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Volunteer State Community College Reviews

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It is a good step up from High School, just an easy transition. Convenient for people who live in the Tennessee area and really good food! The teachers have all been very helpful!
The staff and people are great, but little was done when I went through disability services for my social anxiety. I am an online student.
The school has many scholarship opportunities and has a wonderful support system for students. Because most students who attend here also work, there is not much time for social interactions. It is small enough to have a relationship with your teachers, but large enough to attract good teachers. It has a beautiful campus and a great cafeteria, book store, and library.
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Volstate community college is in gallatin TN. It is a good community college. I wish the online class weren't so hard.
Volunteer State Community College has a great EMT/Paramedic professors and program. The program is very affordable and job placement outcomes are very high.
I am still attending the school for one more semester but for a community college I love it here. I would like to see a bit more class options but the financial aid office especially Sherrie Cannon is absolutely amazing.
I loved the food, the professors were really good at their jobs and they cared about the students, and the campus is really gorgeous.
I love the campus and all of my professors are amazing! I’ve never had a problem at Vol State. If i could change anything it would be the student life on campus. I would love to see more people attend the games for our athletics.
A good school with professors that care about their students. The classes were small in size, with teachers that were free for any academic help.
I have been taking dual enrollment classes at this college for the last three semesters and it has been very helpful to me. I have received many credits that went towards both my high school credits and my college credits. Most of the teachers I have had have been exquisite. I have not had great luck with the english classes, though. I have run into little negativity on this campus and have enjoyed my experience there.
An amazing College. People are helpful and kind, professors will take the time to help you. All the staff works with you and helps in any way that they can. Campus is great, they have remodeled a ton and it is up to date.
There are some really good professors at this school; however there has been more bad in my experience. The financial aide office also is very poor in their help.
I enjoyed Vol State when I attended school there! It was great because it was close to home but still gave you the college feel! I do wish that it was a four year college but I am ready to come back to take some more courses!
It’s a good community college, the teachers are hit and miss and the Advisors and administration are very helpful
Volunteer State Communit College is great for students looking for a smaller, more connected experience with their education and professors. The classes are designed for the best learning experience possible and the professors genuinely care about your education.
I really love the staff at Vol State! I’ve been to other colleges & they just didn’t seem to care about your success as much as they did your money. The professors & advisors are so helpful in making the transition from high school to college, as well as the transition from Vol State to another school very easy & not so overwelming. I feel like Vol state genuinely cares about seeing you succeed, & like other schools, aren’t just concerned about your money.
The staff members are all very friendly and helpful. There are so many resources to ensure your success, such as the learning commons, tutoring, and free calculator rentals. Also, there are plenty of clubs and events on campus for those who want to get involved- it truly enriches the college experience. This is a great place to get a valuable education.
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I've had an excellent experience at VolState. The campus is clean and easy to navigate, there's plenty of parking, and the equipment and resources are all up to date.
i enjoy it a lot at vol state. volunteer state isn't a party school and I like that a lot, its very diverse, for the most part, professors and students are friendly, helpful, and kind in all aspects. most teachers are very helpful and on point with their job and teaching students, producing an education in a way that I feel is right. small, local campus, I like it a lot
I think Vol State is a very great community college. It for sure was a great choice to start out here on my part. I think somethings they need to change is making the campus more lively. I feel like I walk to class and then leave right after I don't connect with anything. I would also like if they had more selections of sports or even intermural sports so everyone could get connected.
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