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I enjoyed Virginia western's small classroom size and unique connections with the professors. The campus its self is very easily accessible and connects several students to there educators efficiently and with little effort. The major issue I have with Western is the connection between the students; walking around in the day of a western student is more like walking through a silent zone in the library nobody wants to talk with you and everyone seems to keep there head down. The campus needs to encourage more student life and connections.
Virginia Western has the perfect class sizes. The location is very convenient. VW enrollment is easy to complete and cost-efficient. I would like Virginia Western to improve student parking and parking lot safety.
Virginia western is definitely the best community college I have ever encountered. Their classes are advanced and engaging and far surpass my expectations. I am pursing a degree that will allow me to immediately enter the workforce in a competitive medical career. I’m thankful it’s preparing me for the future in a short amount of time.
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Great teachers lots of support . would like to see financial aid given for continuing education certification that is a requirement for employment and/or continuation of a program recently completed there. Tutoring is offered on campus ,less expensive food choices would be a plus
Western is a great school with wonderful fatality. Everyone is extremely helpful and always willing to go the extra mile to make sure you are successful!
I attended Virginia Western for two years and completed my Associate of Social Sciences degree before transferring to VCU to study psychology. The professors and staff were all great and really wanted to help me achieve my academic goals. The college has a fantastic Career Center, and I was able to give a little back to our community through service projects organized by Student Activities. Overall, I'd recommend Virginia Western to anyone of any age who is looking to update their academic resumés, or who simply enjoys attending classes and expanding their knowledge.
I very much appreciated my time at Western. However, the colleges you can successfully transfer to are limited. That is a fact that nobody talks about because they want for western to seem like the best option. If someone were to transfer after completing their associates degree, they will be more like to be behind when transferring--my exact issue with transferring to either JMU or VT.

There is no campus life. It is sad because college revolves around campus life. There is just an overall vibe that nobody wants to be there. In reality, all the students do is go to class then home. There is no other social life beyond class.
Virginia Western has fantastic instructors, small class sizes, and a comfortable and manageable campus.
I went here after high school to get my general education requirements out of the way before I transferred to a four year school.
Good for a community college. Professors want you to do well. Lots of weekly events and clubs. Food is hard to come by though, there is only Dominos, subway, and a cafe that isn't an actual starbucks.
Virginia western community college is a promoted school. It will offer you chances to amplify your talents and lead you to your goals. I believe students should advocate to this college as a base to start off your degree as it is affordable and resourceful. Virginia western college, one of the most reliable foundations including with financials. They are tactic and main focus is for your accomplishments and to help in any needs by providing valuable information.
I really like Virginia Western Community College because the professors are really nice and helpful, the campus is nice, and it is a great way to save money rather than going to a four year school right off the bat. It is much more affordable. I recommend this college because it is money-friendly, has GREAT academics, lots of student activities, helpful staff and professors, and a beautiful campus.
I have been working with an admissions rep, Pam. She's been great at helping me getting things together to begin classes soon.
Excellent starter school. It helped me save a lot for my first two years starting off in college. The resources are excellent. I had an amazing adviser for both years I attended!
I am currently in my second semester at VWCC, and I really enjoy it! Overall, the professors really care about their classes and their students. All of my teachers have made it very clear that they have office hours for a reason, and they want you to come to them if you need help. On top of the support the teachers provide, there are dozens of other options for students who need a little extra help with their classes, two of which include a STEM tutoring center, and the option to have one-on-one tutoring once or twice a week. On top of all that, the school administration makes a big effort to keep things fun by scheduling activities that everyone might find enjoyable, from video game tournaments, to free movies in Whitman Theater. If you are looking for a comfortable, welcoming introduction to college, without having to live in a dorm, Virginia Western is the place for you!
I enjoy how well my professors teach! I also enjoy how much of a quality education I am getting at such a low price. Virginia western is such a pretty, and safe campus that has its own police force! The lab classes are also great, and are very interactive unlike my high school, where funding wasn’t available for us to have hands on experiences.
Virginia Western has been a good medium for an affordable education and a solid way to grow socially within a safe and diverse area. Virginia Western has a large and helpful staff willing to help me succeed in my college career and they truly want to help me succeed in life.
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I love that I am close to home and all my teachers are very involved. The professors are always welcome to explain anything you didn't get in class, and most of the staff are kind.
I really like vwcc. I like how flexible the school schedule is. I like how easy it is to get your books.
There is not a lot of places on campus to go and the school is sort of old. There are not many diverse programs.
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