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Going to college in the city is completely different from going to a school with a more isolated, traditional campus. There’s a lot to do and Richmond isn’t just any city. It’s got character. A state capital with an unique mix of traits: its historic, artsy, food-obsessed, and southern. VCU’s downtown Richmond location provides loads of unique educational opportunities.
When I first arrived, I was anxious. As time when along and I became familiar with the area everything was just smooth sailing and a overall exhilarating experience. The library's are outstanding, the professors are outgoing and the food is amazing. I've always known that I wanted to go to VCU growing up and actually attending just lived up to my expectations. I love how there is a moment where I feel stuck there are study groups always willing to help.
A very diverse school with many different backgrounds ranging from a great medical program to a widely known art school.
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I love my college, from the diversity on campus to the local hole In the wall restaurants nearby there's nothing not love. I've been here about 3 years now and I'm hoping to graduate within the next few years with a pre dental hygiene major. The one thing I've come to love the most is the academic advising on campus. I've changed my major/track quite a few times and my advisors have been nothing but encouraging and helpful with setting me on the right track. If I could change anything about the campus itself It would be to stop rising the tuition every year.
I am a transfer student and it is a great school for those who want to study medicine. The medical campus is very close by and is one of the only public universities that has their own medical school.
I felt that I received the highest quality education at VCU. I earned my Bachelor's of Science in Nursing in 2015, and because of the top class instructors, curriculum, resources, and facilities, I have chosen to pursue my graduate studies at the university beginning in 2019.
First time I went to the school, I didn't really like the city scene, but the the city actually grew in to me and I got used to it. There are a lot of stuffs to do in the city and belle isle is beautiful. The professors were pretty nice so far to me and the campus is pretty new and a lot of buildings are getting renovated. I am looking forward for next year and if you think diversity is important to you I believe this is the right school.
What I loved most about VCU is the diversity. It provides a real world experience and allowed for me to learn from different people of different walks of life.
I loved that the campus was an open campus. The chemistry department was very helpful in providing students with as much information as possible.
I really enjoyed my time there. The classes were well planned and needed for each degree with the teachers being very knowledgeable in their subjects and willing to help any and every one.
What I love about Virginia Commonwealth University is how diverse and inclusive it is. Not only is there more representation but you also feel just as welcome as anyone else.
I have been at Virginia Commonwealth University for two years now and I absolutely love it. I wanted to be at this University since I was in high school and being here is a dream come true. The people are friendly here AND there is a lot of diversity and things to do on campus, so you will never be bored. One thing I want changed at VCU is the work study opportunities offered to students. I struggle financially due to my mother being the only one providing me with assistance for school and I know many others have a similar situation.
I barely go out and experience the real world so seeing so many excited me. The campus was gorgeous, the students were nice, the buildings were sculpted beautifully. Living on the Eastern shore for so many years, makes you think beneath everyone else's limits. I think VCU would be just the school to challenge me.
I personally have had a very good experience at VCU, but that was only after I moved off campus and was an upperclassmen. I didn't enjoy living in the dorms, and didn't like the food offered, but I always loved my professors and classes. As an art student, I think the artistic environment is what has kept me there and allowed me to see past the first year, which was difficult overall because it was a transition from high school life. I'm really glad I stuck through it though, because Richmond has a lot to offer, and VCU just built the ICA which is really great because it seems like they actually care about the art scene and more than just STEM majors and athletics.
With VCU i am getting to experience of city life and diversity. I enjoy the campus life and the city of Richmond itself. When it comes to academics it is challenging but VCU offers a lot of assistance and programs to help you be successfully in whatever you do.
I attended VCU 2008-2012 and don't regret it at all! It is not a typical college campus with brick buildings and grassy fields. It's nestled in the city of Richmond where you have a diverse and dynamic mix of students, city dwellers, artists, and everything you can imagine! I would never trade this for another "typical" school. In terms of academics, everything is accessible through student tutoring sessions, group review sessions (highly advisable). It's challenging (especially if you do the Honors College), but worth your while. THe study abroad programs are EXCELLENT. I did 2 of them myself, and definitely recommend it-- they find a way to finance whatever study abroad you want to do, through their scholarship office.
I only take 1 star away because I was a commuter and did not enjoy VCU as much as the residential students. However, the commute is also highly doable and there is a lot of parking available to students. Honestly, VCU is the way to go.
Great diverse school, taste of city life, safe, food and dining plans could be very much improved. Hard to eat healthy good meals.
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I have visited VCU a lot and each time has been equally amazing! The environment is so friendly and exciting! I can't wait to start school there in the fall!!
Virginia Commonwealth is an amazing school! It provides great opportunities for all of it's students. It is extremely diverse!
I really like the city feel that VCU's campus gives off. The campus is really beautiful in the spring and fall seasons. There are good professors here but it all depends on the department. The math department does not have the greatest professors and you might have to teach yourself through a course. The diversity on campus as well is another perk, but that is only within the student body and not the staff.
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