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Walden has been a great experience. The staff and professors are all very kind and caring. I had to either due to an illness and it was an easy process to leave and return 18 months later. Always talked with excellent staff members on all levels.
I love that I do not feel alone. They are always available for help and there to answer any questions. The writing center and library is amazing!!
This is my second term at Walden and it has been a wonderful experience thus far. I am completing my MS in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with them and with my busy work schedule, the online courses they offer have been very convenient. I feel that I am learning the material at a steady pace and am being challenged appropriately to grow as a future counselor. The staff has been very helpful and are interactive with students even though there is not a traditional classroom.
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Walden University is great, I am able to work full time and complete online classes. I am going back to school after 15 years to get my BSN in nursing. I am in my second class so far, everything has been going great. The instructors are helpful with any questions. I have enjoyed the online interaction with my fellow students. The course work has been challenging but rewarding also. I would recommend Walden University to anyone wanting to go to college. The registration was a breeze. I called one afternoon to inquire about classes and started the next week. I can not wait to get my degree.
The transfer of credits was not a smooth transition. The enrollment process can be enhanced to include key details in regards to costs.
It has been nice for me to study at Walden University which is an accredited institution of higher learning and being recognized world wide. Walden university caters for online programmes in various fields of study at PHD, Masters and Undergraduate levels. This provides working class professional with an opportunity to study while in their home countries and at the same time make them to maintain close relationship with their family members; The international reputation of the university and its excellent working and recreational facilities provide a condusive environment for studies; The University is well stocked with professional learning resources resources that can be accessed by students at any time, It has advanced technologies which enable online students to study with ease without any iterruptions; The university assigns personal course instructor to each and every student right from the time of enrollment up to the end of the course.
Walden's high academic standards promote a desire to strive for excellence. Even with an online university, I find it imperative that my classmates and I are nurtured in a healthy, ambitious path of growth in our academic endeavors.
The school has everything I need. The instructors are helpful in every way. The library is full of all the research material I need. It has been a great experience so far.
The school is pretty expensive,however academic wise,it's great. The instructors and counselors are great and do their best to work with you.I received my BSN from them a few years ago, and was pleased with the outcome.
Online classes were easy to understand. The professors would answer your questions in a timely manner. The books and videos helped a lot also. When doing the discussion. the classmates would give positive feed back to help to understand the topic. Their comments we not mean. They were always polite. I was able to comprehend all the course work, with a great understanding.
Online programs with expansive variety. They are constantly changing things to help students have a better learning outcome.
I have taken one class so far with Walden university and my experience has been great. The advisors truly care and want to see you succeed and do their best to make the enrollment process easy.
My enrollment advisor is extremely helpful and they have instant chat with people to help you with any questions you may have!
Walden’s nursing program is very flexible. Their staff are very willing to help, and although it is an online school, they make every effort to be sure that someone is contacting you at the beginning of each semester to answer any questions and keep students on track.
All of the advisors are friendly. They provide a home like atmosphere and always will to help as much as they can. I love it
My experience has changed initially the teachers were great helpful and accessible in my present class I have an instructor that is far to busy to teach and is in another country, so no face time or office hours. Very frustrated.
I like the ease of use of the online platform. The instructors are extremely knowledgeable and the school provides more than enough resources to help students succeed in their course work, building skills, and getting ready for employment in our fields of study.
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I just starter this school and the teachers and staff have been excellent. The tuition is a lot cheaper than the other Universities that I looked into. I am only required to take 1 class every 6 weeks, and the flow of classes are easy to get use to.
I like the online learning environment and the self pace. The cost is a bit high but the length of the terms are good at 3 monthsz
Studying at Walden is fun. The online programs are best suited for the working student. The instructors are very friendly and approachable. The course content is well structured to allow critical thinking and interaction with other students in the class. The assignments challenge the students to think critically about concepts and to integrate the concepts learned into practice. The other services like the learning center, the writing center the library academic advising and 24 hours online help enhance the student learning experience at Walden. I look forward to pursuing my doctorate at Walden University and hope someone else finds this experience exciting!
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