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Virginia Tech is a very friendly and welcoming school. It has a wide variety of well respected colleges and majors that provide opportunities of students of all kinds. It also has a huge variety of of clubs and extra-curricular activities that make the college experience even more enjoyable.
Virginia Tech has been amazing, despite not knowing what I wanted to do. There were many helpful professors and advisors who were willing to have conversations with me to help sort that out. The opportunities to learn and connect are endless and the campus ministry I joined was the best thing that could have happened to me. The food is great, the people are caring and the atmosphere is tight-knit despite such a large population of students. The thing that most needs to change is the parking situation. They should not be getting rid of more parking but adding more. We can not be a walking/biking campus it is simply way too cold in the winter and I highly doubt their bus system will keep up with the demand. It does not even keep up with it now.
I love it at Tech. I am in the Corps of Cadets with plans of joining the United States Navy after Graduation. I am perusing a degree in Civil Engineering with a minor in Leadership. One thing that has happened recently which would be nice to see a change in is housing. This year and last year’s class are two of the largest classes ever. There was not enough housing for all the freshman. Some dorms had to be changed to accommodate the large class. Study lounges were turned into rooms and 3-person rooms were converted to 4-person rooms. Over the next few years, it would be nice to see a more efficient way to house the large incoming classes.
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Well i am a transfer student athlete that will be attending Virginia Tech this fall an i felt like they brought me in as family to the school as well as the football program.
Overall, Virginia Tech is a lovely school. The academics can be rigorous, but well worth it. Every class within your major you can see having some form of application toward your future career. For the most part, the professors go above and beyond to help you succeed. This university encourages students to participate in research and makes it readily available, with most professors more than willing to help you prepare for your future. The major con of Virginia Tech is the Math Emporium. Other than this, academics are well rounded and you are provided with plenty of help in other classes.
I loved the diverse and energetic atmosphere of the entire school. Everyone there is happy to be there and it is so crazy to see all these different people come together.
There's a ton of courses offered, so regardless of what you want to study, you'll find something you're interested in. The campus is very pleasant and the people are friendly.
Virginia Tech is a large school in a small town. There is a great sense of community within Virginia Tech and the surrounding areas. The citizens of Blacksburg are just as much Hokies, if not more, than the students. In my time here I have made countless new friends, meeting many amazing people from all over the world. The professors at Tech have proven to be helpful and accommodating to their students, as they don't want anyone to fall behind, although it still can happen. Not only does Virginia Tech have a football and basketball team currently nationally ranked, but it also has a large pool of intramural and club sports to choose from. Along with the sports culture at Virginia Tech is the fitness culture. Tech has recently been ranked the "Fittest College In America" several times. To add onto their rankings, you can't forget the Princeton Review ranked Virginia Tech at #5 for "Best Quality of Life," #6 in "Best Campus Food" and most importantly #1 in "Students Love Their College."
I am a senior at VT and love it. Majoring in psychology and the professors are excellent and help you any way they can. Will probably continue on and get my masters degree as well.
I love the school spirit at VT as well as the sense of community I got through my first three years. I really don't like the some of the advising faculty I had to deal with in the beginning
I had a very hard time at Virginia Tech which was why I transferred to Northern Virginia Community College. I liked the size of the school and the teachers were very good, but Virginia Tech lacked a sense of community. Unless you were part of a sorority or it was game day, there was not a lot to do besides campus activities.
I loved my three years in Blacksburg! First of all, it is a beautiful place to live with a vibrant culture. I loved that there were excellent hikes just minutes from campus. The people are extremely friendly and you can't beat the food. The only downside is the long winters.
Virginia Tech is an amazing university! The campus is beautiful, the professors are helpful and the food is SO GOOD. I could not ask for a better place to goto school.
Virginia Tech is so equipped to making me learn the best way possible. As I am double majoring, there are so many resources to help me combine these two majors to properly educate me and give me real world experience so that I am ahead of people in competing industries that attend different universities.
Academics are hard but the environment is great. Not for the small country town folks, but pretty good if you went to a strong college prep school in a rich area. Takes some big adjustment to get used to.
I'm going to be a junior at Virginia Tech this August. I knew from the moment I stepped onto the campus this was the school for me, and boy, was I correct. Every aspect of this school is inviting for anyone, and that's the reason Virginia Tech is appealing to a huge group of people. Anyone and everyone can find where they fit in, what they love, and get a great education at Virginia Tech.
Virginia Tech abounds in excellence in both academics and community. With state-of-the-art facilities, phenomenal professors, and entire departments dedicated to providing students resources for their future careers, students are set up for success. Embodying the school motto of Ut Prosim, "that I may serve", the Hokie community cares for, supports, and protects each other.
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The students here really care about both their peers and maintaining an inviting community and the teachers are pretty good as well. However, the tension in the political splits amongst the students here could be eased though.
It’s an amazing school with an amazing community! The people there are all amazing and the atmosphere is so open and inviting. Anyone can fit in!
Virginia Tech is an amazing school. I was scared at first, but once I really got involved it was the best decision of my life. I love it so much. GO HOKIES!
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