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I love this University as it is a small private school. Class size are small which makes learning easy. I have advisers that keep track of me and on top of everything I need to do to be successful. I also play baseball at the University and that has been a great experience. Coaches make sure academics come before sports which is great as well. Overall the staff and coaches are looking out for you and want you to succeed in every aspect of your life.
Viterbo University is school with amazing hospitality and want to see the best in their students. The staff is always wanting to help in area they can and are willing to go out of their way to do it. When you walk on the Viterbo University campus you will be guaranteed a smile.
If you are looking to major in Nursing, Dietetics or theatre this is the place for you. Anything else, go to a different school.
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I like Viterbo University because they are very welcoming of all people and are very caring. Viterbo University also has very energetic professors who care about your learning.
Viterbo is a school founded on Franciscan values. This is a place that opens up your mind and the small classroom sizes means your professors know your name and are always looking for new opportunities for you.
I have been at Viterbo for two semesters now as a incoming sophomore transfer student. I have had great experiences with faculty and instructors, and I feel Viterbo is a great university to study at.
I enjoy going to Viterbo, I have always felt welcomed in every classroom or building. I enjoy having small classes and in some classes getting that one on one what is needed sometimes.
Viterbo University's greatest assets are the people - students, professors, staff, alumni. The people who leave Viterbo are fantastic people looking to make a difference in the world no matter how big or small. The campus is small, but absolutely beautiful. It is a place an incoming freshman will quickly call "home."
The campus is small and not very diverse. The education program is good. I like the professors. The softball program is not very strong either. I was looking for a great university to transfer and Viterbo just isn't a good fit for me.
The school itself is great but professors don't seem to understand that unfortunately things outside of school sometimes need to take priority.
always available to answer questions, staff and students on campus kind and helpful, had a great campus visit experience
Coming from a small high school in a little rural town, Viterbo was the perfect fit. I knew my professors personally, whether they were in the nursing program or not. The professors cared about my learning and were accommodating to unexpected life events. The coursework was rigorous but prepared me to be an excellent, compassionate nurse. I met amazing friends and was able to be very active in a variety of clubs on campus. Doing my nursing synthesis in Alaska was the icing on the cake!
I attended Viterbo from 2008-2013. Viterbo opened the door to many fantastic opportunities in and out of the classroom. My academic program was challenging, but fair. I was a student athlete and got involved in a few clubs and committees across campus. Viterbo is a beautiful campus and you don't have to look far to find something to do in La Crosse.
I really value my Viterbo experience. Small class sizes, rigorous, and variety of clinical nursing experiences prepared me to become a competent nurse.
It was a lot of hard work. I learned a lot. I was prepared to be a good nurse. The education supported the work that I had to do everyday. Theory and clinical was relevant to real life workflow.
Viterbo is a University that excels in providing a culture that allows students to achieve his and her own academic success, while incorporating important Franciscan values in everything that they do.
Viterbo University is a great environment to learn in. The school offers grants and scholarship for students to help pay for tuition. The students have great relationships with professors. Majority of the professors care about the students and will reach out if you seemed off that day in class to make sure you are okay. The school offers free tutoring sessions for the first few semesters. But once you reach junior and senior year, unless you are a nursing student, the tutor sessions kinda stop because those classes are only offered every other year.
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I love how welcoming Viterbo University is! You can sense the hospitality when you are on campus, and everyone here wants you to succeed. It is a small and home-like feel that makes everyone feel welcome.
Viterbo is an amazing campus. All of the people are amazing and supportive of ones goals. I t is a great environment to further your education.
Viterbo is in a community that values service and morals. Viterbo doesn't allow you to feel alone. The support given through Viterbo is outstanding.