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I had a great experience with Wake Forest. Although I visited the campus on my own, it was very warming and beautiful when I stepped foot on the campus. If I had to change anything about the campus it would have been to schedule a tour with a tour guide to have the full effect of the campus and what it has to offer.
I loved the atmosphere of Wake Forest on campus. When I visited it was the week before finals but everyone was still super approachable and nice!
A great University to attend! Many opportunities to further you knowledge other than just getting a degree.
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It is an amazing place! A school with big D1 spirit yet small school intimate education. On top of this, the campus is gorgeous with all four season and an excellent environment to spend four years of your life at.
WFU is an excellent university with an active Greek life. The facilities and dorms are state of the art, clean and comfortable. On campus food is good and includes cafeterias, cafes and coffee shops. Student life is academically oriented but a large percent of students are active in the Greek system. Diversity is not that great. Religious affiliations and ability to attend a particular faith service are varied and well developed.
I loved the environment there, the people were by far the nicest of the places I have visited. I also love all the opportunities that are available to students. I was very impressed
I transferred to Wake after spending my freshman year at a small university on the West coast. I'm from the Midwest, and knew I wanted to be no where close to home. Wake Forest, over the last two years, has been everything I ever wanted and more. I've had that literal "college brochure" experience in many ways--I've made great friends, had dinner at a professor's house, and sat on the Quad doing my homework. Wake has its faults, but all schools do. The atmosphere isn't overly competitive however, and students make time to have fun on the weekends. Overall, I don't regret transferring and I wish I had more time at Wake--I can't wait to see what senior year holds & where my time "in the Forest" will take me next.
Great academics, socially-dynamic students, and sports that all seem to be improving. Administration is trying to shake-up greek life by cracking down on off-campus parties, which is a big loss to the underclassmen, who pretty much rely on frat parties for their source of parties and fun when they're not studying.
For minority students the intercultral center, formerly known as the office of multicultral affairs, has been an intergral part in my growth and comfort at Wake Forest University. Also the staff really cares about their students development of positive attributes necessary in the workforce.
Love the close knit community. My professors are interested in my college pathway. They tell me when someone is on campus that I might enjoy meeting. They are aware of all my different interest. I have so many opportunities to explore.
Wake Forest is a great school for you if you like small campuses with a diverse population. The campus is beautiful and the teachers are very encouraging and the students are very nice.
It is very easy to tell who is on scholarship and who isn't at Wake Forest. If you are on scholarship, like me, it is very easy to feel excluded. I love everything about Wake except for the social aspect. If I were to pick a college again, I'm not sure that I would choose Wake. They boast about their diversity, yet this is the most white privilege place I've ever been.
Love it! Professors and support staff are truly invested in helping you anytime. Weather is great and food is good.
We have a separate police office and internal affairs department. The safety issue is organized very seriously on campus. I feel totally safe on campus.
There are good career prospects after graduation of my program. Recent years more than 80% of grads got employment in their own interested job practice places. Our career center provides an excellent service and in our school lots of on-campus employment interviews are held..
In my school we can assure there is no discrimination for race, or nationality at all. Greeks live, study, have all rights, freedoms, privileges just the same as nongreeks do.
We have excellent soccer, football and other facilities and not only the students also other staff sometimes participate in big games, and our University teams are one of the best teams in the country!
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This is what I dreamed about! Academic staff and my peers are very kind and friendly, helpful! They are all just strong and pretty intelligent people!!

I would choose this school again if I could do it all over. Because I found my dream school where I have an excess to highly qualified academic faculty, legal clinics, pro bono projects and broad scale of my course options in my interested field.
I'm excited to see what happens here
Wake Forest has the perfect mix of everything & everyone
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