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My brother goes to this school and I pick him up after every holiday and I see the campus each time I go down there.
My experience at Virginia State University was one of a kind. I came straight out of the Caribbean into the US, Virginia specifically. My first year at Virginia State University was a culture shock for me. I had no idea what was a Greek Fraternity or Sorority. However I quickly learned about them due to their strong presence on campus. My favorite part about this school is how dedicated and motivated the professors are to see you succeed. The programs here are very strategically structured and created to help you get every ounce of knowledge and experience possible. Along with that everyone on campus are very polite and courteous. Its either "Yes Ma'am or No Ma'am or "Yes Sir or No Sir". One thing that I would like to change at Virginia State University is the quality of the food they serve in the cafeteria.
I love everything about the campus the alumni and students a true HBCU . I love the Tv Production major classes and the campus life
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ive always had fun when i went, its a great school, i havent been for school yet but im pretty sure itll be good,great in academics, sports, living, student life
My experience at Virginia State was wonderful. The student to student interaction was enjoying to watch. The homecoming parties and all other events were nice and lit. VSU should improve on the housing and dorm sizes.
Virginia State is a good school if you want the full college experience of organizations and parties. The learning atmosphere is good but it isn't enough to challenge you when you go out into the real world
My experience visiting Virginia State University was excellent. My sister attended the college last year and she had great year. She met a lot of good and friendly people. Also, she said the food was amazing and the teachers was very interactive with the class. However, she told me that she also had terrible experiences at this university. She said it was a lot of gun violence and fighting.
I’ve like that it’s a hbcu & how they make sure that students stay on track. One thing I wish they change are the visitation hours.
I rate this school overall average because from my experience I had professional, nice, and informative. I can say the same about most of the staff I interacted with. some of the facilities are not as well maintained, although at the campus is going through a lot of renovations. The school has some strict and unreasonable rules related to on campus safety that makes the lives of night people a bit difficult. Wi-fi/ poor, but usable.
First and foremost, I would like to say that Virginia State University is a very family oriented environment for its students. I consider VSU to be a family. The students and advisors make you feel at home. They welcome you with open arms. To me, they advocate acceptance. I’m grateful to be apart of an HBCU that I’ve been embraced with such profound comfort. Behold the true Orange and Blue!
What I love most about Virginia State is that there is so much to do and so many organization that will help you succeed in the field you desire. The only thing that I would like to see change is the crime and violence that sometime's takes place near on on campus.
The experience at Virginia State University is unreal the people as a whole join as a family it’s a family vibe when you step on campus. Also there a lot of people on campus to help you get where you need to be all you got to do is open your mouth and ask and there their to help you. Vsu experience is one thing you have to experience yourself because it is just that amazing.
My major needs. I like the dorm rooms, girls, activities and classes. I would love to come back and rebuild myself once again just like i did in high school in 2017
Virginia State University is a very friendly school with a fun atmosphere. The professors are amazing and they will help you to be successful. If you are looking for a stress free environment with peers that feel like family, then choose Virginia State University. The famous is beautiful, the food is great,and the dorms are very comfortable.
I love Virginia State University! Being here at VSU I learned more about myself and how to express myself. The professors here love their students and will go above and beyond for their students but will also push you to your maximum potential they see in you. The professors are always available for students to contact them. Campus food is great! Wednesday's is fried chicken Wednesday's and Fridays is Fish Fry Friday's. Campus has a great tutoring services offered to students. One thing I would like to see Change is all of the dorms updated to modern living for students and get rid of community bathrooms.
I love my HBCU. Everything isn't perfect but its a great school. The food is not the worse but it could have some improvements. Some professors are really good while some are very poor. but as a whole Virginia State university is a very good school.
Virginia State University has broaden my mind in ways I couldn't even imagine. Its a very family oriented school where everyone takes their education seriously. I feel this school is really molding me to the man I need to be and I love everything about it!
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VSU is a diverse college, with a lot of difference major options. The professors are hands on, always willing to help or guide you in the correct direction with a smile of there face. Its in a great location, to include surrounding area. The best part is, my parents are able to navigate because what a lot of people don't know is your parents are still part of your education even thought your adult and suppose to do it yourself but that's not always the case, especially if they're paying for your education.
I've always said that school is what you make of it. If you sit there, complain and joke around, youre not going to get much out of it. At state, I feel like I received a quality education and can go into the workforce with confidence in my knowledge and ability.
VSU is a really nice school. Pros: it's very easy to navigate through campus, there are always student activities going on, some dorm rooms are nice. Cons: most of the time the food isn't all that great (the best café to eat at is Gateway), the surrounding area is very country and seems vacant at times. You would have to go out to Richmond if you want to experience any nightlife. The mall is pretty ok, there not many good stores in there so I would suggest you go to Richmond to shop at a better mall (especially if your used to the city life).
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