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Virginia College in Mobile, is a great place to go. Small classes means you learn more because of less distractions. Campus is centrally located near restaurants and shopping.
I absolutely love Virginia college the teachers are awesome and they make learning fun, but very educational. the classes are very motivational and the schedule works around my everyday life.
I love Virginia college because of the support I get from my teachers and the director of the program I joined. What make Virginia College so unique is the passion each teacher have for their field of study. Each teacher are willing to go down that road with you in order for you to understand a certain subject in class. If i could choose my school again it will be a Yes ! because i have never attended a college that was very caring, understandable, and helpful all in one. Many times I needed a ride back and forth to school and somehow one of the teacher found another student that lived in my area so I could ride back and forth to school and home with her.
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I don't really have any online courses
It's amazing, they start looking for careers as soon you start class! It's great!
The teachers help you find a career after graduation so you don't have to stress over it
It's hands on and exciting
I love it! Everyone is so nice and caring
My experience thus far is that i love the ease and flexibility of the schedules and the instructors with the tutoring process.
In my opinion, I've never considered online courses because i'm more of a hands on type of learner.
I am still in school, but from conversations from former students the feed-back i have received is nothing but good words towards the career center.
My own opinion towards the recruiting process is that the recruiter is doing him/her best to make sure the students are place in a environment they/their will be comfortable in.
My experience so far is that i love the vibe the professors and students offer me. The class sizes are very small so i know that my questions will be answered and all my issues will be resolved if i contact someone.
The Program that i've chosen the instructors are absolute great with explaining the curriculum and the basics in my particular workforce.
Virginia College is a very hands on school, i absolutely love it at this institute. The staff is very professional and helpful with any and everything i need. They always are willing to help and assist me with all my questions. I would most definitely choose Virginia College again if i were to ever enroll again into school.
I'm really loving the welding program, I will be finish in January. Its a very helpful program and I'm enjoying every minute of it. At the moment I can't work due to medical issues such as my stomach. I really just need the extra money to help me get by. I'm a very hard working person and I'm determined to finish this coarse. My mom was disabled back in 2009 she was a truck driver and got into a bad wreck that caused her truck to flip an she has external bleeding on her brain. Im not trying to have a pitty party but anything will help. God bless.
at my campus i stand to believe that even as a graduate you will always be family and that if you need help you can find it here .
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To set goals i that i wanted to accomplish it had to start with me so i begun to think about my future and what i would look like 10-20yrs from now . arriving to the campus where i subnitted an application at was the best thing i have done . the teaching styles are very understanding and are very capable. that first day of class may seem to be a little bit frieghten but its only to prepare you for success
It feels very good to know that everyday that i come to campus to get what i have strived for each day. the teachers are always giving an helping hand . the enviroment of knowing that you are very comfortable of being able to adapt to the learning and teaching styles that are in the program . yes of course there maybe times where something may feel as though youll never succeed but you must first believe in God and secondly yourself .
at my campus it is very outstanding help is all around the school . i stand to beleive that ive made one of the best choices in my life about coming to school to learn in a well -cleaning school where love floats all around .I must say that ive grown to love my campus !!!!!
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