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I've loved Wagner ever since the first moment that i stepped onto campus. The scenery is gorgeous, and nothing beats sitting on the oval on a sunny day and either doing work or just hanging out with friends. The faculty and students are all amazing, and are going to go on to do amazing things. The school is small, so almost everybody know everybody. You'll never go into a class and not recognize at least one face.
very clique school! Feels like you stepped onto the set of high school musical. I came from a high school with 5,000 so felt like high school more than high school. Athletics or theater are what the school is.
My experience at Wagner College has been amazing. I have met friends of a lifetime and am getting an unforgettable education. The professors truly care about their students and stay after their office hours to tutor us. This school challenges you to work hard, but it is really worth the tough hours of studying and dedication. The library is beautiful and makes you feel comfortable when you're stressed. The campus is beautiful with incredible architecture and landscaping. The staff is so kind and caring. Wagner College has many clubs and extra-curriculum activities for students to be involved in. All in all, my time has been a great one and I can't thank the Wagner community enough for providing me with an amazing college experience!
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I love Wagner. The campus is small, but very beautiful. The professors are incredible and have opened endless doors for my career.
My experience at Wagner College has been amazing. I'm approaching my sophmore year and I am more than ready to start my classes. The professors are very engaging and helpful and they make you feel like you are in a family more than just a statistic. I am a nursing major so the requirements are to take classes like Anatomy and Physiology which are not easy but with professors that make sure you understand the content, they put you in a position to succeed. Wagner College is also filled with many sports as we are nationally ranked in Water Polo, and we recently had our basketball team win a conference championship. These types of things bring the school and students closer together as it is something for everyone to enjoy and watch. Overall my experience is great and i'm already looking forward to starting the next semester and getting closer to my goals of getting into nursing school and becoming a nurse practitioner.
Wow, it kind of sucks. I already considered transferring out after my freshmen year, but with the way our units work and the kinds of classes we have, it wouldn't have been easy to transfer out without having to take another semester or year at another institution. Administration and financial aid are very hard to work with, I've gotten food poisoning a few times, and we have horrible problems with each and every dorm building, problems that someone could definitely sue over.
Wagner has the most beautiful view of the NYC skyline. The Academics of Learning Communities was introduced when I was a freshman by then Provost and Now Wagner College President Gurraci. With being close to the City students are involved with the best companies in the world for internships. Students also get the exposure of NCAA division 1 sports. The experience U had at Wagner was the best years of my life while receiving a great education.
I love the location of Wagner College. It’s on Staten Island which is one of the five boroughs of New York City so you’re in the city without having to deal with the overpopulation and noise of the Manhattan but still close enough to enjoy everything New York has to offer.
The food at Wagner can definitely improve. There are only two dinning options and to many it’s just not enough.
Highly recommend this school to people interested in theatre or nursing/Physician Assistant. The campus is old and has things about it that can be triggering but I've had a pretty solid experience so far.
The overall learning environment is great and for the most part there are no problems with classes or professors. The campus is small and beautiful, however the dorms are less than stellar. Additionally, the food has a lot of room for improvement.
I am in the Theater and Speech department , majoring in Musical Theater Performance. Wagner College's acting, vocal and dance training is staffed by former professionals in each of those areas including actors who have won Tony Awards or been in original Broadway productions which have won Tony Awards. I was excited to be accepted to the program and am EXTREMELY pleased with the instruction I have received while here. It is a shame the college does not do more to publicly highlight those who have gone on to be successful in the theater or theater arts because there are many!
Overall, I am happy with my decision. Most professors are caring and helpful. There are many internships available. Some offices and staff are helpful, such as CACE. Financial aid and student account offices are useless and rude. The registrar office is also incompetent, constantly losing my papers. The meals are pricey for the quality of food. The hawk's nest is a great option. The Starbucks associates, for the most part, are courteous, kind, and almost always get my order 100% correct. I was on campus for part of the summer taking classes and the worker there most often in July was extremely friendly, always getting my crazy orders right. During the regular semesters, it can get a little hectic though when some of the workers at starbucks constantly talk to the students while there are 20 people on line. The managers and supervisors in the business office are rude and do not help much.
Overall, I genuinely enjoy attending Wagner College. It is a liberal arts school, so there are a series of required courses to take in order to graduate. This may be overwhelming or unappealing at times, however, many of those extra curricular courses are interesting. The students I share my classes with hold a variety of personalities and the friendships I have made are very enjoyable.
Wagner College is a great college campus that challenges students academically and encourages students to be civically engaged. The liberal arts educations allows you to open your mind and learn about different fields outside of your major. It is very welcoming and incredibly beautiful.
At Wagner College, you get a mix of a beautiful campus and wonderful professors. Small class sizes allow for a personalized experience. You will be full prepared for a successful future. With a combination of extracurriculars, you will never be bored at Wagner.
I loved my experience at Wagner College so far as a freshman. My learning community really help my decision to major in chemistry. I enjoy living on Campus, I find that there is a lot to do even on weekend. I take advantage of heading into Manhattan and love being so close to the city every day. I really like my professors and know that I made the right choice on being a Wagner Student!
Wagner College is an incredible school. I could not be more impressed by the professors and staff. The classes are small and everyone on the campus is there to help you. I could not think of going to school anywhere else. The best part of Wagner is how close you are to NYC. It is only a short ferry ride away and the opportunities are endless. The internships you can receive are amazing. Wagner is also extremely safe. I have never felt uncomfortable on the campus. Everyone is like a family at Wagner which makes you feel right at home! Overall, I have had a wonderful experience at Wagner and would recommend this school to anyone considering it.
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I love the experience of being so close to the city. I wish they had better food options and the new suites were a little larger.
My experience at Wagner was great. I enjoyed everything on campus expect the freshmen dorms they were pretty small and I'm not a fan of co-ed dorms
I have only had one bad experience with a professor at Wagner. They are all passionate about their courses, and it inspires me to learn and stay focused in class.
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