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i enjoy it a lot at vol state. volunteer state isn't a party school and I like that a lot, its very diverse, for the most part, professors and students are friendly, helpful, and kind in all aspects. most teachers are very helpful and on point with their job and teaching students, producing an education in a way that I feel is right. small, local campus, I like it a lot
I think Vol State is a very great community college. It for sure was a great choice to start out here on my part. I think somethings they need to change is making the campus more lively. I feel like I walk to class and then leave right after I don't connect with anything. I would also like if they had more selections of sports or even intermural sports so everyone could get connected.
After 3 semesters at Vol State, with one to graduate with an associates, I am extremely grateful for the opportunities Vol State has given me. Attending Vol State has also given me a large potential for several transfer scholarships. I have taken some extremely easy classes, as well as some extremely hard ones. The main thing I have noticed about the professors and faculty at Vol state is that they all want their students to succeed.
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This school has been so great so far. Ive had several amazing courses, and the people have been fantastic. I enjoy having the freedom of being in my home city while being able to attend classes. This school has gone past my expectations for sure.
The professors care and are willing to work with you if need help. The ones I have encountered understand that their class is not your only or most important class. Hard work is mostly rewarded. Good place to start the journey of higher learning.
I had to work really hard to get my degree through Vol State. The courses are challenging, but there is a lot of resources to lean on for students. I wish I would have taken advantage of them sooner and more often. There are a ton great professors, and a few horrible ones. I especially had a horrendous English professor one semester. Overall, I would go here again before hitting a 4 year university to save some cash.
Volunteer State is a great college to step right into. It is very spacious, so chances are you won't hear the people in the class beside you. The professors are alright. I believe they can alway improve.
Vol Sate is a great place to go. The professors truly care and want you to do great. It is small but that's one of the main things I love about it.
VolState is an excellent community college that offers endless educational opportunities. Although the school is relatively small, it is filled with helpful, caring staff and friendly, optimistic students. Go Pioneers!
Vol State is great for anyone who is unsure of what career they are wanting. It is a good place to start before transferring to a four year school. I love it at Vol State.
The campus is amazing it is just as big as a university. The variety of food there is endless from healthy to junk that will help you through the day.
Vol state has in theory good programs but it's all about what you put into it. The instructiors seem to just be there for a check and will pass anyone to keep up their ratings.
My experience in Volunteer State Community College was like no other. My first day of college was a successful and stress-free experience. Every corner of the school was someone to help you out. The school offers the best services for tutoring and for no charge! The professor help you a lot more then you think. If you have any questions, they'll always answer it no matter how embarrassing or dumb the question might be. The College breakfast and lunch are one of the best meals I had in any any other school and for the right price.
Volunteer state community college is great. They have great teacher and staff. I wouldn't change a thing about this school.
I had a great experience at Vol State. I am currently finishing up my last semester, but I wish it was a four year university. The teachers are amazing, there's many tutors, and it is just a friendly environment.
I enjoyed the small campus that allowed me to be in a classroom with only about 20 or so students. It allowed me to build a relationship with my professor which makes a huge difference in a semester.
My overall experience at the Volunteer State Community College has been amazing so far. All the professors that I had previously had the pleasure of listening to, have always kept my attention and taught me many new things about the subjects. If you are currently about to graduate from high school, I highly recommend coming to the College. It is a great place to get used to the new experiences that you will get when leaving high school.
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I like that the school is down to earth. They expect you to make satisfactory grades while allowing you to study at your own pace. This is not a highly demanding college.
This school puts the community in community college. Everyone is a friend, a study buddy, or a mentor. The teachers take time to meet and help those that struggle. The food is mouth watering and the scenery is breathtaking. Everyone works hard at this school, from the gardeners to the professors to the students themselves. I would not change a thing about it. Best two years of my life.
Volunteer State Community College is a really great school to attend. You may not be going to a university, but when you step on campus you will definitely feel like you are at one. Professors and faculty are always on call to help students. There are always functions going on that welcomes both students and staff. Coming to Vol State you will definitely feel at home & welcomed.
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