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Virginia Tech truly feels like home which fits perfectly with their motto "This is Home". I have been comfortable here since the moment I stepped onto this campus and I have never felt like I made the wrong choice in my schools. All of the faculty and staff are amazing and really want to help you to the best of their abilities.
a very beautiful campus, and a very friendly community. Not a current student but definitely a prospective one. GO Hokies!
I love everything about being a Hokie! The community, the alumni, the town, everything. Blacksburg is such a nice little mountain town with everything you might need. The campus is so beautiful and the staff are all very friendly.
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I loved attending Virginia tech as an undergraduate, though it was difficult at times, there never seemed to be a dull moment. The faculty were always friendly and willing to help you.
The atmosphere is professional! That has got to be the best quality, the students and teachers are extremely cooperative. The students care about their education more than political views which is very good!
Overall, I have loved my time here (I'm about to graduate...yay!!) Everything at our school is top-notch and I've never had to worry about being provided with necessary learning resources and tools for students. Most things are great! They do not really listen to the voice of the student body much, however. For example, in my 4 years here, the most consistent complaint by far has been about the amount of parking that is available for students. Parking passes are close to $300 for the year, yet there isn't guaranteed student parking. I myself have been late to class before because I spent 30-45 minutes looking for somewhere to park. I didn't even bother with a pass this year! Instead of creating more parking, what does the school do? They spend a million dollars building a drone cage. It's slightly ridiculous.
VT has exceptional academics and top professors. Just be aware that the student population is wealthy conservatives. I believe the elitist attitudes are a bit much. This isn't an Ivy after all.
I loved the campus. The community was friendly and diverse, the food was delicious and the buildings/architecture was beautiful
I am so proud to be a Hokie! This university is world-renowned and is nationally ranked in food, campus life, and student life. I could not imagine furthering my education anywhere other than Virginia Tech.
Virginia Tech is a wonderful school. I was very nervous at first, because I was not sure if I could find a niche in such a large school. However, everyone at Tech is super friendly so it was very easy to find my spot in this school. The food is wonderful, the campus is beautiful (and safe!) and I could never imagine going to another university. I found my career path and lifelong friends.
The Hokie Nation is real. Virginia Tech fosters an atmosphere that allows like- and other-minded students to build relationships and communities that can last a lifetime.

I was in a growing program at Virginia Tech, so in some ways I felt like I could be learning more elsewhere, but since having graduated, I have seen and heard how much the program and department has grown and has become very impressive.
I like the scenery of Virginia Tech and the clubs/fitness classes they offer. Everyone on campus likes to help out and get involved. The pricing of things could stand to be lowered to help with the necessary cost of things. Most of the professors I've had my first year have been very good and very helpful in guiding me down the right path. I hope over the next few years I'll be more involved in the things that go on around campus.
Virginia Tech is an ideal institution for new opportunities and growth. There is such a huge amount of school spirit and pride for being a Hokie with the students, which I have never genuinely heard or seen from other institutions! Campus/student life is notably wonderful, and the majority of the students are incredibly lively and welcoming. There are so many different people on campus, and they all have their own amazing passions. The institution provides exposure to many experiences to explore like clubs, GobblerFest, athletics and football games, dorm activities, parties, hiking trails, and even checking out scenic spots on campus and throughout the town. From what I've already experienced through campus visits as a prospective Freshman for Fall 2018, I'm so stoked to fully experience and indulge in everything about my new second home!
Campus is very beautiful. Some professors are ancient and not great at teaching. Bus lines are good and food options better than some other schools.
I loved Virginia Tech. I was looking for a large co-ed school with a terrific engineering dept. It has a ton of employable majors to choose from. Fantastic Student body. Awesome football team as well as Basketball, Baseball, Lacrosse program and other sports. Great "team" feel. Caring professors. Tons of extra curricular & volunteer opportunities.
I love Virginia Tech because I immediately feel a large sense of community. The campus is beautiful, the food is amazing, the teachers are very approachable, the bus schedules are always pretty accurate, the campus life is exciting, and the sports are amazing. I can't think of anything I would want to change about Tech.
Campus and the surrounding area is beautiful, the atmosphere is very homey, and everybody seems to genuinely care about the community and each other. It is a very tight-knit school, with the benefits of a large university, but also some hometown feel of a smaller environment. Hands-on and research experiences are plentiful, and there are many resources for students. There's a decent party scene, but it is also not hard to find other people and things to be involved with.
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Great school! Good education programs! Great sports teams like football and basketball! Friendly community!
Virginia Tech is a great place to go to school. The Greek life is well developed, and the academics and football are perfect.
This is my third year at Virginia Tech and I couldn't imagine myself at any other school. I have learned and experienced so much while being here that has completely changed who I was, for I have grown and matured significantly. The campus is beautiful, the campus food is phenomenal, and the professors really care about their students and helping them achieve academically. Football season is one of the best things about VT and the tailgating is awesome. I have always felt safe here and I believe my time here will continue to positively impact me for the rest of my life.
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