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Virginia College - Montgomery Reviews

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Needs a little better infrastructure. Time clock shows the wrong time. Clocks in classrooms need batteries. Otherwise a good institution. Great instructors.
The recruiter person was nice and helpful but the financial aid people are terrible in Montgomery. They have no idea what they are doing, they don't care about certain students and they lie to you and try to make you pay more money.
My experience at Virginia College was nice. The financial office worked well with me. But the cosmetology department is unorganized. If they were more organized I would of been more than happy to have attended. Also how the financial aid goes about is difficult. This is what turned me away from Virginia College.
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Love the teacher and the environment.
I'm not enroll in online classes
It you need the teachers are there. But its up to the students to ask.
Even though it was a battle for me after losing my mother in July. With the help from my Program Director, dean, president, and, teachers. I was able to get back on track.
Virginia College is different from the rest. They are caring, understanding, and willing to help each and every student to comprehend what is taught to them.
The job prospects are high. They place you on a job in your field of study.
Its great, because I am very passionate about who I am becoming and want to bein life. Being very focus and determine in my career is a major priority.
The overall academics offered at Virginia College is great. You have hands on workers to assist you one-on-one and get you taking care of.
The resoures on campus is great. We have mutiply computer labs for all students to get what they need done. Our library is also a big factor in the school as well.
Loved the fact that I didn't spend two years taking prerequisite classes like a four year college. Just in a matter of months I was beginning to take clinical classes learning about vital sings and so much more.
Campus activities and fun and different.
There are people to help you with resumes.
It's a career based school with many majors including : cosmetology , pharmacy tech and more. A lot of people , a lot of interaction.
When it comes to the school I recently enrolled in , I went from paying $50 a month to paying $100 a month. This made it very hard because I only have one working parent. Also , if I was to change my major the monthly payment would be even higher.
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I think the only problem I'm facing with school right now is the fact that if I wanted to change majors ; mostly all my classes wouldn't transfer over. Other than that the flexibility is pretty great , nothing complicated .
I can not speak on this subject but I believe it to be up to date.
We are all different and diverse and learn a lot about each other. Some of us get together and hang out if we live in the same area or close to each other and others just go home back to their lives and do homework and come to school and greet their friends, associates and etc....
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