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I love how close you become with not only your own class, but also with the classes surrounding you. VMI is a very tight nit community.
A great place to be from, not a great place to be at. As one of six, senior military colleges, VMI is one of the nation's most demanding and prestigious schools you can attend. Although demanding both mentally and physically, the bonds you will make while here will last a lifetime. I have found that one of the benefits of VMI is that everyone starts on an equal foot. Your previous station in life, rich or poor, strong or weak, does not matter. A great quote from Stonewall Jackson that above the main entrance reads, "You may be whatever you resolve to be." That quote in essence sums ups VMI. You are given the tools and opportunities to become a successful leader. It is through the crucible of the rules and challenges that VMI places upon, that you mind the measure of your worth and the extent to which you will push to see your dreams become reality.
The four years of this gauntlet will be worth every minute once you've graduated. VMI students are sought out by employers all over the country. You will not regret the time you spend at the "I" if you're looking for a return on college investment.
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Tough but fulfilling lifestyle. Learn a lot and make great friends along the way. Challenging day be day process and you have a lot of things taking time from your day but it is a place you fall in love with.
It kinda sucks, but isn't that the point of military school? The academics are challenging, the pt hard, and the schools system in general just a fight. By far just a good choice and a hard fought degree.
The Ratline of VMI is a defining point for the Institute. As a current Rat, the Institute has provided a great balance between academics, ROTC, and the Ratline. If you want No Ordinary Life, this is the place.
A bonding experience. Not a place for everyone, but if you're seeking the unordinary lifestyle, this may be the place for you.
Good experience for some. Definitely not for all
The alumni network is simply amazing. There is not a more dedicated alumni base than VMI. We get alumni visits every single day, and VMI alum can be found in every single major industry from teach to business to engineering, and are very good for helping recent graduates establish themselves. Additionally, the heavy military atmosphere of the school offers a number of ROTC scholarships and commissions each year in all branches of service.
The professors are very easy to get in contact with and have an actual interest in the success of their students. I have never once felt like I couldn't go to a professor for help with something, and even if I couldn't, there are multiple organizations and areas to receive help in all my classes. VMI has excellent major-related and Gen Ed. classes, especially in the STEM fields. That being said, there aren't many elective classes, and there are virtually no art-type classes (art history, music, etc). Classes are all pretty small, with the largest I've seen being about 24 students. Given the school only has about 1,700 students at any given time, this is understandable. Class styles are all pretty similar, with classrooms generally being of the same design across the board, with obvious variations for labs.
One of the most interesting things is I can leave me $1,000 laptop computer sitting open in a building, walk out to go get lunch, return, and it has not been touched. The combination of the strict, single-sanction honor system ("A Cadet will not lie, cheat, steal, nor tolerate those who do") and the level of mutual respect and brotherhood makes VMI one of the safest campuses in the country. Campus crime is virtually nonexistent, and I have never once felt like my person was in danger. That being said, the close quarters and lifestyle of VMI has led to some animosity between certain individuals, and although it has never caused a violent physical altercation, it has led to some fairly mean pranks and practical jokes between people.
The athletic facilities are excellent. Or at least they would be if they were open. As it is, the primary gym has been "under renovation" for nearly two years. Additionally, too much of the already over-inflated athletic budget gets shoveled onto the burning money pile that is the VMI football team, who managed to win an impressive one game last season, followed by a losing streak that lasted the rest of the year.
The alumni network is one of the best in the country, and if you want a job after graduating you will get one.
Class sizes are small which is great. Proffessors are invested in you, and want you to succeed. The courses are pretty good, some courses are over the top.
The honor code makes most crime/sexual assault not heard of. There are a few cases of theft, but that is the worst I have heard of before.
For a military environment it is perfect. You live with 3-6 roommates in very small rooms. You always have people coming in and going out. You live right next to everyone else, and there is realy no such thing as privacy. It's great.
The teams at VMI are not great, but it is a military school focused on commissioning officers in the military. Still the guys on the teams are mostly stand up guys/gals. They try hard, but again sports are not the main focus of VMI and it shows.
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Honestly, you always hear about how hard VMI is, and how miserable life their is.It's true in one sense it is hard and it does suck, but if you remember that you chose this life then its an awesome experience. It shows students that you can go far beyond "normal" limits that society places on people, and gives you a drive to succeed. I would not have chosen to go anywhere else if given the opportunity.
The safety and security of our campus is not the best.
The professors do everything they can to help, but the class rooms are very out dated and small.
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