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Virginia International University Reviews

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hard to keep with the time i spend in classes
We dont have on campus housing

This is a great choose for my future
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love my city but I want to do something different been here all my life
love my classes just don't like the time
They have to pick you it's nothing you can apply for
no drugs or drinking period
parking is free and it's right infront of class door
Buying food workly sucks bad
The bus is free but for people like me that dont stay on the bus line and my car just broke down taxi are high and I don't always money to pay for them so then I have to catch rides with someone and thats even hard cause they need gas money then I dont have money to fix my own car
Getting school pay for, no problems. But getting my money that is left over to help pay for bills at home very stressful
There are some great places around campus with great landlords that would help you in every way that they can and they are safe
Where a very diverse campus, you different people from all different type's walks of life
The school is not around are close to any clubs so I feel like thats a great thing
We don't have drug and Alcohol issues on campus they allow that
Where good we have good a/c for the heat outside and great heat for the cold weather outside
There very good about keeping safe there are no problems there
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All we have are machine to buy food from and the most of is a not heathly so that's the only bad thing but I wish we had more heather fresh food options.
The days and the time's that we have to attend class makes it's hard for me to really get any time at work and take care of my kids at home I love what I do and it's going to be great for me and my family in the future.
Well my education is not pay for out of my pocket so that's a plus. But by me not being able to work like I need to because of the school hours. I wish we didn't have to wait so long to get our money that's left over after the education is pay for because I need every dime just to help pay bills at home just to get by so that I can stay in school and not have to stop because I need to work more.
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