, you are truly heaven sent.
Great school for doctoral degrees. Walden has the best academic assistance and resources for students . When attend Walden you intend to succeed.
I am in my senior year at Walden University. My experience so far has been great. The hardest thing of all is being able to stay motivated throughout the day when I know I have worked all day and all my energy is drained.
This school has been fairly easy compared to a brick and mortar institution. It does not require too much time and is easy to complete all assignments while working a full time job and having a family.
So far the assistance is excellant, the work and assignments are easy to understand, they have very good resources that are necessary for a students growth overall a good choice I made to complete my education
I have found that Walden University has offered me a avenue in my field of study which is Psychology that is conducive to my life-style. At Walden University I have been able to achieve great knowledge of Social Change which is an incentive of my field of study.

Lisa Culvert
Junior@Walden University
Psychology Program
Walden is a wonderful place of learning that is not only responsive to students' need, but personnel are kind and gracious in responding to issues.
I love this college! I have heard a lot of negative information about online schools but I feel that I am getting a great education. Great diversity!
I love that Walden Staff is very encouraging and supportive, no matter what the question, problem or situation. They are there to support you. I was surprised that it not just the staff that is so supportive it is also the students. They are always encouraging one another, Their online program has been an awesome experience and I look forward to the next few years of learning through them.
Walden is 100% online study (class room), the conveniences are unquestionable, and the most things I like about Walden is the resources available online. Their online database, inclusive the online library. It is unimaginable how easy it makes the program to be. Secondly, their online writing center is also wonderful, it has been of a great help for people like us who have English as a second language student.
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So far I enjoy the online university. The discussion and teaching panel allows the students the work in groups as teams and individually.
Affordable school with a lot of great classes available for a range of different degree programs. The online platform is easy to navigate and the app makes accessing your class on the go very simple.
At Walden University in MHRM, 6100 Foundations of Human Capital taught me about various HR Programs as workforce representatives must maintain competent by providing opportunities for personal growth, professional development, and upward mobility potential to the organization. Student Volunteers not considered as employees. They must be over the age of 16 and usually 18 is the work requirement. Security Clearance at the minimum is a fingerprint check that is required to accept into the program. A Notification of Personnel Action will be generated with a start date and ending date of voluntary service.
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