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Virginia College - Shreveport/Bossier City Reviews

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My experience at Virginia College has been the absolute best choice I made in a long time. I look forward to meeting my career goals and further learning along the way.
My relationship with the staff is good.
Love my professors this far.
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They offer an 11 week internship that I AM looking forward too.
My program I chose because this field is something I have always wanted to get in.
My experience so far has been great. I've learned so much in these months that will prepare me for success!!!
all the students are really great, friendly, and fun
the school is very expensive and they dont offer many scholarships. the education they give you is very thorough and valuable but its so expensive you almost cant even get it.
you can at any time come to any virginia college no matter where and they will help you get a job if you ask for help. it is the best post grad help ive ever seen.
the registration process is super simple. it takes maybe an hour and boom you're enrolled. however, financial aid is a whole other story. be prepared to take out a few loans
They offer a great cosmetology program. You work on real people's hair in a real life salon setting. The tuition includes everything you need for the school and they help you find a job after the program is over.
The school is really expensive but they are very friendly and have a very good, extensive cosmetology program. You're treated like a person not just another face giving them money, but they should either lower their tuition or offer more scholarships for students.
i personally believe thet the pharmacy tech program is the absolute best program they have to offer and that they should have a associates degree in this field to offer. Mrs. Delaney is by far the BEST program director here
everything they give us and teach is up to date. Even if the textbook says one thing but the laws have changed they make a point to give us the correct accurate data we would use in the workplace today.
like in highschool you have people here to learn and those who arent so much into school, but i surrond myself with people who are positive and goal-oriented. As they say you are who you hang around
every thing is well above average and up to date in this department
like every corporation it has its faults but overall its a great school
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its an okay school besides the tuition and funding problems i realyy have no grief with them.
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