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Voorhees is a small HBCU which I love the classrooms are smaller meaning each student have undivided attention with the professors. Overall it is a great school. Gooo!! VOORHEES!
One of the worst schools in america, Would not recommend .. children are forced to only have a microwave in their dorm rooms and can only eat microwaveable food, Most of the foods that are cooked at the cafeteria aren't cooked properly and The school's bathroom facilities are disgusting, I'm never the type of person to write bad reviews but something has to be done about this..
I like the different ways you can get involved on campus and join programs to get accepted to based on your academic achievements. Our academic achievements never go unnoticed, following being accepted to the honors college, honor society, and student support services programs they’re very rewarding. Also some of the advisors are very helpful which is a great thing we all need as much help and guidance as we can get as student trying to fulfill a spot for our degrees.
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Voorhees College has many opportunities just like any other school but you have to be willing to apply yourself. Throughout my year at Voorhees College I have learned a great deal of things. I highly recommend that you network and get to know people because you never know who you'll need help from.
I'm a freshman at VoorheesCollege, about to go into my second semester. Majority of my family, has attended VoorheesCollege. It's a great school, one of the best in South Carolina. VoorheesCollege so far, has really been like another home for me. Everyone knows each other, and it's a religious school. Which that's a good thing, because my major is Theological Studies. I just love the annual Chapel services, that are held every Tuesday. Also singing on the great VoorheesCollege Gospel Choir is a joy in itself. After graduation, I plan to become a Pastor and start my own church. By the grace of God, many people will be touched and saved by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Voorhees has all the necessary tools, that will help me achieve this goal. God has already network me, with many people in the same field I'm achieving to do. It's a homey environment, a small but effective community. VoorheesCollege where we BeginBelieveBecome.
Voorhees is a small campus, however it gives you a opportunity to meet everyone and for everyone to get to know each other.
"I love my hbcu !" is what you'll hear at most every pep-rally or all college assembly . This is the place to be if you're looking for a friendly , student engaging environment ! The food in the cafe is amazing also it's like home-cooked meals for the ones who often get home-sick . come to voorhees ! so you can experience the same fun and educational experience that i am !!
This school has accomodated me as much as they can to make sure that my last year of school is successful
I am in the adult education program and it is very comfortable to learn and understand.
I love my HBC we like family we help out those who are bees I get everything I need from my teacher in my study parents if there one thing I will let changes is that food in cafe
This school is what you make of it. It is in a small country town. There aren't many opportunities in the area. It is hard to get employment, an internship, or transportation in the area. My professors were ok. Student activities were ok. The only thing you really had to look forward to was the parties because there wasn't anything else to do.
My first year with voorhess college was okay .. I feel like it would be better if we had more activities
When I first got to Voorhees , it was not what I expected. I thought it was way more to the school . When you get there you’ll realize that your in a country area with very little variety. For the first couple of weeks , it was hard trying to get use to my new life really . After way I got the hang of things and started going out and doing activities. I started to meet new people although it wasn’t a very huge number of people, which makes it way easier to really get to know People. The classroom is a small number of students, but in my opinion I feel as though tvats a better way to learn and really connect with your professors. The professors actually take their time and get to know their students. After all I realize I love the school that I’m at , probably would’ve been a different story of I left to go to a bigger or so call better school .
Voorhees College is a very Wonderful school that i would recommend plenty students to enroll in. The college is experience is so wonderful
Voorhees College is very family oriented. The staff and students all are eager to help one another. My freshman experience has been awesome. Voorhees has taught me how to manage my time and my finances. The small class is what I love. You are able to get more personable with the professors. Only thing I would love to see changed is the food in the cafeteria. We need a more variety and less repetition.
First, my experience in college has given me a chance to sharpen my skills in my field of choice. There have been, and there will continue to be, many opportunities to learn more ways of improving my craft as a result of my time in school, which I am truly thankful for. I had always wanted to know more about psychology since I have found the human mind and how it works and develops very interesting.College is a lot different than high school.The first thing you’ll notice is the workload. In the long-term, I’m looking forward to continued learning. I feel like I have grown and learned a lot recently, but there’s so much I still want to learn and experience. I believe there is a connection between living and learning: if we fail to learn, we aren’t truly living. Therefore, I want to keep learning and challenging myself whenever possible.
Voorhees College is a very good for you as it is a college that focuses on you the individual student. It is in a small town but it will help you focus more on your academics. The staff here will help you out all you have to do is to communicate with them.
Voorhees College is a small college but is a great fit for students because of the one on one we receive with teachers. Our teachers have more of a connection with us because we aren’t in 50-60 student classrooms which allows for better teaching. Our campus is full of life and has a great family feel to it.
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Voorhees is a 4 year college that is actually there to help. It is a small college that makes you feel at home. They are very friendly from the students to the faculty and staff. From education to professional to even personal they are willing to give a helping hand. The only thing I would change at Voorhees is the living. The dorms aren't the most up to date ones, but you can get comfortable!
Voorhees College is a great learning environment, fill with high expectations and inviting atmosphere that makes it a good place to study. It has sufficient resources that can help the students achieve their goals and qualified teachers.
One of the best decisions that I've ever made. Coming from Atlanta, "VC" was a new experience for me and the best thing for me. Voorhees was and is an institution that not only nurtured their students but also expected greatness from them. As a first generation college student, I was surrounded by a faculty that truly cared about my well being and pushed me to be a better person. Coming from Atlanta and adjusting to SC was a struggle but it helped me to get involved in and off campus. I took advantage of EVERY opportunity that VC provided and when I graduated I was more than ready for graduate school and the work force. Lifelong friendships and solid foundation in academics and culture you will receive. There is nothing like "the hees".
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