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I loved Virginia Tech and miss it every second! I am so thankful for every experience I had at this university!
Great food, great people, great education, awesome sports, beautiful campus, lots to do and wonderful school spirit.
Virginia Tech is an amazing school with teachers who are willing to take time out of their day to help their students succeed.
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I have met my longline friends here and have also gained valuable education that I can carry on with me for my future hopefully to Physician's Assistant school one day.
Virginia Tech is an amazing school filled amazing opportunities like studying abroad, internships and semesters at the nation's capital. VT's academic department, dining hall and the football experience are unmatched.
Great school! If you go visit your advisor they do a really good job at helping you out. Also VT has some awesome food.
Being in my second year in the university, I can honestly say Virginia Tech has made my self-confidence and independence tremendously grow by realizing there is a place for everyone and everything here at this beautiful university.
Virginia Tech is a university with a large student body. Like most universities, Virginia Tech provides its students with the opportunity and resources to succeed.
Virginia Tech is a wonderful place to be. I'm going to miss it here when I graduate. The STEM programs are fantastic and there's a brand new Center for Humanities for those interested in liberal arts or human sciences. It's amazing.
If I could give zero starts, that would be my choice. The bottom line is cash, not student growth. Look elsewhere, you will have a better educations and chance at more success than this environment.
The campus is spacious yet connected. Residence hall is clean and modern. The food is excellent particularly fresh. Probably because of the farms in the agricultural department.
I love everything about Virginia Tech. The academics are challenging, the students are friendly and bursting with school spirit, the faculty care about your success, and the Hokie community makes Blacksburg feel like home.
I absolutely love VT. It has truly become my home. I'm an out of state student but it's close enough to home that it doesn't feel that far away. VT has stellar academics and a truly amazing student body.
It's a large school, but the people and campus make everything seem much smaller than it actually is. This is home.
Virginia Tech has a great campus and a great community. I would like to see more diversity and better parking.
Virginia Tech has been a great school for me! I love the campus, and I love how nice everyone is here. It is a big university, but it has such a small town vibe, that it makes it so easy to get settled. Food is amazing, academics are amazing, what else could you want?! The only thing I have to complain about is parking. They recently made one of the largest parking lots on campus extremely restrictive, making it very difficult to drive to campus and still make it to class on time.
There's two types of people in this world: Hokies and everybody else. You can only understand it if you are one.
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I attended Virginia tech for basketball. I committed to Virginia tech in 10th grade which would make my experience all the more better. My basketball experience was great, I broke and set records as a women's basketball player.
Virginia Tech is great! It has a wonderful atmosphere and is a wonderful college! It has so many different educational options. Student life and the campus are two wonderful things about Tech!
Beautiful campus and nice people. Community is pretty close knit for a large university. Lots of clubs and opportunities to be involved. And of course good food.
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