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Virginia Union is a great school the new President is trying his best to make great changes to the school. That is so good but there should be a program for students like me who can’t always pay their tuition. Virginia union University is so high it is ridiculous I would like to see them changing into a public’s funding college to help out certain students
Virginia Union is great. I love it. The people there are so nice and the teaching is great. They are on top of you about certain things and are a very good help to you. I was nervous about attending but it felt like home after a while. I made some awesome friends.
I love the school culture at Virginia Union. I love the students and love the relationships that the Professors have with the students. The teachers are very nurturing which was essential to me my first year away from home.
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Registration process is easy and staff very responsive to inquiries. Fees are reasonably priced and payment information is available without lots of searching and headache. I loved the instant update on missing information which allowed me to track deadlines and submit timely materials.
Virginia Union is a small campus and it is very intimate. I like how we come together on campus, it feel like we are all family at times despite our differences. I think the cafeteria food could be much better than what it is. It is bland and it sometimes feel like they making food for seniors in a home.
Union is what you make it. It has its ups and downs but you will get through it. When everyone comes together as one. Impactful things begin to happen to the University and it becomes one big happy family.
Virginia Union Is A Great School for Students Who want to learn in an environment where the classrooms are smaller, you can get one on one conversation with your professors and the walks to class are under 10 mins
So far my experience at Virginia Union University has been more good than bad. The people and staff who attend the University are very helpful and uplifting and very engaged. The academics are great and so are the sports and activities at the school.
My experience at Virginia Union University is going great so far. The professors are very caring and helpful for their students. All staff memebers genuinely want the best for all students so that we may succeed. Housing at my campus and food needs to be improved. Over all Virginia Union University is an excellent that I can’t wait to convince my future children to attend my future alma mater
I had the worst 4 years ever I didn’t really get the college experience Virginia Union felt more like high school. It was 3 different shootings on campus in 1 year and I just didn’t feel safe at all, so I need to see Virginia Union switch up there security around the campus to keep students safe.
I enjoyed my time at Virginia Union University, especially the Criminal Justice program. The classes are in the police academy right across the street, we have professors who actually been in the field and we visit jails, prisons and detention centers to learn about the different types of jobs
What I like about Virginia Union is the small class sizes and each building that classes are being held is on one campus. What needs to change and their communication, communication with teachers and students. I understand that its an HBCU but I wish there were more diversity.
In the graduate program in Education, I feel it would be very helpful if the first required course you have to take is Technology. The reason why I strongly believe this is because this program requires a lot of research and writing. All reports are either written or presented using Power Point or Excel. Many students, like myself know the basics of Microsoft Word but struggle with the details of a program like Power Point and Excel. We need to acquire a higher proficiency in technology because as teachers and administrators we will be faced with utilizing these skills every day.
Do not get me wrong, Virginia Union is not a horrible college. The staff just have attitude problems, the cafe food is not that great, the professors do not put grades in the grade-book, freshman are treated like little children, The trash makes the campus stink, the school has a small gym with no pool, there are not enough food options (just the cafe and Starbucks), the bathroom in the Henderson center always smells bad, you can not control the air conditioner and heat yourself, and the dorms are full of mold. HELP!
The college was able to find the best degree program for me due to my busy schedule with two jobs and two children. The advisors and professors were always available and easily approachable.
Horrible school. Waste of 30,000 dollars. Your degree means nothing from this school. Pass most students along. Dorms are dirty, smelly, molded walls. Cold showers, no air conditioning. Very judgmental staff. Collecting checks no hard work around campus. Horrible cafe same food daily. Unsafe anyone can come on campus and do anything . STUDENTS ROBBED MULTIPLE TIMES. Drug dealers everywhere students do nothing but smoke smoke smoke . Very bad environment. Not the typical college experience. Just taking money from less fortunate African Americans just to say they have a degree no activities for students . All boy dorms. All girl dorms. No visitation . curfew pretty much jail without shackles
Being at Virginia Union University is one of the best school that you could ever attend. It’s an HBCU where you can explore your options and become something better than what you are. Learn how to be leader and not a follower and learn how to choose your own destiny. At union you can learn a lot about yourself and how you want to take your dreams and goals to the next level.
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My experience at Virginia union was pretty ok. You can build life long friendships as well as grow within yourself.
I attend their school of divinity, which is a renowned school for ministers. I also attended their non-traditional weekend program, so I can't speak to their everyday student life on campus.
First of all, I have to pay over $30,000 to live in filthy dorms with insects such as roaches, ants, and moths. Some of the teachers have very bad attitudes. The area around the school is very horrible! There are crackheads walking on campus freely. My adviser does not engage with me whenever I have an appointment with her to go over my academical career. She has a snobby attitude and simply does not care about me or my future. I'm basically just another number, they do not care at all. It is not safe to be walking by yourself at any time of day- this goes especially for females. The cafe closes at certain times during the day and closes officially at 8PM. The people here are completely dramatized and I feel like I am in high school all over again. I advise anybody who is considering going to school to NOT go here. This school needs a complete reconstruction, from new buildings to new faculty. I am definitely not returning to Virginia Union University.
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