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Wake Technical Community College is a great school to start out at if you do not know what you would like to do.
It’s an amazing school. So many opportunities and help around the school. The teachers and students there are friendly and helpful.
I have loved my experience at Wake Tech so far because I have achieved a lot in the last 2 years. I was able to take all of the courses I could've wished for, I received so much support and had really great professors.
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I like the fact that they have different campuses that you can attend, but the professors don't seem to care much for the students. I've gone whole semesters talking to my professors and only few of them cared to learn my name. Keep in mind that they have classes of no more than maybe thirty people. I've sat in on classes at other universities where the professors knew the names of the students in classes with over fifty people in them. I wish they would fix their problem with the Precalculus classes being so hard. It seems very common for students to drop within their first time in the class. Other than that, it is community college. Atleast my financial aid can cover it. I just wish the staff cared a little more.
Wake Tech is a decent school that offers a wide variety of classes at various locations. My experience there has been positive, overall. Most of the professors seem to enjoy what they do and enjoy teaching the students. There is a bit of lacking with advising and administration, as I did not know there was an honors program until the end of my third semester there, and classes that transfer versus classes that don't could be made more clear.
Despite my initial lack of desire to attend, choosing Wake Technical Community College has become one of the best decisions that I have made. The most important part of this change of heart has been the amazing opportunities that this institution has offered to me at a fraction of the cost of a four-year school. I have been able to network with those inside and outside of the school, hold jobs around the campus, and work closely with my peers through the Student Government Association. The only change that I may make to my experience is with the financial aid office, which presented some problems throughout my time with the school.
It's a nice place, not very big so there's not much walking. Professors tend to be good, in my experience.
Wake Tech is excellent community college. It offers a variety of degree programs and multiple campuses. The numerous campuses give its students several options that can make driving less of a strain. Every month there's a variety of activities that students can participate in.

On the flip I wish there was more food options other than vending machines and occasional food options. I miss the Subway that the south campus use to have.
Great working environment populated by hard working students who understand how to juggle adult commitments with school.
Wake techs online option has been a great opportunity for a busy working parent. The professors are easy to reach via email and the staff is equipped to work with remote students and fulfill the needs that the average student may not have.
I moved to North Carolina straight out of high school when my dad retired from the US Army and decided to settle down. I was at a loss of where to continue my education because tuition was ridiculously expensive for out of state students. A family friend recommended that I consider Wake Tech so I looked into the programs and found a wide selection. Already knowing I wanted to pursue a degree in Architecture, I found all of the information I needed to get settled into a new school. My very first day of classes I fell in love with the people, environment, and academics.
It's a wonderful college to go to and get so much help and the teachers are willing to work with there students. They provide everything at that school. When you just need extra testing time they give it to you and they even have places where you can get extra help with homework and essays done.
Wake Tech is a phenomenal school for those who are looking to dip their toes into the college experience. I have enjoyed this school because it has allowed me to focus primarily on my education instead of maybe a university party on a Friday night.
I like the vast amount of resources at Wake Technical Community College. The teachers are good at this school and provide good preparation for 4 year college/universities. I wouldn't like anything to change with Wake Technical Community College
This is my second go at college and Wake Tech has been excellent. They have plenty of resources if you need help and it's easy to get back into the swing of college.
I have had an amazing experience here. Advisors are always easy to talk to and professors are always willing to help. I have not had one single bad experience at this school and I have been here over 2 years.
I've been at Wake Tech for one semester, and I love it! All the professors are so encouraging and helpful in the college transfer process, always urging students to come to their office hours. The student lounge is crazy on the South campus right around noon, but any other time - as well as the student lounge on the West campus - it's pretty chill and a great place to study if you prefer not to go into the library. The libraries are beautiful with so many helpful resources. I have learned so much just in one semester about who I am and what I want to be. The students are all pretty friendly too. While not the most academically focused group of people, most of them are very supportive of you and are always looking to make a new friend. The campus is small enough that I often see the same people around campus in random places. Plus, the South campus is in Raleigh, surrounded by all sorts of job opportunities in the Research Triangle.
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It is a great college that provides many opportunities and facilities for students from all background to succeed. I met amazing people and had wonderful teachers. I totally loved the experience.
The professors at Wake Tech are very good instructors who want you to succeed in their classes. Every student is encouraged to attend office hours to get extra help with assignments and preparation for exams. The instructors make sure that the students understand the assignments and use all resources tools to help study for exams. Wake Tech also offers free tutoring available for all Wake Tech students in English, Math, and Science. The tutors are a great resource when struggling with assignments or papers, and students can use this great resource throughout the year. The library at Wake Tech has an excellent study area with computers and seating opportunities, and the librarians are very helpful too who will show students how to do an acameic research for papers, etc.
Great school for getting main courses out of the way. Really inexpensive college option. Only thing I really disliked was parking, hard to find a spot at around 12 pm. If I had to do it all over again, I'd still choose wake tech.
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