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My experience was excellent the people are so friendly and helpful .Its a very peaceful environment . I would like for the length of the courses to change
I like that it is a small career college. The classroom size is usually less than 15 . The teachers are great and always willing to help and are understanding. They give out awards to students who make Dean's list or President's list. They find all your field work for you with your assistance and help you find a job when your done with school.
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I truly enjoyed my stay here, it allowed me to have the college pass through me. This in it's self is a wonderful feeling.
The career center is very easy and everyone tries to understand where do you wanna work when you graduate.
My experience with the financial aid office was very easy and everyone was nice.
This school is great. I'll admit I was hesitant on going there because of fear but I'm glad I did because I would not want to be somewhere else.
I have learned so much and my teachers are so helpful. I don't know what i'll do without them when it is time for me to go
The computers are very reliable. Sometimes the network goes down and is being worked on but always open when you really need it.
Everyone is great and the people who do like to join in things are awesome and we have little to no problems
I was told how I could further my education, what programs I can sign up for and how to go about doing that.
School is at night, so I have plenty of time to work and spend time with my child
She answered my questions. Told me what I personally would be paying for and none of the fees have changed
If I need someone I can go to anyone and get help. No one will turn you away just because it's not their job or because they don't have the answer. They help to the best of their ability.
I love my school because, they provide a wonderful atmosphere. The teachers unlike a lot of others show that they care and that you can further your education. They are strict but in the end it's great to have been in the classes I am in.
Currently I am not employed. So I do not have to deal with changes of my schedule.
I am new here so I don't know to much about the quality of the alumni network. The job propects is what it is hard.
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I really have no thouhts about the school's tuition and financial aid process. Like with anything of value you are going to be in debt.
I guess their online course is okay.
I like attending Virginia College because it's small and personal. Here you get the attention you need to succeed.
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