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Voorhees College is a small college but is a great fit for students because of the one on one we receive with teachers. Our teachers have more of a connection with us because we aren’t in 50-60 student classrooms which allows for better teaching. Our campus is full of life and has a great family feel to it.
Voorhees is a 4 year college that is actually there to help. It is a small college that makes you feel at home. They are very friendly from the students to the faculty and staff. From education to professional to even personal they are willing to give a helping hand. The only thing I would change at Voorhees is the living. The dorms aren't the most up to date ones, but you can get comfortable!
Voorhees College is a great learning environment, fill with high expectations and inviting atmosphere that makes it a good place to study. It has sufficient resources that can help the students achieve their goals and qualified teachers.
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One of the best decisions that I've ever made. Coming from Atlanta, "VC" was a new experience for me and the best thing for me. Voorhees was and is an institution that not only nurtured their students but also expected greatness from them. As a first generation college student, I was surrounded by a faculty that truly cared about my well being and pushed me to be a better person. Coming from Atlanta and adjusting to SC was a struggle but it helped me to get involved in and off campus. I took advantage of EVERY opportunity that VC provided and when I graduated I was more than ready for graduate school and the work force. Lifelong friendships and solid foundation in academics and culture you will receive. There is nothing like "the hees".
The dorms is really old. Yoy have to share room
Most non Greeks want to be like Greeks. You get more respect when you are a Greek.
Well Voorhees college have the best teacher and faculty there. They will help you any time or day. I can say I had rough times and good times at this school.
The campus police are always walking/riding around the campus and hall. If you have a problem they are always available to assist you.
The admission staff is very helpful. They will go above and beyond to help you get the information need for enrollment.
Community Base Voluntary: Can Food Drive, Home Shelter

Greeks are housed in dormitory.
What makes my school unique is everyone tries their best to help each other out. The teachers are always available and willing to help you success.
One thing i love about my campus is no one judge each other on color religion or anything else. everybody accept each other as they are if there are anyone who judge its not noticeable or they don't show it around others
Drugs are a big no no in our schools. They have a strict policy with drugs if your are caught using or selling drugs you are expelled from the school immediately
I love all my professors because whenever i needed help they was there to help me out. when i wanted tutoring they would set an appointment so they will give undivided time to the student to make sure the student is getting the precept. the classroom are very spacious and easy environment to learn
I don't really go into the student center but when i do go in there everyone gets along and there's many games and activities and many students prefer to hang there after class or wait in there until there next class
There's never a time on campus when we don't have security we have security any hours and they are willing to help with anything such as bullying assaults fights and problems with others. i feel very safe on campus there is a cop on duty every hour and every night and there always at the gate
The dorms are always clean and we always have a security at any hours so no one has to feel unsafe living in the dorms. Wifi washing clothes and cable is very effective. there are times where the internet is slow but its nothing major. bathrooms are always neat and we have hot and cold water which is the best
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Greek life in our school is very great they set the environment right. They have the most school spirit and its easy for others to communicate with them. They have as much campus activities to keep students busy.
The athletics at my school are involved in anything the school has such as programs and occasionally dinners we have. They don't see themselves as they are better than others and that what i really like about them. they set a good standard in our school.
My school is unique because we all are like family. Its a nice community college and professors are willing to help you at any cause. I would attend my school again because i love the environment, experience, and the people that is there.
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