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Upon entering Virginia Marti you see the students creative work displayed for all to see. The admissions department take great pride in educating on the different programs along with any questions you might have. While touring the classrooms you will see many of the students projects displayed in the hallways and class rooms. For the interior design program there is a room filled with material ranging from tile, carpet, wallpaper and fabric swatches. Allowing for endless creativity.
Everyone is so helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable.
I am a full time student, so constructing my schedule is always around my courses. Although, we know the days and times of the courses while registering so it's easy to create the schedule you want.
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The peer-to-peer interaction along with the teacher-student interaction is simple, easy to use, and amazing. Canvas (our online classes) make it easy to use and fun.
The placement rate for every field is wonderful. Everyone is happy with their placements. The career services here train you in interviews, resumes, everything you need to know to land your dream job. Along with international services to be able to intern or even work abroad.
The variety of courses is going to be added once the bachelors launches. The excitement for those classes is outstanding. There are classes that are overwhelming, but none the less rewarding. You learn so much not only in the field, but out in the real world as well. The class sizes are just the right amount of people to be able to focus and still have that one on one time.
There are so many amazing success stories born out of this school. In every field of degree. This isn't just a college, it's a family. It makes you feel at home, and they push you to become a better person/designer/artist. You are taught about the business and everything you need to know to become successful. There are great opportunities that arise throughout your whole time here. Whether it be a job opportunity at the college, scholarship/design contests, associations, art shows, field trips, networking events etc.
I'm majoring in interior design, the head of the department, the after school activities and the things that you can become a part of is amazing. We do real world projects every year with our ASID Student Chapter. The workload can be challenging but extremely rewarding. The internship/job opportunities are amazing as well, not only do they find you fantastic internship opportunities but job placement as well. You learn the business aspect along with the design aspects of your field. They train you to be the best in the industries, and our Alumni have proven that we are.
There isn't anything to distract you from getting your degree. You have to really focus on what you want and enjoy your field. The placement rate (and the success stories of Alumni) is fantastic! The personable and friendliness of everyone student/staff is exceptional.I wouldn't want to go anywhere else.
I love my school so much! Virginia Marti is a very small school, and they make you feel like family.

I love that the classrooms are small, and you really get that one on one time with teachers.
Some of the administration has told me to quit my job so that I could go to school more.
No scholarships are readily available, and I feel very drained thinking about the cost of this school.
Scheduling classes could sometimes be a bit of a hassle because there are so few students that tend to be in the same place as you.
Since it's a small school, there are only four majors offered. But with those, you are focused on and pulled forward.
Professors are very knowledgeable in the fields they are teaching.
It's a very small, private, visual arts school. Everything you see on the walls is student work and it's always 100% professional and incredible.
All are welcome, no matter who you are! As long as your willing to gain the knowledge needed to have a successful career and life!
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Art work created by the students is on every display possible in our hallways, staircases...etc.
We have access to the printing labs for any of our assignments and for no extra fee, which is awesome!
We have expanded our library so that more students can complete different assignments and task.
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