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Vista college was great. The instructors were wonderful and very helpful but when I graduated I found out the school wasn’t accredited so I have not been able to find employment anywhere.
just like anyplace you have to put in to get out. However a little more standardization of the curriculum would be helpful. The instructor writing the tests, in this case a heavily weighted final exam, at 1am the night before leads to clarity mistakes in the questions and when brought to their attention says, "your protest is noted" and walks off. I am paying to learn here and when I am asked to not ask necessary question in lieu of others just telling war stories is a bit unfair. I made the err of thinking others want an education not just to collect school money. I am seriously thinking I should leave this school.
I like how is easy they make it, so you can make the best out of your time and money. I am a Army Veteran and after service, I wanted something I could do in life. I saw they offered Information Technology and classes are 5 weeks per subject, wich is better for people like me with PTSD issues and other health problems.
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Easy to understand and every I spoke with is very nice. The classes are fun and informative. The business office is always willing to help.
I was really scared to start my first year of college online because I did not think that I would learn much but as I attended my first class and got very insightful information and the teacher was always actively involved in our learning process such as our classroom discussions and leaving positive criticism on papers really changed my out look on going to vista college online and I am happy I am attending this school.
The work load is really easy to handle. One class every five weeks until your finish your program. I will say the admissions and financial aid department could use some work. I ended up owing over $5,000 more directly to the school than what I was told I would be because someone "overlooked" the fact that I had student loans with them before for another program.
This college is the best that I've attended! I like the setup of taking and completing one course every 5 weeks. This has alleviated burn out and being overwhelmed.
Vista college online has been the best thing taht has happened to me. I can work full time and also have time to take care of my 5 year old son.
I really like the online experience I've been both online and on campus and I really like how they run their school system. The people are friendly it's an opening environment and the people are always willing to help you reach your personal goals just love this school!
I love vista College Online because it is more convenient for my schedule. Although we have deadlines you have enough time to work as long as you need before that due date. And it's more 1 on 1 rather then having to be in a classroom full of people that are also needing attention constantly. But I would rather attend vista online. So easy.
I am currently enrolled in Vista college- online and I love it, the instructors are very helpful and the classes and courses are very valuable and very understanding.
I love Vista College out of all the online courses that i have taken Vista is beyond the best. Knowing that there are resources available to me and my family from needing help with my course work to 24 hour professionals available to me for other stressors that i run into. The professors are awesome at keeping in contact with their students and works with them in case something comes up that you cant turn your work on time.
It is a wonderful school to go to!
I am going to obtain my medical assistants degree. The great part about it is they have great labs. Great books to learn from. They also have amazing tools to practice your careers duties on before entering the field. All the tools and equipment you have to use in this field I am are in my class to practice with and learn about. The workload I would say can be a bit overwhelming but there is so much to learn so I feel it's necessary. The wonderful part to is at the end of term I will have an externship and they will help me find a job after I graduate.
As soon as I began school I just felt welcomed and the staff is very professional. The professors are so kind and extremely helpful. So far they have made the classes enjoyable and very understanding. What makes it much different is you are not in a crowded class or setting, they due free tutoring and you can get the one on one help you need. I feel like I'm not the only one who wants me to succeed!
None of the credits that I have can be used towards my degree
It's really easy to complete all my assignments and quiz within the week that they give you.
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I haven't graduated yet but I have heard that they help you find a job with their career center
So far my teachers have helped me out to tell me if something is wrong with my work before the deadline except one. She told me that after the assignment was closed and when I couldn't fix my mistake.
The career aspects of my degree is in high demand.
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