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The schedule is straightforward and easy to work around. There are no breaks for holidays or weekends. However, this is an accelerated program and I like the fact there are no summer breaks.
Course work is mostly self directed with some input from professors. Overall, the classes were fairly easy. Communication was somewhat lacking. I would like to see more involvement from academic advisors in helping students coordinate preceptorships for clinical ours.
Walden has been a very good experience. Communication from instructors could improve with the grading process. Academic advising is helpful and replies quickly. Tech support is a available 24/7 and easy to contact. The courses are easy to access and navigate. Overall Walden is a good school !
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I loved the flexibility to work around my full-time job. The classes were challenging, but engaging and the professors provided valuable feedback that I have now applied in my current profession. There are opportunities to engage and network with your peers as well.
I think that Walden University is a good online school to attended. I like online school over the campus because I can do my assignments before the due date and I can access the portal 24/7
I obtained my BSN through Walden University online. The staff is great and Walden provides additional resources so that a student can successfully pass all classes.
It was a wonderful experience. The professors are great. I had a wonderful experience with the other students and I love the diversity! I can't wait to get back!
Walden university is a institution of excellence. The instructors provide a learning atmosphere that is great for students. I love the feeling that I get when my teachers respond back to me so quickly and helps me to resolve issues. I highly recommend this institution to new college seeking students.
Been attending Walden for about 3 months now and I love it so far. Faculty/Staff are genuinely concerned about your progress. The work is engaging and the schedule is flexible for the adult learner who may be hiking down a full-time job while attending school, like I am. I would definitely recommended this university to anyone
I would like the academic advisors to be more responsive They are often busy but sometimes it is over 48 hours to get a response from them.
So far it is great. I am really learning a lot from my classes, and the instructors seem to be really involved in the learning process. The other students are very helpful and welcoming also.
Walden is the first school I’ve taken online and my experience as been great. I will definitely recommend this school because the professional are amazing.
Wonderful school that provides many options for adults seeking degrees that work help establish a healthy work/life balance.
I truly enjoyed the ability to do assignments early because online classes gave me the ability to plan my workload. I just read over the class syllabus and started drafts of each assignment well before it was due. Doing so allowed for me to ask specific questions about work and to see where I had trouble with assignments well before their due dates. It also allowed me the opportunity to use the writing center and library tools to improve written assignments. I could also enlist the help of a tutor if I noticed that I needed additional help with a topic early in the course. Seated universities offer these things, but with three small children, it is much easier for me to focus on a webinar transcript in between changing diapers. The online classroom is made to accommodate stay at home moms like me that are looking to re-enter the workforce. The flexibility of the virtual class and the ease of use set Walden University apart.
I was scared for online classes but so far so good. Walden's site is very easy to navigate and stay on task with not only classes but also financial aid and connecting with an advisor.
Walden help me in transitioning from Community College to University Online. I love Walden because the classes are online and allows me to maintain my personal and work schedules at my pace. The Academic Advising Dept. is there to assist when you run into bumps and assist in scheduling with the right department to get your situation resolved.
Walden University is a great school that offers excellent programs for all types of interest. The learning experience is tailored to those who enjoy a inclusive environment of learning and exploring. I have enjoyed my experience at Walden University and it continues to amaze me in all kind of ways.
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Walden University is a great online school. The educational experience is awesome. One change I would like to see at Walden University is more grants and scholarships for those in need.
Walden University is competitively priced, easy access, and does a good job with transfer credits (even if they're 25 years old). They have multiple paths available to finish credits beside their own courses, so you can finish even faster. Portfolio writing for credit for experience, CLEP, and even partnerships with other online college courses (that are very inexpensive) are available.
Just started and so far it’s a great program. My first two courses are very rigorous and I hope to learn a lot from my professors.
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