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Visible Music College is a unique college experience for anyone seeking to pursue a career in music. It has an awesome campus and the professors are very knowledgeable. It's located in the middle of downtown Memphis and has access to many music related opportunities. The job placement rate for graduates is very high.
The strictness is definitely necessary for the safety and well-being of the students.
It's better to live on-campus because with it being a small school you get a great chance to build relationships.
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The school is very open to different kinds of people.
The facilities at the school are amazing.
Very hands on and focused on growing deeper not only in music but with the Lord.
The school is located in the heart of downtown Memphis, Tennessee, so there are many great options to eat out.
It is a music school so there isn't an athletic department.
There isn't campus dining. The school is little too small.
Everyone is artsy and chill.
The party scene at the school is a little different than your average school. It's more about hanging out and building relationships. Sometimes you will feel like you are in a musical because everyone loves to jam out on their instruments for fun.
My major, in my opinion, was the best option at the school. It gives you the basic music and theology training but also gives you a very hands on outlook. I will be able to use everything that I learned out in the workplace. The workload can be a little intense but I think it's good for musicians to get a little push sometimes. Overall the facilities are great and there is enough space for personal practice time.
The academics at the school are very hands on and very applicable to life outside of college. The professors provide amazing training and assist in self growth as well.
The school has their own security officer that is on duty 24/7. Overall the campus is very secure and only staff and students can get inside without getting buzzed in. I have always felt safe while being on campus.
The housing is pretty average. It has its highs and its lows but is definitely a doable arrangement
The overall experience was phenomenal! Scholarships and aids could have been worked out a little more smoothly on my end but now knowing what to do it will be easier in the future.
To my understanding there is no Greek life apparent on campus.
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The curriculum at this college allows you to start integrating hands on classes your freshman year. That, and with a strong partnership to a big name company, they provide great real life tips and experience the day your start.
The school has the same academic quality as any other school but more one on one time. Home work is the same as any other average school but also mixes practical projects then just papers or final reviews.
With how strict our guidelines are, it would e very difficult for an assault like that to occur. But no place is perfect and anything could obviously happen
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