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The program I am in at Walden is completely online which allows me to keep my full-time job as I go to school. The classwork does take up most of your free-time.
I enjoyed my first four courses. For the most part, the teachers teachers are knowledgeable and are continuously engaging with the students, to ensure an optimal learning environment.
Overall good experience. I have enjoyed it for the most part. Sometimes the professors are confusing and it is hard to get the work done on time due to everything being online and no actual visual teachings.
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I was an excellent student until Hurricane Matthew hit our City and destroyed our lives, and even now some of us have not gotten our homes repaired and many people are still homeless. When my grades fell from a 4.0 to a 2.57, I was dismissed from that school. Then they overcharged me, and now my loans are due.
The staff at Walden University are very well at communicating with their students. They ensure that their students are prepared to succeed, both in their academics and in their life after graduating. Before I even got accepeted into their communications prorgram they called numerous times checking in with me to determine how the application process was going. After my acceptance, they walked alongside me while I prepared to register for classes and start the Masters program. Their website is very easy to navigate, and when you run across a difficulty, which is rare, someone is always readily available. Even though you may never meet the person who you communicate with, you develop a very personable relationship with them in the sense that you know in confidence they will be willing to help you in anyway possible throughout attending school at Walden University.
My experience with Walden university has mostly been positive. I particularly like online classes flexibility, great guidance from counsellors and faculty through my dnp program.I would like to to see tuition lowered, more scholarship opportunities and for DNP project synape to be part of application process.
There is nothing I would like to see change. The online classroom is easy to navigate, all support service areas are quick to respond and resolve and classes and faculty are amazing.
Great school with very interactive professors. I received my master's and am currently working on my doctorate with Walden. I don't see much, if anything, that needs changing.
I am completing a PhD in Education at Walden University. I enjoyed the predictability and flexibility of my course activities. I have developed collegial relationships with other students. My professors are leaders in their fields.
A great school, wonderful instructors. This school prepares you for the real world. Registrars office and financial aid office staff are great
As a Walden University student I am challenged to actively affect change in my environment. Walden encourages selfless service to empower, educate, and support for those that we encounter in our lives. Walden's online program provides great student services and support. The diversity of the students, professors, and academics represent the nature of Walden's focus.
Walden is very good in academics and professors. Walden works around my schedule since I am working in the field. I have had very good instruction and assistance from my advisor when I need it. Good university.
It's good for working people whit limited time for school. There is no real challenge. School can be costly my financial aid is running out with 4 classes left I may not be able to finish.
Decided to return to school after years of procrastination to pursue my MSN. Program meets expectations but requires much discipline and time management skills. I'm a single mom and works full-time plus take 10 credit hours per 11wks do my schedule is busy. They are very strict on A PA formation. Spent most of my holidays writing papers but it will be worth it in the end! Almost done with my first year come May. All instructor have been helpful expect them to hand you nothing you will work for everything. I'm an A average student at this time with a 4.0 accumulated GPA. Only flaws I have to stay on my Academic Advisor and there are no financial incentives for academic accomplishments offered at graduate level so I was mislead a little by financial aid representative at enrollment. Excited about what's to come and ready to get the 2 yrs total over.
Walden University has an outstanding staff, strong academic programs, and positive social change as a component of all coursework being completed. The online portal is being regularly streamlined and updated for positive student experiences, although this can trigger weird hiccups very rarely for submitting homework. There are also a very few Professors who can be hard to reach occasionally, but overall staff are responsive and supportive.
I have enjoyed by Walden experience. The advisors and faculty are great. The online classes are easy-to-access and the student portal is user-friendly. The University resources are helpful and readily accessible.
Walden has been great to me. I learned information that will help me in my profession and interpersonally. I have had such a pleasant experience and have new connections with other students. I graduated November 12th and went straight into the MSW program and am learning a lot with the case studies I have been given to evaluate. I look forward to going into my field of study and progressing in the MSW program.
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I love the support I get from the faculty and staff. Walden provides above and beyond amount of resources for us. I made the right choice in Walden for pursuing my doctoral degree.
I enjoyed going to Walden, but do feel it was a little over priced and not a lot of communication. I wish they would spend more time and explain the program and wish there was more communication with the teachers. They expect the students to be on all the time and they should be available. I also noticed that each class and teacher have different ways of doing things instead of things being standard. I did meet a few teachers that went above to make sure that the student understood the material and was very helpful. The financial part is not good at communicating either. I was told that all my classes would be covered when I first started and now that I am almost done I have a huge bill to pay! Not very happy about that
I have learned so much while enrolled at Walden. I learn best when I have the ability to complete my studies while working full time. It is a busy schedule but doable. The professors have always been helpful and promptly answer any questions.
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