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I've loved my experience at Virginia Commonwealth University. It's a very diverse school that gives each student an open campus experience. We get university and city life all in one. I would like to see campus parking become more affordable for students as well as student waivers from the Richmond City parking enforcement.
come here if you want the diversity and to learn from teachers from all walks of life. Also if you are hungry VCU to in the heart of Richmond, which is known for food. VCU also has a lot of history behind it as well so you can learn a lot about this historic city too.
VCU is a great school, very inclusive of everyone and love living in the city lifestyle. I've been able to play volleyball, make amazing friends, and love what I'm studying all at the same place which has been wonderful.
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VCU has an amazingly supportive and friendly social atmosphere. There are plenty of organizations and support groups on campus that allows you to feel like you fit-in and are appreciated. The only problem is the massive amount of general electives needed for each major. While the intent of creating well versed and knowledgeable students, many gen-eds are big lecture halls where teachers care very little about the students and don't offer help. Additionally, SI sessions are usually capped at 35, thus, only a small percent of students are able to be helped.
The diversity is what ultimately brought me to VCU. I love that they have events for every culture, religion, and interest. I've made so many new friends through their language exchange program and events. I also love the events that they have for the arts, as a Fashion Merchandising major it's very important to me that they have opportunities for me to network and learn new things about my major.
I have absolutely loved the experiences I have been able to go through while being here at VCU. I definitely feel like I am more of my own person versus when I was in high school. There is not much I'd change about this school.. besides the below average food at Shafer, our dining hall.
It's a great school to go to. Very unbiased and very opened to all different types of people. They have nice and caring professors that are there to help you when you need it.
I love the artistic community present at VCU and how much emphasis they put on promoting diversity and innovation.
I feel in love with VCU, it has such a diverse community that encourages everyone to be active in community service and other activities that help the community. It allows me as a student to be very active and experiance real life situations. A few things I would like to see is for the school to have more parking, there is not enough parking for everyone. Along with that, I wish to to see the food to be improved.
Virginia Commonwealth University is very diverse in professors and students. This university offers some of the best top notch programs. Richmond is also a great city to live in and explore.
It's a good school. So far I got lucky in the roommate department. My teacher's come off as hard but if you study and read your books like you're suppose to then you'll be fine. There's a lot to do. A lot of clubs for sports, religion, food, politics, and activities. They do make an effort to keep the campus clean and you don't have to eat at the dining halls but even then food isn't good for clean eaters.
Virginia Commonwealth University is a diverse school with many growing academic departments. The school has a wide variety of focus areas with each having their own strong suits. It is a welcoming environment and exposes you to different things. The college could do a better job promoting some clubs and activities around campus, but overall, it offers a lot and has programs to help find what is best for you at school.
I like how its a city school , everything is close to each other. Its alot of fun and you can easily make new friends.
I love VCU but I would really like to see the campus improve. I also think they need to have better academics/ professors/ advisers. I wish it was a more exclusive school. They need to do a better job of connecting halls in dorms.
I toured Virginia Commonwealth University and I loved the campus. Everyone was really friendly and the instructors were really helpful. Overall, it was a great experience and I hope to attend this college in the fall.
I am currently a freshman at Virginia Commonwealth University, majoring in cinema through VCUarts. I am happy with my choice of school, as the academics and experience of being a student here are very rewarding. The location of this School makes it ideal for networking and connecting with new people. As a cinema major, the industry that I intend to enter is reliant almost entirely on who one knows and the connections that one makes. With the Virginia Film Office and other industry related centers located in Richmond, this is a very beneficial location in which to be situated. The arts community of Richmond is also incredibly vibrant, and the school certainly plays a significant role in shaping that culture. Additionally, I find the sense of community at the school, especially in its specific programs, to be very inspiring. The professors and the students are very close and are willing to discuss any problems that a student might have. Overall, I highly recommend VCU.
I love how diverse the campus is, not only the people but the majors and various programs they have to offer. They have a major or program for just about everything.
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I like the academics and the school. Only thing thats a little problematic is the campus being urban, but if you like urban campuses, then it's awesome!
It's a great school, if you're ready to challenge yourself. However, it's just not worth it. I pay all this money for nothing. The professors don't care about you. I just wish this school lived up to its reputation of being a great school.
I really liked how welcoming everyone is and accepting of every kind of person you are. The people that attend this school are so diverse and you are so sure to be able to find your people here. The academics here are rigorous. What people don't telly you about Virginia Commonwealth University is that it is fairly easy to get in but it is difficult to stay in. When I mean by that is the grading scale is a 10 point scale and there are no A-, B+, C+, nothing. It is just A, B, C, D, F. The gpa deflation is so real but if you work really hard and want to succeed you definitely will. What I would change about VCU is the competitiveness of the nursing program. It seems almost impossible to get in.
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