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Virginia Highlands Community College Reviews

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Virginia Highlands Community College is a great environment that offers many scholarships for those working to get their Associates Degree. My experience has been very pleasant especially considering the fact that these 2 years have not cost any money because of my work in the community that was noticed by the school. Many of the advisors are always glad to help students successfully schedule their classes, and eventually transfer. I firmly believe that everyone should attend VHCC for their first two years of college as it provides a great education, and may not cost anything for the student.
I loved my experience in the nursing program at Virginia Highlands Community College. Although the program was difficult, my professors were extremely helpful and made sure that I had all the materials I needed to succeed. I would highly recommend this school to anyone that is interested in beginning their education or to those looking to change their career path!
Highlands is a great place to go to start off your college experience. You are able to get your pre-requisites out the way at a lower cost. The staff is super nice and wanting every student to succeed in life.
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Virginia Highlands Community College is very helpful to your needs. The counselors are very communicative and take their time to assist you. The college has lots of different types of classes for what degree you would like to pursue. The professors are very nice and try their best to help each individual student in any way they can.
A wonderful community college, overall, with top quality education in many fields. I would like to see more consistency in engagement with students from professors of online classes.
My experience at VHCC has been excellent! All of my professors have been wonderful to work with. I love the online class offerings as I am able to fit them into my work schedule. I would like to see the online classes be offered as a self-paced, 10-week or semester listing. This would help if a class was finished quicker you could go on to the next class without having to wait for the next semester to start.
I feel like Virginia Highlands Community College is a great school. I've not really had any major problems with them that they didn't fix or offer to fix and help me with.
I really enjoy going to school here. I think it's a good school to go to if you're undecided about your future. However, they are not very good about dealing with transfer issues.
VHCC is a really good place to start your college education! I love the friendly staff and professors. The student life is great. It is more diverse than most would think. They treat their students with respect and want to make sure everyone is able to succeed. It is a great school.
I have enjoyed Virginia Highlands Community College and will graduate in May 2017 with a degree in General Studies. I plan to transfer to Virginia Tech to complete my Bachelors degree in Business.
They advance you in your career
I like the school, and professors. They are just like every school when it becomes to financial aid, hard to get the help you need for tuition to go to school.
My experience at Virginia Highlands has been extremely convenient. My advisor was always readily available to help with the application process as well as guiding me on what classes I needed to take to finish my degree as soon as possible. It was also very easy for me to transfer credits from previous colleges.
I love the convenience of online classes. During my time at Highlands, I have taken over 5 online courses and am very pleased with my experiences. All of my professors responded to my questions in a timely manner and made sure that the course was easy to navigate. I would recommend online courses to anyone!
Students that graduate from the VATNP at Virginia Highlands can continue their education at another local University, King University. Students will be able to complete online courses to receive their Bachelor's degree in nursing. The application process is easy and students are able to continue their education within a few months of graduation.
My experience with the courses and professors at my school have been nothing but positive. I feel like all of the professors I have had care about my education and will go above and beyond to make sure that I understand the material that is taught.
My choice to attend the nursing program at Virginia Highlands was highly influenced by the amount of alumni that have been hired in the area. I currently work in a hospital and over 75% of the nurses in my department attended VHCC to receive their associate's degree. I think this speaks highly of the program as well as the school as a whole.
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I am currently in the VATNP at Virginia Highlands Community College. Although this program is demanding, I am very proud to be part of such a great group of students. The Virginia Appalachian Tri-college Nursing Program is the second largest program in the state of Virginia. I have learned so much already and cannot wait to put my knowledge to use once I graduate.
I am very happy thus far with my experience at Virginia Highlands Community College. All of my professors are extremely helpful, caring, and understanding. Everyone goes above and beyond to make me feel like my education is not only enjoyable, but important. I would recommend VHCC to anyone looking for a great community college experience!
Transferring credits has been good with me. The counselors were helpful at contacting other schools for me to see what I needed, and what would transfer over
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