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It’s very hard to get aid money and they do nothing to help you. They encourage you to take out student loans and give you a crappy video about being responsible. They change advisors every month and the teachers tend to mix grades up. But you can go to class whenever you want in your pjs.
The support staff for academics and financial aid are very helpful. They're able to provide resources that will be beneficial. The advisors work closely with you to ensure that you're getting the full potential of your program. The writing labs are amazing
Walden has been very accommodating and pleasant. The communication is stellar. I would recommend Walden to anyone wishing to pursue an online degree.
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This is one of the best online universities! It has great professors and easy to use online library. The technical support is great and is 24 hours. The online advisors are there when you need advice with any part of your online scholarly experience.
Walden is awesome! So convenient and learn so much! Love it! They are so much more than just a school. You learn about how you can make an impact through social change and it is incorporated into every class.
I adore Walden University and recommend it to everyone I know. The academics there are top notch and most of the professors are phenomenal. I’ve only had one subpar Professor.
I applied to Walden University and within the same day I had emails and phone calls from people trying to answer my questions and help me make the right choice for me. I continued to e-mail questions to them and would have a reply usually within the same day. I have not started the schooling at Walden University, but if they are as helpful as they were in the beginning I feel it will be a good experience.
Walden has been a great choice in pursuing my Master's degree. The professors are open to communication and the student portal is easy to navigate.
I have been a Walden student since August of 2015, my experience with Walden has been amazing. The staff and instructors are very accommodating. They will work night and day to help find more information that you need and what best fits your needs while attending Walden University. The curriculum is modern, so there are no outdated books or outdated information. The tech support team is amazing, they are very patient and will walk you through any difficulties you have with your computer or difficulties accessing information. I love it here. For your best learning experiences, I suggest attending Walden University.
It is a good university to learn, the instructor are good, the academic team is ready to lean a helping hand.
Walden has definitely been a positive experience for me. Things in life have detoured me from taking the path initially chosen causing a delay in completing my goal. Just when it seemed like everyone was slamming doors in my face, Walden enabled me to continue on my path to obtain my Bachelor's degree. Courses provide plenty of opportunities to learn from your peers. Instructors are usually pretty good at responding to emails in less than 48 hours. The Buscar and Academic Advising departments are also very good at responding to you as well. The Degree Audits are difficult to read sometimes which makes it difficult to determine which course to take but sending an email to the academic advisors are always willing to point you in the right direction.
The schedule is straightforward and easy to work around. There are no breaks for holidays or weekends. However, this is an accelerated program and I like the fact there are no summer breaks.
Course work is mostly self directed with some input from professors. Overall, the classes were fairly easy. Communication was somewhat lacking. I would like to see more involvement from academic advisors in helping students coordinate preceptorships for clinical ours.
Walden has been a very good experience. Communication from instructors could improve with the grading process. Academic advising is helpful and replies quickly. Tech support is a available 24/7 and easy to contact. The courses are easy to access and navigate. Overall Walden is a good school !
I loved the flexibility to work around my full-time job. The classes were challenging, but engaging and the professors provided valuable feedback that I have now applied in my current profession. There are opportunities to engage and network with your peers as well.
I think that Walden University is a good online school to attended. I like online school over the campus because I can do my assignments before the due date and I can access the portal 24/7
I obtained my BSN through Walden University online. The staff is great and Walden provides additional resources so that a student can successfully pass all classes.
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It was a wonderful experience. The professors are great. I had a wonderful experience with the other students and I love the diversity! I can't wait to get back!
Walden university is a institution of excellence. The instructors provide a learning atmosphere that is great for students. I love the feeling that I get when my teachers respond back to me so quickly and helps me to resolve issues. I highly recommend this institution to new college seeking students.
Been attending Walden for about 3 months now and I love it so far. Faculty/Staff are genuinely concerned about your progress. The work is engaging and the schedule is flexible for the adult learner who may be hiking down a full-time job while attending school, like I am. I would definitely recommended this university to anyone
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