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I am in the Wake Forest MBA program and it's amazing! Wake has seemingly unlimited resources. I love that I can email our librarian to get help any time I can't find something. The campus is beautiful. The professors are incredible.
Do not go to this university, ESPECIALLY if you know you plan to persue a post graduate degreee. There are professors that have been on probation for failing too many students, yet they continue to teach. If you are unlucky enough to have one of these professors your gpa will be RUINED while other WFU students who may take the same class with a different professor will be fine. Just remember you will need to compete with these people for graduate admissions. Having the name of this US News top 30 university on your undergraduate diploma is NOT worth it. Graduate school admissions truly DO care about GPA (maybe a little about GRE, MCAT etc.) but where your undergrad degree comes from does not factor into the equation. All you will have to show for a four year degree from WFU is a lower GPA than students who were lucky in their professor selection or students who went to less challenging universities that curve and of course SIGNIFICANTLY less money. The campus is beautiful.
Wake Forest University has a beautiful campus and passionate, talented professors. The workload is definitely sizable but with time management and hard work you can definitely succeed. The professors are always eager to assist you if you need extra help. All teachers have office hours, where they are in their offices solely to answer your questions. Wake Forest is definitely has the motto work hard, play hard. Though going out is fun, the library is always packed come Sunday morning. The new gymnasium is amazing and the university is starting to renovate the dorms. I love attending Wake Forest!
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I loved my years at Wake Forest! I made connections with professors, found myself engaged in my classes, enjoyed the social scene of the school, and had valuable experiences both on and off campus. Wake is the perfect school for a student who is ambitious and driven, likes a challenge, and wants to get involved outside of the classroom in research, on-campus work, clubs, Greek life, and more.

It's often said that Wake is a small school with big school offerings (like variety of class selection, career office, facilities, bad food, and D1 sports), and I found this to be completely true. The office of academic advising actively reaches out to students if they're struggling to help them find a tutor or work with their professors. The school also supports a large study abroad office and owns three houses in Europe that students can stay and study at.
I arrived at the campus and all of the building and lawns were beautifully kept and maintained. It is quieter during the summer.The newly built business school is on the main campus contains all the latest technology and has so much to offer students.
They have a lot of resources for student career searches, the networking opportunities are amazing and because the school is smaller they focus in on the whole student and not just the grades. The program I am in at the graduate level has a 97% employment rate (within 6 months of graduating).
The student housing options are amazing! They have newly renovated homes and apartments for multiple people willing to have roommates. The campus and surrounding area is patrolled mostly in the evening and security is pretty pleasant.
The diversity on campus is decent for a PWI. The athletics and party scene are okay. I recommend getting involved and staying busy on campus to increase perspective employment instead of focusing on nightlife.
I love Wake Forest! You get so much opportunity and choice. The best things is that you're in Winston-Salem which has a lot of things to do. You wont get bored. LET'S GO DEACONS!
I love the atmosphere. The one thing that stands out the most is how dedicated the faculty and students are to collaborating and to giving back to the community. The teachers want to get to know you and help you succeed.
Winston-Salem is the perfect location for this campus. The University offers one of the top tier education opportunities available on the east coast. The size is small and helps to allow students to make better connections with professors who are more accessible and helpful than at a larger university.
I'd like to see more integration between the Research component and the Liberal Arts education. Great academics and a very credible school. Small classes and notable professors along with a gorgeous campus. The local area is slowly developing and I believe in the next ten years this will be a top 25 school (US Rank).
Just finished my freshman year at wake, and so far it has been amazing. The teachers actually care about your learning and success and will MAKE time for you in order to reach your goals. Social life at wake also great, there is a heavy influence of sorority and fraternity life on campus. I have found that if you need ANYTHING at wake and if you ask around, there will be people, friends, professors, and advisors that are willing to help you and find a way to accomplish it.
Great atmosphere & great people. Also, the sorority and fraternity involvement on the campus is AMAZING! And even if you choose to not join one yourself, it is still amazing. Easily the best top 30 university!
I loved my first year at Wake Forest. I've found great friends through a pre-orientation program, working on campus, and from living in a dorm. The academics were great for my level. I was challenged in every class but it's not like I took an impossible and unreasonable class. The only thing I'd change about Wake is to have more opportunities for the minority population to feel more included in a majority-white school.
The campus is beautiful, and the student to teach ratio is great. The professors are always available. The only thing I would change would be some aspects of dining services, healthier options.
The worst part of my 4 years at Wake Forest was graduating and having to leave! As a Northern that transplanted herself to the South, I couldn't have asked for a kinder, safer, or more welcoming environment. I made the best of friends and was provided with many opportunities for class selection, extracurriculars, and study abroad. Now as an alumni, I would like to see Wake Forest put a little more effort into promoting career planning and skills for all majors and especially those in STEM subjects that might not know what the possibilities are.
It was an ok experience. Being an african american, it could have been more diverse and party life could have been better but academics are great. I was also on the football team so that kind of compensated for some of the social life. Athletics are becoming a big thing there. Campus rec just remodeled the gym and it has more than enough equipment. The staff that work in the dining area are good people, especially if you talk to them with respect and treat them just like you want to be treated.
Wake Forest has its pros and cons.However, overall it depends on "you" to create your own experience here. There are plenty of Greek life for people who enjoy them, yet, various clubs and other campus organizations also put efforts on creating an environment for people who are non-Greek. Most time, the line between the two is blurred, Greek organizations participate in various philanthropy programs, too. Yes, people complain all the time but people also enjoy Wake Forest. Professors are great, you would never get such close mentorship/friendship in a gigantic school.
I am so grateful for the opportunity to attend Wake Forest University. The teaches truly care for the students, and they would do anything to help their students. The strong focus on undergraduate teaching was extremely helpful in my choice to attend Wake Forest.
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Wake Forest is a collaborative and supportive environment. Class sizes are small, so participation and preparation are a must. Professors are available and willing to help as long as you reach out. Wake offers a variety of majors and minors and even has an innovation quarter downtown that houses the new engineering dept. Wake does have a very prominent greek life that brings more harm than good to the social life here; however, administration has been cracking down on societies. Wake's Office of Professional and Career development is relatively helpful, although I recommend using the resume templates provided to business school students. The office offers a number of stipends to support students taking on unpaid internships. There are lots of on-campus events and traditions as well for students to take part of, such as lighting of the quad, Wake 'N Shake, Project Pumpkin, and Shag on the Mag. All these events provide lots of involvement and leadership opportunities for students.
Wake Forest is a hard school. It is very competitive in every aspect - academically, socially, etc. We definitely work hard and play hard. The school itself is wonderful - incredible classes, amazing professors. But the culture of the students could use a facelift.
Love it! It is a wonderful college. I am currently a member of a sorority, and I love all the girl in it !
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