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Amazing Campus filled with caring professors. The bus transportation system is very helpful as well.
Best decision of my life. Welcomed like I was family and left with the education to earn 6 figures early in my career.
Virginia Tech is an amazing school! I love the campus and so far, it has not been terribly academically challenging but that will soon change as I have signed up for harder classes. The VTPD has gotten a lot more strict on drinking but the party scene is definitely still thriving. The Math Emporium is the worst thing about Tech but you will most likely only be there your freshman year, just remember to go to review sessions. The food is absolutely amazing. SO GOOD.
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Don't fall for the Southern charm. In it's beautiful setting, VT Administrators turn on the southern charm, making you feel welcome to be a part of their community. Enroll and experience a problem? None of the support promised at open house sessions, exists. Call a VT office? A student answers the phone and no administrators are available. No one calls you back. If you are lucky enough to connect with an administrator, they hand you off to another office claiming "its not my job". Save yourself the headache, and save your hard earned money. Choose another school!
So far I really enjoy being a student there. I really enjoy the community at Virginia Tech. Most students are active and friendly. There are many club, design team and volunteer opportunities on campus for whatever you are interested in. Additionally, the living learning community I am in offers different events and positions that are worth going to or obtaining if you have the time for it. Many classes are tough. I personally enjoy many of my classes but opinion's for each class varies depending on students' interests and strengths. The main thing I do not like about Virginia Tech is the costs and fees. One definite plus for attending this school is the great food.
I like the food at Virginia tech and it's diverse student body. The campus is very nice, but there is not much to do off campus. Academics at Virginia Tech is taken seriously and the professors are helpful.
I had recently went to an open house and i was very surprised to see the campus itself. however the thing that had stuck out the most had been the food. every single way you turn you could point to an amazing spot to hang out and eat some amazing food.
They have great academics especially engineering. All of the amenities they have for students and faculty are very good.
Everyone is so nice, there is always something to do and the scenery is beautiful. There was never a time where I couldn’t find something to do or have someone to talk to. The staff at Virginia tech are exceptional, they go above and beyond to really make the school feel like home. The dining services on campus are great, there are so many choices, even for people with very specific diets. You can always find something. Lastly the school spirit is awesome, the people that go to the school truly love it.
I came in as a transfer student and was somewhat displeased with how my credits transferred and how much I struggled to stay on track to graduate on time. However, I am happy with my decision to transfer because I find the academics here more challenging than my original school with a lot more options in majors and classes to explore. Even within the general eduation requirements, there is a lot of diversity in the classes so you can really always take classes you are interested in.
I like the people. There’s a lot of pride for the school. I enjoy all the extracurricular activity options. The scenery is also great.
Virginia Tech is the perfect place to go if you're looking to be semi-city, semi-country. Although we don't have a lot of things to around here (i.e. laser tag, paintball, arcades, shooting ranges, etc.), our student life is AMAZING. We have about 900 clubs/organizations so there really is something for everyone. The professors are pretty great, but hey, everyone has those professors where you two just don'
Overall it's a wonderful school, in a great area. The pricing for housing isn't so bad either ;)
I loved Virginia Tech and miss it every second! I am so thankful for every experience I had at this university!
Great food, great people, great education, awesome sports, beautiful campus, lots to do and wonderful school spirit.
Virginia Tech is an amazing school with teachers who are willing to take time out of their day to help their students succeed.
I have met my longline friends here and have also gained valuable education that I can carry on with me for my future hopefully to Physician's Assistant school one day.
Virginia Tech is an amazing school filled amazing opportunities like studying abroad, internships and semesters at the nation's capital. VT's academic department, dining hall and the football experience are unmatched.
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Great school! If you go visit your advisor they do a really good job at helping you out. Also VT has some awesome food.
Being in my second year in the university, I can honestly say Virginia Tech has made my self-confidence and independence tremendously grow by realizing there is a place for everyone and everything here at this beautiful university.
Virginia Tech is a university with a large student body. Like most universities, Virginia Tech provides its students with the opportunity and resources to succeed.
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