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Virginia college has many morning afternoon and evening classes. I have even seen the school let student who "normally" attend day time class switch to night classes for a week to accommodate with work more efficiently.
I did take one online class and it is just not for me. I personally found it a lot harder. It was nice meeting people all over the U.S and hearing what they all knew but I do not think I will be taking an online class again.
Virginia college will take as much time as possible to help find you a job you will be proud of.
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All the teachers I have had so far want to make sure you know what your doing. My first term my classes were 20-30 people in each class but now that we are working more on our individual studies the classes are small which I like much better. You get to know everyone on a more personal level.
I have heard very good things about all these from people but I myself have never had to use then, yet. I know Virginia college will help you find a job and will work hard to get you a job you will be proud of and love.
I am studying to become a patient care tech. I had never heard of it before and I get to be certified in EKG, phlebotomy CNA and PCT. I have gotten to learn about anatomy and physiology and to my surprise it is so interesting and fun! I love this program and would recomemd it to anyone who wanted to go into the medical field and wasn't sure where to start.
My overall experience at Virginia college so far has been amazing! Everyone is so nice and helpful! The set up of the whole school is just fabulous! I can honestly say you will make so many friends in there! It was very suprizing to me that there were people of all ages in the school. That really made me feel better about going also. Virginia college has so many tutoring opportunities and help if you ever need help with anything. The teachers there are ones you can make a life time friend ship with. The teachers do not mind taking time out of their day to help you with any questions and will NEVER make you feel "stupid" about any question you ask. Virginia college really backs up the saying "there is no stupid question." I would not change anything about this school!
I wish they had more than one copier. Wish they didn't allow any talking in the Library.
classes are transferrable. the school is not accredited. I've had to retake classes I've taken before, which is/was a waste of money and time.
I haven't reached externship, but has been told by several graduates, the school hasn't been able to find jobs for students after graduation.
Some of the class assignments aren't related to my career. Turned in assignments aren't giving grades.
the classes aren't very well managed. overall, the school is okay.
If I could start over, I wouldn't attend this school, although some of the instructors are excellent, it's not worth the money I'm going to have to repay.
Everyone was helpful and knowledgeable
It was relaxing and provided deadlines in advance
class sizes are small, instructors give you support
All departments work hard for your success
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Everyone cares and supports you.
The best experience with all the help provided by the President, Dean and Instructors
This college is geared to allow the student to succeed.
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