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Virginia College - Macon Reviews

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Able to complete your degree and then transfer elsewhere
I'm not taking any online courses
They have a vetted center which is very nice when it comes
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Hands on, staff is exceptional,
Tons of hands on exercises to get you ready for your future career
Enrollment specialists help you figure out what you want to do
Day and evening class are offered. I like that uniform and books are included in tuition. I am majoring in medical assisting. Everyone is friendly and helpful.
The career center is available from the time you apply to graduation. They teach you resume skills. They prep you for certification examine.
There all types of students at my school. There are many people willing to help get you to graduation. Everything you need is close by. Books and uniforms are included.
All you're going to get is all A's from me when talking about this school. Virginia College computer labs are excellent! There are always computers available for you to use. The internet is fast! I haven't had any trouble with the server being down or anything. I can complete my work with no problem and print.
I just started Virginia College Savannah GA and I don't think they have an athletic center (at least not that I know of.) The student center and their library is superb. Right when walk in, there ready help you. There's no attitude at all when dealing with the staff in the student center and library. It makes me happy to come to school. You can also get your haircut or a massage which helps the students that are going into that field out. Just the campus in general is excellent. It is also located in the mall which is definitely a bonus!
Virginia College Savannah GA (Macon was the only option and I didnt see Savannah GA as an option on here) is different from other schools because they actually take the time to help you and talk to you if you are having any problems. That's academically and personally. The program I'm taking is Medical Assisting which is something I chose that I want to do. I like helping and caring for others. This school helps me by sitting down with me one on one and going over what I'm having trouble in. The whole environment there makes you feel right at home! Mostly everyone is friendly and helpful when you need it. I'm happy I made the right decision to go to college and to pick Virginia College.
The staff at Virginia college were very helpful when I applied for college. I didnt know that it would be that easy to get into college! They walked me through with my planning, setting up my classes, and especially financial aid. I was shown how to budget and save on loan fees. This is by far the best experience I've had dealing with school and that's no lie. I'm highly satisfied with the help the financial aid office given me. My advice is not be afraid to ask any questions. The teachers are there for a reason to help you every step of the way. Especially with your financial aid.
The career center is very helpful for graduating students not students in school.
I chose this school because of location, flexibility to my schedule, and the work environment offered as I enter the latter phases of my education. I have encountered an instructor is unyielding to the need for her students to succeed. She goes through chapters so rapidly without reviewing information and she is very rude and sometimes nonresponsive to questions asked by the students.
The professors are helpful when needed. They make time for questions after class. The registration was not a hassel and allof my questions were answered. The workload is not overwhelming and the Virtual Library is great. The associates in the library are very helpful and courteous. The overall Academic Experience I've had is outstanding.
I'm a student in Helthcare Reimbursement and my classes are what I expected so far. The facilities are very accomodating for my studies. My workload is not overwhelming but sometimes they are somewhat full according my schedule. The program director is exceptional and the other staff members are very helpful and they are, in my opionion, very good.
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