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Despite having different breaks from most colleges, Wade is actually very flexible with every student's schedule along with doing a very good job with course calendars. One thing they should improve on is having more student-led events on campus for others to see what great talent we have at Wade along with more activities for students to join besides coming up there for class.
Wade College has a great library, it is very well decorated. I love the fact that they will be providing all of the materials that we need.
Wade is a great place to get the education you need and network beyond your expectations. It fosters each individual's strength but still finds a way to push you out of your comfort zone to help you grow. I love how close it is to the Dallas Market Center and the many volunteer opportunities that are available, as well. There are so many resources!!
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I recently graduated from Wade College with an AA in Fashion Design and I’m currently pursuing my BA at Wade. I love it here. Transferring to Wade was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The staff is knowledgeable and help equip you with the skills needed to truly be successful in the work force. The courses are accelerated, however I never felt like I wasn’t gaining a thorough education. Wade college is very current in the way they approach teaching, and give you opportunities to start working in your field while attending the college. Success of the students is at the core of Wade College.
Great place to learn. Small classes, very knowledgeable professors and inspirational learning environment.
I graduated from Wade College in 2012 with my Bachelors in merchandising. I would not be where I am today if I had not gone through this school. Wade provided me with a place to fit in finally and a place where I could find what I really wanted to do. Now 6 years on I have worked for a apparel showroom and now in buying for a local retailer. I have been able to travel because of my job and met so many new people. the class sizes are small and allowed me to get to know my professors and ask the questions I needed. Best decision I ever made to go here, I would probably be a sales associate still if I had not taken the opportunity.
Wade College has such a unique environment, this allows for students to not feel like a number and allows the faculty to help and support students through every step of their college life, from admissions to graduation. Wade has a focus on career planning and building to help you prepare to enter the Fashion, Merchandising, Interior design and IT industries. Even as a member of the faculty, I feel the same inspiration, growth and hands on experience so many of our students love and need.
I have taught at FIT among other New York and Dallas based institutions. Wade is special mostly because it is run by people who honestly care. I can tell you that because I have been both an adjunct and full-time professor and a full-time administrator. This institution does not answer to a parent corporation and its president makes decisions based on what is best for our students. You will not find another institution where personal attention and opportunity to work in your field is presented to every single student every single day. Our industry professionals really want everyone to learn and grow and succeed.
I received my AA Degree in Fashion Merchandising and Design in 2004. I loved every minute of it! Although I did think students work form El Centro Dallas was better than ours (I feel like they had very very good instructors) there were advantages to going to Wade. At the time anyway it was inside the Apparel Mart and we were able to attend markets and work them. I'm not sure if you can now. but Wade got me my dream job before graduation. Miss Wade was the one who pushed me to go on the interview. My experience might not be typical but it was great!
im not sure what they are if any
its great we have to create a portfolio and present it so there is always someone to help with your goals and there are lots of volunteer possibilities to work different shows
no problems to date and the staff try to assist students when there is a problem
multiple sewing machines computer labs and a virtual library as well as books on campus
they do not offer online courses
come as you are creative flow free type of people
i really enjoy attending school on this campus
Their library is smaller than a bedroom in a one bed room apartment.
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the resources are good library, computer lab, fashion lad and design lab, but i wish we had more activities to do.
My school has a career program that helps you get experienced while your in school, company and designers communicate with the school offering temp jobs, internship,volunteer work, and full time jobs to students in the same field as their company to gain experience.
wade college is a great school they have plenty of computers and programs to help you with any project, printing is great it always working and makes it easy to work on your homework at school.
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