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Virginia Tech Reviews

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The people are so nice! It's really easy to find someone to talk to. The teachers and professors are also amazing! I honestly have learned so much this past year and I couldn't love it more. I'm pursuing a degree in Creative Technologies which is within the art school. They provide all the technology we need and even our own special lab. There are a small number of us in that major and the fact that they provided us with so much equipment definitely makes me feel that Virginia Tech takes the time to appreciate every single student's contribution to our future world.
I like all the opportunities available at Virginia Tech and the diversity that is omnipresent throughout the campus. I think that overall, the school could do more to make the campus feel smaller, and I think that they need to work on preventing over-acceptance of students as well as housing. My dorm was not only not accessible, but had mold issues as well.
The best food, and the place was full of hokie spirit. Most people on campus are very friendly. There is a great college town feel to Blacksburg, it also has a great Main Street and downtown. Lastly, game days are always the best especially for football, but no matter what the sport there is always a great atmosphere.
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