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Virginia State University Reviews

1,108 reviews
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Virginia State is an okay school. The party, greek and social aspect is what you make of it basically. Academically wise it is a pretty good school. If you want your college experience here to be fun and rewarding you have to participate a lot
Many people here are extremely caring. I am 12 hours away from home and my friends and teachers make Virginia State feel like home. However, I would like to see more communication between departments. As a result of lack of communication I lost majority of a scholarship for simply changing my major and wasn't informed until 2 month into my second semester of freshman year.
My stay at Virginia State is a wonderful school,besides the outer limits of the campus.On campus is a lively atmosphere of different students.
Virginia State University is nice mellow campus that is located in Petersburg,VA. The campus is very spacious and quiet. The college is a HBCU but has little bit of Diversity. The class sizes are medium sized (15-20 students) and spacious as well. So far as Academics goes it depends on your major to tell how your academics well go. I'm a Freshman Computer Engineering Major and my class is quite challenging. Campus food is ok, different food each day with everyday pizza and salad bar. What's around the campus isn't really much there is a cook out 7 min away (if driving). There is a shuttle that is provided by the campus every Thursday - Sunday that will take you to the shopping center where there is a Walmart and a Mall.
Virginia State is a all around decent school. Just like every university it has its ups and downs. The ups are the university student life is amazing. There are numerous clubs, group, and activities to participate in as a student. The academics are decent as well, although there a limited majors available for undergraduate, you still will learn a lot during the 4 years. Now the down side to the school includes the cafe and the surrounding area. You pay a lot of money for meals and they give you a kids portion. For example they'll only give you say one pancake and 2 pieces of bacon or they only let you get one meat on a sandwich and will only you one - two slices of that one meat. The other down side to this school is the area of petersburg and colonial heights. There isn't a lot to do in the surrounding area so you might end up being bored if your not involved with any student life. All in all i would say Virginia state university is a 3/5 star school.
VSU is actually a really good school. It a lot of times is criticized for things that happened years ago. But the school has majorly improved. Campus life is fun, you'll definitely enjoy your time there.
This school is amazing except the variety in the dining hall. Campus life is humble but very fun out here if you make it. Most of the people who say bad things came here with the mindset to transfer. College is what you make it.
As a prospective student years ago, I did not enjoy my experience at the student orientation. That experience ultimately persuaded me to attend another university. The surrounding area a few years ago was basically just abandoned buildings and many of the buildings on campus needed a great deal of renovation.
I enjoy the family oriented atmosphere that is among the campus from the professors to the workers in the dining halls.
Virginia state University is an amazing campus with amazing opportunities. My major is Animal Science and the campus owns a farm not too far from the school. The people at this campus are very welcoming, makes school feel like home.
What I like about Virginia State University is the fact that it is so diverse that it's slowly becoming more diverse. I believe in Virginia state continues there efforts in being a diverse and University it brings all kinds of walks of life to the campus Virginia state learns to adapt to those personal needs of others showing no discrimination.
I came to Virginia State University as a transfer from Virginia Union. I love the atmosphere that state offers and the professors that actually care. The professor at this school make learning exciting. Virginia State is like a big family. Everyone comes together and gets along amazingly. The athletics at this school are great and I enjoy going to the games!
VSU wasn't originally my first choice, but I have fallen absolutely in love with my institution. Taking a tour of campus isn't enough to fall in love with it, you have to talk to people, meet professors, and really just experience everything.
I visited Virginia State University this past Saturday. I enjoyed myself. I learned for much about the college. The campus is huge and very clean. It seems to be a great place to attend.
Well I am currently a student in Virginia State University and I love the teachers and the way they teach, but the living situation could be better far as the restrooms and the services.
I love my school so much, it it filled so many different people you get to meet and go out with and the people on campus are so helpful. I feel the food could be better and the wifi but other than that I wouldn't change a thing about my school. I have meet some really great friends here and the eviroment is friendly. We have a great football and basketball team and my has been involved in so many things lately that have gave us a great name. I'm really glad I attend an HBCU where it feels like family.
Over the summer I visited over 10 HBCU. I was more interested in Virginia State University because of how everyone made me feel so welcomed. The nursing program was also interesting.
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