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This school is amazing. I am here for my engineering degree and I am learning new things that I know will be helpful for the real world. There are a lot of connections to companies and help for anything you could possibly need. The food is actually amazing and the architecture is beautiful. Even though buildings may seem large, the rooms are rather cozy.
I am a sophomore majoring in Architecture and I have really enjoyed my time at Virginia Tech. The classes are excellent, the campus is beautiful, and student life is a lot of fun! Food in the dining halls really does live up to its reputation and the Blacksburg area offers a lot of activities and unique opportunities. As an architecture major, I do spend a lot of time in the studio spaces, but with proper time management, I still enjoy participating in athletics and other student activities.
Although I have only been here for a few months, I can tell that Virginia Tech will provide me with many opportunities for a successful future. It is a beautiful campus with a diverse population. People are very helpful and care about their education. The institution also provides excellent academics, especially in the science and engineering fields. If you are looking for research opportunities, this is a school to consider. The spirit here is also very prevalent, especially during football games. People are proud to go here. One issue with the school is its infamous Math Emporium, which I believe is a bad way to teach students mathematics. It is essentially a large room where students take online courses with little assistance. I hope that the university replaces this one day.
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It seemed nice overall, good school especially for Virginia students. Lots of diversity. Good option.
Virginia Tech is amazing community that shaped me in to the adult that I am today. It helped me grow as a person and student by providing amazing resources academically and socially. The football was really great too!
I love Tech! There's an amazing selection of majors/classes, and every professor I've had has been amazing. I truly feel like everyone here cares about the success of every student.
I loved the tour! Beautiful school! Everyone at VT is so welcoming and it feels so much like home. They have a great Veterinary program which is what I would like to pursue.
I visited Virginia Tech campus and it was absolutely amazing. The food was excellent and the campus was beautiful. The students were very friendly and helpful.
If you're unsure about attending VT, don't be. It is such a diverse and beautiful community of people all just striving for the success of their futures. You gain awesome opportunities to engage with whatever career path you are choosing to study and have a lot of fun in the environment around you. Gokies!!!
I've been to Virginia Tech through both of my parents, as well as some of my siblings have gone to the same university as well. Sadly, I know some of the history of the school isn't so tame. With some issues, and personal problems within the school. However, I have been on the campus, I have seen both the clubs, the games (on television), and I have family in the state so I can be able to find a place to stay during that time.
This is home. Virginia Tech is not the most diverse college - majority of students are white - but other than that I really love it here.
The Hokie Stone that lines the walls of all our campus buildings make the school look like Hogwarts, our football team is new and improved and the students at this school live by out motto, "Ut Prosim" that I may serve. Students always are serving the local community and even daily being polite to one another even if that just means holding the door open for a fellow Hokie.
The school and the community is tight knit because of Virginia Tech taking up most the property in Blacksburg. The school gives back a lot to the community and the townies and students feel very connected to one another. It's almost as if Blacksburg and Virginia Tech are interchangeable terms. The students also tend to be tight knit making the campus seem small and connected. It's difficult not to run into someone you know no matter where you are on campus. However, this creates a very inclusive college experience where you develop increased confidence and sense of self. Most importantly, having a college full of friends and tradition creates the "college memories" you'll reflect on years from now.
The campus is absolutely stunning and the students and staff are very friendly. Certain classes are small in size which is great for getting to know your professor. However, some entry-level classes are large lecture halls and you can feel very small in the crowd. Then again, this is expected at many large universities like Virginia Tech.
While I am not a huge fan of the student body (which is essentially 67% white people from Northern Virginia/Virginia Beach or their demographic equivalent), the professors, campus, food, culture, etc. of VT is hard to beat. I later got my Masters at the University of Southern California, but I can confidently say that the quality of my professors and overall undergraduate experience at Virginia Tech was far better than my time at USC.
Virginia Tech is an amazing university. It definitely feels like home very quickly. The atmosphere is unlike any other place I have been to. Everyone is so welcoming and treats you like family. I have no negative things to say about this university, it is truly one of a kind.
The campus is beautiful, the food is great, and the people are friendly. It is a large school so it means a lot of walking and the weather is very erratic sometimes. The Corps of Cadets are a large part of the school which is pretty awesome even though they sometimes block traffic with their marching. Football games are also cool.
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School is so political. Professors are very hit or miss some programs are terrible. NOT ENOUGH INFASTRUCTURE. Greek life is dictated by a tyrannical dictator making the experience horrendous. Food is good, but lines are way to long, because NOT ENOUGH INFASTRUCTURE. takes an hour to get a spot in gym, parking lot etc.
Virginia Tech gives students many opportunities. If a student has ideas to make the school better, Virginia Tech will do the best it can to help the student. People here in Virginia Tech are like a big family. We love each other and we love our school!
I love the culture and the people here. I am in a professional program so I get the small school community on a big beautiful campus.
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