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VCU is a great academic school OVERALL... but as with any school it has its downfalls. But school is also what you make it. I encourage all freshman to talk to their advisor and to also broaden their horizon and really make college an experience. Go to the events and enjoy yourself.
VCU is a really diverse community. Compared to other colleges, it revolves around the city of Richmond. The campus and food may be a bit average, but the community is amazing. The professors and community are very helpful and the academics are great. I have been at VCU for a year now and at first I thought that I would not like the city environment, but it starts to grow on you. Overall I am glad that I decided to come to VCU.
I enjoyed VCU since I've been a student. The atmosphere is pleasant and there is so many amazing opportunities available for you to exceed and with the expansion in Richmond there is no way for you not to find a job , internship or an amazing chance to fully live your dreams . The professors are passionate about what they teach and how they teach ,and they desire for students to succeed in their classes. I am grateful to be apart of the VCU family and I know that I am set up for success from graduating from VCU.
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Virginia Commonwealth University is very diverse with a large campus. There are many places and areas to explore within the Richmond area. This is what drew me in to the urban setting.
I love the diversity and inclusion in the university. I have always felt included and cared for here.
There are many opportunities for student involvement. VCU works very hard to ensure everyone feels welcome and that they have an opportunity to succeed.
Great area, although I would like to see a less costly attendance. They are too expensive, but you do get pretty decent classes and professors. I've learned what I needed.
VCU is a great school and is very diverse. There are always events and opportunities to get involved around campus. The library is also amazing and open 24 hours.
Excellent professor who will go out of their way to make sure you have 100% comprehension of a subject.
I love the environment here and the professors are awesome! I definitely recommended this school for city lovers and people who love to learn in different ways.
VCU granted me one of the most unique experiences of my life. The campus is integrated into the city which uniquely allows for a "big city with a small town" feel - something you won't get at most universities. Moreover, the sheer amount of culture and activities within the area are sure to keep you entertained. With time, you'll come to find all the cool spots. Before I move on, I'd like to point out that VCU is an extremely safe campus. Both the Richmond and the VCU Police Department work constantly to provide consistent safety for the city and its students. Back to what I was saying, students have endless opportunity to become active in both student organizations and the surrounding community. I myself was active in multiple cultural and service organizations, sports clubs, and a fraternity. Because I was constantly encouraged to get involved, network, and establish rapport with professors I had courses with at VCU, I am now able to pursue my Masters at Georgetown.
VCU is a great university. I entered as a transfer student in Spring 2017. I did not enter the school with high school friends that were already attending. The people here have been nothing but positive and genuine. It's easy to be persuaded by becoming friends with individuals and realizing they chose their degree simply for money. It's unfortunate but fits those individuals at the same time. Their is not anything I would change about the university so far.
VCU is a great university. The campus is huge and its students/staff are extremely diverse in all aspects. There's hundreds of clubs to join and the student life is fun and engaging!
Love the community. Everyone is friendly and there is always something going on. The classes are very interesting and you get your money's worth. there are great and caring professors who really care about the students and what paths they are on.
Virginia Commonwealth University(VCU) has a beautiful campus in the heart of Richmond. I believe VCU has made a huge name for themselves. No matter what your major is, VCU is the type of school that could get you an amazing job in the future. There are always activities going on, and if you're an extrovert, you will never get bored.
Some things that I really enjoyed about Virginia Commonwealth University is that the whole campus is pretty diverse and therefore everybody can connect in a few ways. Some things I would like to change is the tuition rate . For it to go down would be great !
The city life with the student life is an amazing combination. I love the environment of living in an urban lifestyle.
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Many opportunities for incoming freshman and parents to learn about the academic programs and student life. The communication through the use of the website provides opportunities to keep up to date with aspects of college requirements. The staff will stay on the phone to answer all questions until reaching the best resolution.
My step father has graduated, my boyfriend currently is enrolled, and now I'm starting my first semester. I love the area and how interactive the school is with the students. I hope to continue a great experience here!
VCU is a great college with superb educational benefits. They have really good places near by for food, and everything is located within the two campuses. MCV and Monroe Park.
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