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Wabash is one of those colleges that not many people hear about and even less pursue, but there is so much to Wabash that not everyone gets a chance to hear about. The glaring rewards of having one of the largest and most influential alumni systems should be important enough. The academic rigor that I have witnessed in the few days I have visited campus is challenging but is still possible with the number of resources they provide for you. Take a visit.
When you get to Wabash, you’re welcomed with open arms and everyone there, students and staff, make you feel right at home. The classes are very rigorous and demand a lot of time for studying and that’s what has helped me gain the knowledge I have learned in just my first year of college. I’m very happy with my decision of calling Wabash my home for the next four years of my life.
If you come here, work hard, and give your best effort in school, athletics, or building something new, you will be rewarded. The school pushes for entrepreneurship and innovation, and will guide you the best way possible to fulfill your dreams. Unique programs. However, the Party scene has nearly died completely. More of an academic atmosphere and can become stressful at times.
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Wabash college is a great place to attend school. Even though it is an all boys school, it helps you stay more focus on your schooling. They have hands on experience to where you can talk with the professor and eat dinner with them, so that they can help you understand what you need help with.
This was my first year at Wabash College and couldn't be happier with the experiences I've been given and education that I've received. The professors here are incomparable to other professors elsewhere. They make time for you, not the other way around. The courses are tough, but due to the help centers that are available to the students, it is hard to fail. Here, you are a gentleman and follow the gentleman's rule, and in doing so the administration treats you as an adult and holds you to a higher standard.
I would like to see a commitment back to the Greek-life. It is beginning to fade and fade fast. The 50% Greek life is one of the reasons I chose Wabash. Hate to see the decline in Greek life.
Along with the challenging academics, the population size is small so professors are actually able to know their students. They care for all of us. When you’re not doing well in your classes, they will literally invite you to their homes for dinner and tutor you. Just an overall great experience I’ve had so far at this college.
This college is wonderful. The professors care about my education and I feel included in everything from social experiences to athletic.
Wabash is a great school for men looking to better themselves and pursue their goals. The dedication Wabash has to its students and vice versa is well built over the decades.
Wabash College is a very challenging school to attend but the work is well worth the reward! The professors are extremely inviting, the atmosphere is uniquely exciting, and you will be a better man when you leave. Not to mention, 98% of students here have a job or are enrolled in a graduate program at the end of their four years here.
Wabash is one of the last all-men's colleges in the country. But the lasting quality of its educational experience allows its graduates to compete with and out-perform top graduates of the Ivies and similarly ranked schools. The major difference is that our students don't typically come in with high grades and board scores, but boy do they ever leave with an education. As a result, Wabash is arguably the greatest value-added institution of higher education in the country.
Wabash is such a wonderful experience to me so far.
The college is doing their best to provide students with the most excellent academic quality.
However, that is not the only thing about Wabash.
They're also focus on developing you as a well-rounded person with many skills that you can learn from all the clubs, activities, classes,etc. that you participate.
The tradition of the college is also one of the most compelling factor. There're a lot of things that I can name them all. But you're see when you get in.
Overall, Wabash is a college that stands out in a bunch of Liberal Arts College nowadays
Wabash, our career services, and our alumni network are second to none. There are constantly opportunities for students to improve resumes and find job/internship opportunities.
My professors have been very knowledgeable of their courses and do an excellent job explaining course concepts.
Mr. Woods does an excellent job maintaining campus security.
Greek life at Wabash is pretty active. With 9 fraternities on campus it makes it relatively easy to join one if you'd like to. If you try to live at one house and they feel you are not a good fit for their house, they will talk to other houses to find you a house that fits you best.
Many students are involved and play sports. Sports is what attracts many men to Wabash but it is the academic piece that keeps them there. The fan support is decent for small college athletics, but this is coming from a kid who played high school basketball in Indiana where I played in front of 1,200+ fans on any given night. The school spirit is incredible, especially any time we host NCAA tournament games or play our rival school Depauw.
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Wabash College has helped me become my own person. The challenging course work along with playing basketball for the college has been a challenge and a blessing. I have learned how to manage time and stick to a schedule. Wabash is unique because it is one of three all male institutions in the country. The level of tradition that is at Wabash is second to none as any alumnus will tell you. Our alumni network is all over the world and every single alumnus of Wabash is willing to help the next generation of Wabash men achieve our career goals. If I had to go back and do it again I would choose Wabash every single time. It is the best decision I have ever made.
Its good especially the new dorms we just got. They are nice and very spacious. I really enjoy the housing options at Wabash College.
Its very big about 60 to 40 Greeks vs nongreeks. Some are good but others are extremely annoying.
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