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I like that they have a lot to offer inside and outside of the classroom. VWU has been very strict on housing this year in which I have not been pleased of. All of the housing needs to be updated and the school needs to work on meeting students needs and requests in order to keep the student population up.
Virginia Wesleyan University is a very quiet place. Perfect for Academic excellence. I am a rising Sophomore and so far, I have had such a great experience. Students, faculty, and staff are friendly. If you are looking forward to joining clubs, then Virginia Wesleyan is the perfect college for you. There is a lot of organizations such as clubs and Greek life. Students establish a close academically relationship with faculty. The classes can only hold a few students, but again, this means that there is a higher academic performance rate. Has a great student body. The teachers are fun and very dedicated. So far with my stay here at VWU, I have always felt protected. The school provides the best security system. Although, I would say the food is not the best. They should improve the food by providing a lot of varieties. Besides that, I would Highly recommend this school to any student who is looking for a college to attend.
In my experience with Virginia Wesleyan College, I definitely was given the assistance needed by the professors which are passionate and concerns about their students' achievements and academics on and beyond the campus.
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Virginia Wesleyan is a small liberal arts school. There are many avenues of advancement as there are disadvantages. The school does not offer a wide range of majors or concentrations. Yet, the programs that they do offer are rigorous. The school also offers below quality housing. Out of State students are not permitted to live off campus. The cafeteria food is poorly made and does not provide nutrients in all food groups.
Campus is really nice, and many things to see and do in the surrounding areas. Classes are small and professors are helpful, you'll receive a great education. Athletes show support for all sports on campus.
It is actually known as Virginia Wesleyan University now, and it was such a pleasure to go here. Like my high school, it was a bit on the smaller side and I ended up having multiple classes with the same professors. This allowed a good relationship between the professors and the students, at least it did for me. If I were at a larger school, I probably would have been a little more hesitant to go and talk to professors if having an issue, but here? Never felt like there wasn't any professor who couldn't help.
The methods were very hard to understand. It's so easy to be left behind in the class. People were loud on every floor it just gave me the feel of immature people in elementary school. The college is way to expensive for what you stay for. $41,000 a year and you learn nothing.
One thing I liked is how protected the campus was. Another thing is the fact that you're right near the ocean. If you want to go to popular amusements parks, it's not a long drive to any of those either. The food at Virginia Wesleyan was really good. They have a variety of foods whether you're vegetarian, vegan, or you just can't eat gluten.
Needs more diversity and more discipline on racist acts, academics are really good. Most of the teachers are lovely and really care about their students. People in charge sometimes don’t make good decisions. I’ve had lots of problems with the dorm room like shower and sink flooding.
Great university that allowed me to learn from professors in a small classroom size, which gave me the advantage to form close relationships with my professors and peers. The campus is small making it easy to get from class to class without any issues. The size of the incoming classes are also small as well.
I've had really great experiences here with the students and staff. The faculty are always trying to make sure the students understand and love what they are learning.
It is a very close knit community which allows for your professors to be very involved and get to know you well.
My experience at Virginia Wesleyan has been very nice. I like how diverse the school is and how involved the school staff is with the students. Virginia Wesleyan seems like a safe and secure environment. The only thing I would want them to change is to add a football team.
The classes were small so I was able to have a closer relationship with my professor and other students. Which was helpful when it came time to study. The teachers were always on point and always there to help in any way. I loved the different resources they offered to us.
Academics are okay, if you're in the honors college. .The college is tiny and if you don't play sports you won't find friends and won't be able to fit in. Housing and facilities aren't great either.
I like that the school is small. It is a tight knit community where everyone knows each other. Some of the dorms could use a face lift, but overall the experience is what YOU make it and I have enjoyed myself thus far.
I would like to see some upgrades. the college is quite old and most of their buildings, especially the housing is terribly maintained.
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I like that it is a closed community college, I always feel safe walking from the building to my car at night. It's a tight knit community where everyone knows everyone (for the most part). The classes are smaller than most universities so you get a better learning experience. All of the staff are pretty nice and helpful and I always feel welcomed when I'm on campus.
Nice people Great Area! Confusing profs not easy! Many teachers don't update grades nor mid-term grades till end of semester! Don't take foreign language here unless u already know some of it.
Food's trash! most days either raw/bloody or dry/overcooked! Rarely some days food good
Most Dorms rusty showers paper thin walls.
Transfers get nice hotel room in Wingate or Comfort inn! room cleaned 2×week. School van to pick up hotel students & bring back.
Homecoming: Don't expect much or buy prom dress crappy party.
Go to art gallery events food catered by ppl outside school. lamb chops & fancy cheese!
Roommates often chosen randomly
Not really a Christian School
Travel abroad nearly impossible & expensive
Library & in Batten unreasonable work study hours
Chapel really good don't be afraid to go! Pastor Greg's great!
Love my friends & everyone & staff but & bad teaching food unreasonable work hours & expensive cost are reasons I'm transferring
I liked all of the athletics. Thats what made my time there interesting and gave me more to do with my experience besides sit around. Being as its a smaller community sports games allows a huge crowd of us to come to gether. I felt the food options were poor and the amount of options we had in general were limited. i agree to buidling new buildings because we recieved financial costs for it, but i dont agree with it taking away sports fields. Amd i also went there because of all the open areas and grass. If we keep building then were not going to have any space left and it will be exeptionally crowded. I also dont agree with housing changes. I feel like its more convenient and less work for an individual to move their rooms before brake then to be put with the two week freeze for after brake and move someone in just to move them out.
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