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Virginia Tech is a great university with extremely friendly and open people to hang with inside and outside of classes. Most of the professors I've had so far seem pretty intelligent and flexible to the students. Though some of the classes can be too big for one person to learn. There are delicious food and exciting athletics that the student body and athletes bring to Tech. I also wish there was more diversity as a minority, the student body is +70% is white.
The food is great. your experience with professors will be 50/50. some will be good, others might suck. Try to find reviews of them online before choosing a class. Blacksburg is pretty much in the mddle fo nowhere, so try to find something to do on the weekends.
Virginia Tech is a phenomenal university. It's globally known, beautiful campus, and in the top 10 for best campus food as well as most fit students. I would highly recommend this college to everyone I meet.
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Virginia Tech shows students how to create their own futures and have experiences outside of the classroom that will guide a student to hands-on understanding of their personal goals.
The beautiful campus gives you the perfect attitude when walking to class each day. There are countless ways to get involved to enhance your college experience. You can be truly happy at VT.
Food, school spirit, and academics are amazing. Once a hokie always a hokie. Best four years of my life.
Great school and great college town atmosphere. Some buildings are outdated but overall a very pretty campus, especially in the fall since Blacksburg is in the mountains. If you're a nature person, there are plenty of hiking trails and the New River is only a 30 minute drive. Students and staff are very passionate for Virginia Tech, especially during football season. Great experience my freshman year, and I can't wait to go back for sophomore year!
Tech is one of the greatest places on earth. For awhile I was worried I made the wrong decision and thought about transferring, but now I'm so happy at Tech.
I just finished my freshman year at Tech and I loved it. Much like my high school, it is very easy to get involved on campus. Whether it is clubs, club sports, greek life, or SGA, the school has something for you. It is a beautiful campus filled with the nicest people you will ever meet. I would however enjoy it much more if there were more space to park! Other than that I love this school and hopefully you do too. Go hokies!
Virgina Tech is a good school for those who admire slow and steady campus lifestyle. It's more of a tech/science school so if you have an inclination towards the art, I would recommend not to go for it.
not diverse at all, tons of stuff to do on campus, not very much to do in surrounding cities, focused on academics, athletics and greek life
I love Virginia Tech, the students and the towns people are wonderful. It's a very diverse campus with a lot to offer its students. My professors were always great and had my best interest at heart. I was never too involved in the party scene, so I unfortunately can't give that a rating.
I love attending Virginia Tech and am proud to be a student here. The atmosphere is amazing! I love how everyone is friendly and the campus is beautiful. There's so many hikes in the area and plenty of outdoor activities around, like tubing or kayaking. Definitely felt like I made the right decision going here.

Go Hokies!
Overall, Virgina Tech is a great school. There are issues that have come up with how the Corps of Cadets is treated at times, but the school in general is amazing. The atmosphere and the sense of community alone is a reason to attend.
Very encouraging and dedicated to their students. Beautiful campus and surrounding area. Many activities to get involved with and each group is passionate about their topics. Very friendly and loyal community of students. Hokie football is beloved.
Awesome school for engineering. Great community and lots of opportunities to get involved. University is located in a great area. Small college town with great hiking trails nearby.
Great academics, very apolitical so not to much distractions. Engineering major so pretty busy with classwork. Several classes taught by ta, which is sometimes better than professors who don't speak much English
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The people here are fantastic and even people who don't know you will care about you so much. It is truly a big school, but everywhere I go, I see someone I know. There are so many ways to be a part of the Virginia Tech community, and many ways to give back to the surrounding area.
For me one of the biggest things I was looking for in a college was diversity and for a chance to mee people from all over the world. Needless to say Virginia Tech sure did exceed my expectations when I visited.
The people. Blacksburg is such a welcoming community! I found some of the greatest friendships through the organizations here on campus. There are so many different ways to get connected and find the group of people that is right for you. But overall, no matter what's happening, Hokies are always willing to hold the door, say hi, and brighten your day!
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