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The people. Blacksburg is such a welcoming community! I found some of the greatest friendships through the organizations here on campus. There are so many different ways to get connected and find the group of people that is right for you. But overall, no matter what's happening, Hokies are always willing to hold the door, say hi, and brighten your day!
As a transfer student, I can honestly say I worked really hard to finally make it to Virginia Tech. It truly is an astonishing campus. Whether it be the tasty food or the amazing campus views, it is honestly like no other campus.
I absolutely love the community and kindness of Virginia Tech. There's always someone willing to help. However I would like to less people at this school. I feel that the acceptance rate is too high which negatively affects our learning ability and significantly overcrowds dining halls, dorms, classrooms, etc.
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Virginia Tech was one of the top school that I wanted to go to. When I came to the school to get a tour I knew from that moment I got out of the car that this was the school for me. The students here are diverse and are genuinely really nice and opened me with open arms. I don't regret going here and it was the best decision I ever made.
Wonderful university with homey feel. I have been a part of Virginia Tech for most of my life. Anybody looking for a smaller size university with high quality student life and education should definitely come here. The in state tuition is wonderfully priced.
It is a very nice campus. The campus food is far better than I expected. The cold weather is the only thing that I wish I could change.
I absolutely love it here. The atmosphere on campus is so welcoming, and the it's the perfect balance of high-quality academics and a big-school feel.
I like that Virginia Tech has so much school spirit and how everyone seems generally happy with their life there. They treat their students very well and everyone has equal opportunities.
Virginia Tech was amazing!! I transferred here after my freshman year and have loved it since the moment i saw it. Classes were difficult at times, but it was completely worth it. It changed my life.
Amazing school with positive atmosphere. Student body makes the school feel as if it truly is a second home.
What I liked: Food, Working at Dining Hall
I love Virginia Tech dining service, especially D2. In fact, I love working at D2. I currently work at D2, and I am very satisfied with my pay and workload. Anyone planning to attend Virginia Tech should also consider working for dining halls (especially D2)

Some change needed: Bus to Christiansburg
Christiansburg has everything Blacksburg doesn't have: Wal-Mart, DMV, Target, Michaels, etc. However, the bus to Christiansburg comes for only once an hour, and that is very frustrating sometimes.
Virginia Tech is an amazing school. It has the prettiest campus you will ever step foot on and one of the best engineering programs in the nation.
Virginia Tech is a large college, with the problems and benefits associated. There are many opportunities to be involved, but you must take them. The classes in competitive majors are difficult, and often it feel that they are trying to weed people out.
When it comes to Virginia Tech, I've got a simple, 3 word phrase that speaks for itself: "This is Home." I never imagine while being away for college I would ever truly feel as if I was at my 'home away from home' but Tech has proved me wrong. Although we have a large student body, everyone seems to find 'their people' which makes this place so personal. The only thing I could think to change is the diversity level; although it seems we are a very diverse campus, when you look at the numbers, it is clear that we are not. Diversity should be incorporated more into our own little culture here at Virginia Tech!
Virginia Tech is one of the most inclusive, welcoming and beautiful campuses I have ever been to. Not to mention our food is awesome and our education is stand out. I wouldn't change one thing about Virginia Tech. This is Home!
Virginia Tech is my home now. The classes challenge me to think differently than I normally would and improve my knowledge. There is so many social activities that you are never bored. It's a gorgeous campus and This is Home!
Virginia Tech is the by far the best choice I have ever made. The Hokie Spirit here is unreal and anyone and everyone will reach out a helping hand to assist you in whatever your questions may be. The food here is spectacular, the environment is always positive, and everyone is proud to be attending VT. Any major you decide to pursue there are people waiting eagerly to help you succeed. VT is the best all around, period.
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Virginia Tech is where heaven meets the Blue Ridge Mountains. It is a fantastic school for anyone, it is so diverse and accepting.
The atmosphere is super friendly and the buildings on campus make you feel like you are at a set for Harry Potter.
I absolutely love attending Virginia Tech. The campus is beautiful and the classes are excellent. Best thing about Virginia Tech is the people. You won't find nicer people on any college campus. The happiness is contagious and every student has the same enthusiasm to be kind and help others.
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