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I love Virginia Commonwealth University because it’s a very diverse college and has the best physical therapy program and which I plan to enroll! The dorms are very nice and the professors are amazing. I love going to class because my professors really engage themselves with the students to help them become better.
Overall the academics have impressed me but the lack of consistency in communication among the administration can be frustrating.
I like how diverse and inclusive my campus is. The only think I really feel needs to be changed are the safety policies. Be reminded that this campus is in the city. Also we lack a football team BUT our basketball program is top-notch.
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I love the diversity of this school, I feel like anyone can find there place here. It is a very supportive and friendly environment. I also enjoy that it's in the city, there is always something to do no matter what you're interested in.
I love the area. Getting to and from classes is easy and transportation is accessible. The atmosphere that is created by peers and professors allows the learning experience to be fluid and done with ease.
VCU is a great school to attend. The students and staff are very accepting and helpful. There are so many resources, clubs and activities to keep you busy. All of the classes I have taken so far have been wonderful and actually useful.
It is a very diverse campus, filled with accepting faculty and professors. The buildings are generally well kept and modern, but the university continues to buy extra building spaces and spend money flagrantly towards non-essential student needs, which isn't preferred.
Faculty was not as helpful as I would have liked them to be. The school is right in the middle of the city, which made me feel unsafe walking around campus at night. But the artwork in the city was beautiful.
If you are looking for a university with a wide selection of programs, good professors, great atmosphere, then VCU is just for you!
The faculty is lacking when it comes to trying to get things done (asking questions and trying to get answers from various departments). I was a transfer student and I had an exceedingly difficult time trying to get simple things done.
Virginia Commonwealth University is such a fantastic school. The professors care about you and work with you to become successful in and out of class. The dorms are clean and nice, they're a ton of food options, and the students are nice and friendly. The only negative thing I have to say about this university is that it is a bit sketchy at night. Since there are a lot of homeless people in the Richmond area, you have to be careful if you go out at night.
I like the diversity and how there are many places to go within walking distance. Most professors I’ve had have been very nice and willing to help you succeed, as long as you want to help yourself. Overall, it’s a great experience.
The fact is that this school advertises itself as something which it simply isn't. It tries to market itself as a "top-tier public research university" when it is anything but that. The "main campus" is literally just 4 buildings: the library, the gym, the commons, and the cafeteria. All of the other buildings are where classes are held - but most of them are old and moldy. Everything is constantly under construction. The education is hit or miss. It varies greatly by department and is always more difficult than it needs to be because of the lack of faculty organization. Parking is awful and expensive. Tuition rises by $700-$1000 every year. The dining plan has very limited food options. Housing is very hard to find on AND off campus. The crime rate is high and you'll get daily e-mails about a shooting, armed robbery, burglary, sexual assault, etc. happening on campus. Pretty much all parts of the city with the exception of the fan and the compass are unsafe.
VCU is such an intersting school to attend. It is right in the heart of richmond virginia the capitol and it seems as if everything is revolving around the school. I do love how there are many places to eat and there is an abundance or rich art work. The schools are very well and the professor do a good at their jobs. It is kind of sketch when walking around because there are homeless people asking for money from time to time but it is still a great place to be.
So far, being at VCU is a big game of catch-up especially being a transfer student. To fully take advantage of the resources and opportunities that VCU has to offer, you must be on campus and seeking involvement. Overall, the classes aren't bad.
VCU is such a diverse and unique. Most students are outgoing and involved. You will always have something to do from adventuring outside to partying with friends and hitting the books in the library.
I think that Virginia Commonwealth University is a fun place to be and I like to be a student here. Virginia Commonwealth University is diverse and there are a lot of opportunities to make friends and learn about new things.
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The nursing program is top notch, state of the art. Professors challenge you to bring out your best.
This is a great school. Many fields of study, a great campus and great student opportunities. There are many athletic clubs including swimming. No footfall team but a terrific basketball scene.
VCU is a great academic school OVERALL... but as with any school it has its downfalls. But school is also what you make it. I encourage all freshman to talk to their advisor and to also broaden their horizon and really make college an experience. Go to the events and enjoy yourself.
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