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I have taken one class so far with Walden university and my experience has been great. The advisors truly care and want to see you succeed and do their best to make the enrollment process easy.
My enrollment advisor is extremely helpful and they have instant chat with people to help you with any questions you may have!
Walden’s nursing program is very flexible. Their staff are very willing to help, and although it is an online school, they make every effort to be sure that someone is contacting you at the beginning of each semester to answer any questions and keep students on track.
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All of the advisors are friendly. They provide a home like atmosphere and always will to help as much as they can. I love it
My experience has changed initially the teachers were great helpful and accessible in my present class I have an instructor that is far to busy to teach and is in another country, so no face time or office hours. Very frustrated.
I like the ease of use of the online platform. The instructors are extremely knowledgeable and the school provides more than enough resources to help students succeed in their course work, building skills, and getting ready for employment in our fields of study.
I just starter this school and the teachers and staff have been excellent. The tuition is a lot cheaper than the other Universities that I looked into. I am only required to take 1 class every 6 weeks, and the flow of classes are easy to get use to.
I like the online learning environment and the self pace. The cost is a bit high but the length of the terms are good at 3 monthsz
Studying at Walden is fun. The online programs are best suited for the working student. The instructors are very friendly and approachable. The course content is well structured to allow critical thinking and interaction with other students in the class. The assignments challenge the students to think critically about concepts and to integrate the concepts learned into practice. The other services like the learning center, the writing center the library academic advising and 24 hours online help enhance the student learning experience at Walden. I look forward to pursuing my doctorate at Walden University and hope someone else finds this experience exciting!
I feel that Walden is a great college to continue you education. Their academic advisors and enrollment advisors make the process simple and easy.
Online schooling can be a bit challenging, but once you put your mind to it, you can achieve anything. What I liked most about going to school online was the ability to take school with you wherever you went. It was a major convenience.
I like that the professor are able to assist with my questions and I like that the classes are online.
I found the professors knowledgeable and requesting excellence work. The overall healthcare education has met my standards.
I wish there were more undergraduate scholarships. There are a ton for graduate school, but for the 2018 year, there are only two compared to 6 from the previous year.
The teachers are inspiring, I am learning every day. It is a rigorous program so I feel like I am definitely getting a lot of it.
Poor faculty and glitches with there online Blackboard system. Since I have started it has been one problem after another. I have had better experiences with other online learning universities. I would not recommend this university to anyone. My class date have been changed a few times during the actual class. The class has closed out before the end date. The end date fluctuates. Everything seems to be nonchalant even though this is dealing with the livelihood of individuals. Investing time and money into programs that have this many mishaps is a downfall. The only good thing about the university is Mr. Hagy/Enrollment Advisor.
Enrollment counselor was very knowledgeable, professional, and courteous. Financial Aid office was very knowledgeable and answered my questions. Walden University is user friendly and prepares students with orientation for online learning.
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I have truly enjoyed my time at Walden University. The professors have all been so helpful with any questions I may have. The only thing that needs fixed is the financial side but there are problems at every school with that. I look forward to the next 4 years until I receive my master's degree in psychology.
Walden University in my opinion is a great institution for online learning. My personal experience and journey has been paramount. I would recommend this University to anyone who would like to advance their education, and also impact social change.
For the adult student, the flexibility to obtain a degree while keeping full-time employment is amazing. Time management is key as there are still multiple assignments due throughout the week, and the course material is by no means "easy". It is still college and the course material is designed as such. Every class is 6 weeks in length which makes for a very fast-paced environment. If you are structured, organized, and success minded you will do great!
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