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What is great about Wake Tech is not only how great the student involvement is and its diversity but the entire curriculum itself. Wake Tech truly helps you prepare for the colleges you are transferring to. Its price is extremely beneficial as well for anyone that is not able to afford an education. Everyone deserves to go to college and Wake Tech truly makes that dream come true.
I enjoyed my time at WTCC. They school is new and has up to date equipment. The advisers are great, in my experience. The quality of the education is outstanding. I feel like when I transfer to my four year school I will up to speed or beyond what the current students are learning. They have many events that promote awareness of sexual assault and domestic violence. They also very welcoming to LGBTQIA students and even have discussion panels.
I really like the south/main campus. So far, I have really liked my professors. I've used the Career Lens Lab before and it as well as the academic advisors were very helpful. The one thing that I wish was better was student life or clubs. There aren't many options for all types of students.
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Great school and helpful staff. I have been here to finish up my AA degree before transferring for business and everyone I have encountered for the most part was extremely helpful for me.
Online classes help a ton and are easy to take vs the commute while going to regular classes. Teachers here are very friendly and involved.
I went to the wake tech community college in the RTP the facilities are new and clean. The professors are nice and give reasonable amount of work for freshman. As far as job growth and oppunrinties they offer a lot of free programs to students to go to career fairs for technology and engineering, however when it comes to research in my case I have a hard time connecting with professors who can connect with research facilities.
Financial aid is hit or miss. Only one person in the entire heath science campus actually took the time to streamline my file and help things move along quicker after multiple visits to fix issues. The advisors are fantastic and the faculty/staff are good at what they do. I will say that the Nursing program is not very transparent and leaves a lot to be desired in that arena. The content is great though.
I have attended Wake tech for 2 semesters now and I have found that it does not compare to any technical or community colleges in the surrounding counties. The facilities and modernized and clean, the staff are very helpful and the overall organization of the school is great. The diversity of the school is shocking to me, I have met people from all walks of life from all around the world here. overall this is a great school and the education here is well worth and equal to if not better than that of an expensive four year university
I take wake tech courses now in high school and they are very flexible and helpful. I have not had a problem with them so far and they meet all my needs and concerns.
WTCC is very helpful. The staff is aim to the goal that you can gain the ability to join the work force that link up with your AA degree down the road when you complete. They are patient, warm & nice to help you. They work with you if financially you can just afford for a certificate or diploma so you can get to a solid point. That way you can work and do school in the same time. I've seen many people work their schedule out from Wake Tech, including myself.
Great variety of online and on campus classes. Lot of good programs for high school and college students.
its cool i like the campus. its nice, i like it its nice i to job vice from the gray garage in your france.
I can’t think of a better community college to have obtained my Associates Degree before transferring to a university. Wake tech helped prepare me for the rest of my college experience and build life skills that have been useful in my career.
I took a tour and I loved it! I want to study for the first two years at wake tech community college to become a RN and then a BSN
It’s a place where you like to be in, it has this beautiful contact with nature, there are trees all around and that makes a really enjoyable environment.
I would like to change the parking lot area, there isn’t enough parking lots for all the students and it makes it really hard to find a spot but overall this college offers a nice and comfortable environment.
I love how affordable classes are, The campus is small and easy to communicate with instructors. The instructors usually have reasonable workload throughout the semester even when around midterm and finals week. The food trucks that arrive are overpriced but the quality rather good.
Has a lot of courses/degrees to choose from. Very helpful and great resources with tools needed to complete/understanding assignments.
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Wake Technical Community College is an excellent school and college experience. The teachers and staff truly care about the success of the students. There are many options for career paths and unlimited opportunities for help if you need it.
I am a student that goes to multiple campuses. I attend at the Western Wake as well as the Southern Wake. I personally love the experiences I've had at Western more than the Southern Campus. At the Western location, it feels like it is more private and that the teacher can focus more on the students individually. Almost all the professors I have had are all excellent. I don't think I've failed a single class on that campus.
Wake Tech offers a variety of options to fit your lifestyle. The teachers are very knowledgeable and helpful. They want to see you succeed.
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