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Very good at the fields you want to study in but not that much variety of courses. Instructors are very skilled in their practice and most are still working in their field.
The instructors our awesome and care for students. As for the campus I believe it needs more updates. The tuition is high and I don't see why the campus would not invest in good quality uniforms,computers and desks. I would like to see a bigger campus with quiet studying atmosphere.
The personnel is very attentive and they all help me with my registration. i recommend this college to everyone !
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So far so good. Im actually learning. The Hvac teachers are great. I would definitely recommend this campus and the Hvac course to anyone that is wanting to move ahead in life. I'd say go for it. What do you have to lose.
Let me just start off by saying I have a 3.71 GPA right now and I plan to get it even higher. The professors are great and one thing I love about these teachers that I have is that they are actually experienced in the field of Criminal Justice. Student life is great and the campus is great as well too, but one thing I would like to change completely is the campus security. This local security business if I can even call them that is actually worthless to me. I feel that if ever something does happen, which I hope to god nothing ever does, then nobody would be there to help us because this security would actually run away and we would all be doomed. That is the final and only thing that I would change about this Vista College campus here in El Paso, TX.
ive been attending the vista college campus in fort smith, AR. so far everything has been going great for me
I'm about to graduate vista college in two months and so far I have a good experience. The teachers in the medical program have been very educational and I feel confident that I will do well in my job field.
Vista has gone above and beyond to help me reach my goal of Graduating College. The administration has encouraged me very step of the way, and they always take care of any questions or concerns I have in a timely manner. I love vista!
My experience was amazing. I love the atmosphere and how it is so hands on. The faculty help you in many ways to make sure that you are successful in your chosen career. I would change much about the school.
I am currently enrolled in the Associates medical assistant program at Vista College in El Paso. I enjoy how convenient the class schedules are. Vista college understands that most of its student have families that we are trying to better our lives for so they have a dependable, stable schedule that is easy to work around. The 18 month program allows you to earn a degree in half the time a community college would. Even though it is a shorter program you still get the same amount of information and more hands on practice then in a community college setting. Everyone here understands that "life happens" and it is very easy to reach out and find solutions to any problems or hurtles along the way.
I actually go to Vista College in Amarillo (couldnt find campus) in 2013 graduated with my Business management diploma. When i registered with Vista college the school repersentive lied (Janette is her name) saying my credits would transfer, I was very upset but I finished. I didn't trust them in transferring all my credits now that there actually accredited. I decided 2 get my associates, so I re enrolled with Vista 2016. Bad decesion, seems like when you try to do good, bad comes your way. I ended up having personal issues, I missed a total of 6 days since November I am now on attendance probation. I have no clue what that mean nor how many days I can miss now that I'm on it (health issues). I can say Vista teachers are great but always somebody new. "I think attendance is how they get paid low key ha". Can Vista be better absolutely. You never know what life may throw your way. Vending machines HORRIBLE. May 2017 cannot come fast enough. Cheers to all future graduates
I actually attend the branch located in Fort Smith, AR but I love that its flexible with my life and made it easy for me to transition back into becoming a student after being out of school for more almost 20 years.
I have been going to Vista for about eight months now and overall it has been ok. First the I have one professor that is great and is always going the extra mile to help in everyway possible and I also have one who dislikes me and I really can't say why. Second, I have been going though a finical crists and the student service coordinator and the career service director were not so helpful but my admissions representative went out her way to gather information to help me. I also went to talk to my financial aid officer about applying for FSEOG and he told me he would see what funding was available and call me the next day, and I still have not heard from him. It seem to me that no one here really cares about us students, the only thing they care about is why we ant at school. Overall if I could start over I would choose a better college.
Fast pasted, hands on, awesome learning. The 2week, you practice injecting but not on dummies. You give needle injection to your classmates. Can't get more hands on experience than that
I didn't take online classes, but others loved them
I didn't have any credits to transfer, but I hear it's difficult
Internships at the cancer center! Love
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Wish I would have gone sooner
I can't wait to graduate and see the look on my kids faced when I'm a real nurse.
Sometimes it's a lot of work being handed to you