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Its a great college to go to for your degree in the specific fields of study that they have available. My soon to be son in law and I both go there the classes are smaller for the teacher to help any of us to reach your own personal goals. I really wish that it was easier to get scholarships where it would pay for all the expenses to go but I am still trying every day to find more. The teachers are so helpful and the administration people are so accommodating to us all as well and are at your disposal at any time.
I love how interactive they are with the students and very caring as well! Even if you miss a day the admissions representative calls and makes sure your ok along with emails from the teachers making sure everything is ok and making sure you get caught up on anything that you might have missed. I would highly recommend this campus to anyone who is interested in a smaller campus but a lot more hands on. Im very grateful that i picked this school to attend.
Its a great school teachers really want to help you succeed in not only your classes but in real life. The only thing i would change about the school is having free coffee for the students so they can stay awake for long days our nights.
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I just started college here in Knoxville TN at Virginia college. I have to say that this is a very professional, well-made college compared to other technical colleges out there. There is a wide variety of majors to choose from here, and the staff/professors are so helpful and friendly. I really do enjoy my time going to school here!
My experience with Virginia College has not been good, I started out at the Virginia College in Augusta, Ga and took the HCR degree program which went great and I did not have any problems at all, although I wish I knew all what was involved with the program before I took it. I don't feel like it was presented or explained to me in the right way. Then I decided to go back for a second degree in the MOA program and had nothing but problems, my classes were not scheduled in the correct way and my financial aid was messed up each quarter. I have had a bad experience at Virginia College, even with my externship I was not able to start at the begining of the quarter due to the person in charge not getting their job done soon enough.
They made everything really easy for me.
I haven't had any problems with this school.
I transferred into to this school and love it.
I haven't been there long but i love this school.
They care if you succeed and help you get there.
I'm taking classes i need. Not wasting my time!!
This School is so wonderful!!
It has been a great ride with this school and I would recommend it to anyone.
Its a full hands on program, They take you on tours to salons and even private salons so you can see which best fits you, We have the option to work while going to school in the same major we are going to school for.
Everyone there was very friendly and they treated me like an adult. They explained everything to me like it should have been and took the time out to go over every step. My administrator introduced me to everyone we seen on my tour through the college. Everything i seen was nice and clean and the salon was amazing. I loved it and am so glad i chose Virginia College, I even talked one of my good friends into going on a tour and talking about her financial plans for going to school. She loved what i had to say about it and i didn't even slightly exaggerate.
I am still fairly new so I am still exploring but the teachers, students

and staff are very friendly and welcoming.
I'm an older student and I love it.
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They help you work on everything you need to be successful
As I have stated, I am a single mother so convienice is a top priority for me. This school has made it easy and exciting to start school. I am able to work full time and be a mother while furthering my education.
Everything about online was a walk in the park. From the beginning to the end.
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